My maternal grandfather, who died long before I was born, was Nathaniel Gardner, born in New York City. His father, Leopold, born in Austria, showed his name as Gartner. At this time little is known about this branch of our family. The place to start would be in Austria with Marcus S. Gartner & his wife, Laura Harrn and their son, Leopold Gartner.

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1937 Anne Bloom & Milton Weisberg wedding

Leopold Gartner was born April 1860 in Austria. He became a naturalized citizen on 2 April 1888. Leopold was a Tailor in New York City. On 24 March 1878 Leopold married 'Fannie" Edelstein, daughter of Adolph Edelstein & Netty Gross. Leopold and his wife, Florence, had five children. His wife died between 1905 and 1910. Sometime after the 1925 NYS census he moved to Buffalo, NY to live with his daughter. He died 13 June 1948. His death certificate gives the name of his father as Marcus S. Gartner.

..... 1 Leopold Gartner b: April 1860 Austria, d: 13 June 1948 NY
..... + Fannie Gartner b: Oct 1860 Austria, d: NY m: 24 March 1878 in Manhattan, NY
........... 2 Florence Gartner b: May 1879 NY d: 19 Feb 1954 Buffalo, NY
........... + Frank S Weissberg b: 26 Oct 1878 Austria, d: 17 Dec 1940 Buffalo, NY
................. 3 Milton S Weisberg b 27 Dec 1907 Buffalo, NY d:7 Oct1987 Buffalo, NY
................. + Anne Bloom b: 29 Jan 1912 Buffalo, NY, m: 26 Dec 1937 Buffalo, NY
................. 3 Francis Weisberg b: 02 Feb 1915 Buffalo, NY
........... 2 Nathaniel J. Gardner b: 21 July 1882 NY, d: 07 Dec 1944 Germantown, NY
........... + Helen F Coyle b: 09 Jan 1897 NY, d: 13 Oct 1965 NYm: 09 May 1921 NY
................. 3 Alberta Joy Gardner b: 26 March 1928 NY, d: 10 Aug 1992 NY
................. + Delbert K Brown b 27 July 1928 Ohio d: 24 Oct 2000 NY, m8 Aug1948
........... 2 Arthur Moses Gartner b: 15 June 1884 New York City, d: Unknown
........... + Frances
........... 2 Albert Gartner b: 11 Dec 1888, d: Unknown
........... 2 Anna Gartner b: Nov 1891, d: Unknown
........... + Bearman

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o   Marriage Record for Leopold Gartner and Fanny Edelstein, 24 March 1878, Manhattan, New York, New York Marriages 1686 – 1980, Microfilm #1562246, Family
Certificate of Death for Leopold Gardner, NYS Dept of Health, Division of Vital Statistics, #3539

1920 Nathaniel Gardner
Nathaniel Gardner was the son of Leopold & Florence Gartner, born 21 July 1882 in New York City. He worked for the Western Union Telegraph Company,  starting as a messenger boy and working his way up to manager of a branch. He married Helen F. Coyle on 9 May 1921. They had one daughter, Alberta Joy (Gardner) Brown. Nathaniel lived in New York City until 1940 when a doctor suggested fresh country air would improve his health. They moved to Germantown, NY. But World War II began and telegraphers were needed. He stayed at an apartment in New York City, worked as manager and visited his family by train on weekends. He died December 7, 1944 in Germantown, NY.

1900 US Census, Manhattan NY Nathen Gartner
1920 US Census Manhattan 234 W 120th Street
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N Gardner business card
1925 NYS Census, ED3-400, Sheet 14B Bronx
US WWII Draft Registration card seriel #682 Nathan Gardner, age 60, 21 Jyly 1881 in NYC
Transcript from the Register of Deaths, #9; 1944; Public Registrar, Germantown, Columbia Co., NY
Letters, Interviews and family documents

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