Friday, April 10, 2015

Join in! Arbor Day: Big Tree

You are welcome to use my photo.

The trees that are slow to grow
 bear the best fruit.

Join the Arbor Day Celebration.
 The National Celebration will be on 24 April, the fourth Friday in the month.  There are dogwoods, evergreens, birch trees and, of course, family trees.

This Week's Prompt
Friday, April 10. “Big Tree”
Look at the trees of your eight great grandparents. Which one is the biggest; has the most family members that you have uncovered? How were you able to count the leaves on the tree? Why do you think it is this large? How far, geographically, have the branches spread? These questions are just a starting point for your post. Make a chart, share a story,...

Share. Be sure to post a comment with a link to your “Big Tree” post! 
Go research your trees & post whenever you are ready!

Research, Have Fun, Get Creative & 
Post when you are Ready!

Next week: “Oldest Tree”

My "Big Tree"

My great grandparents, Jasper Pascal & Rose Ella Brumfield Brown are the winners of the biggest tree for me. They are my father’s paternal grandparents. Jasper & Rose both lived their lives in MS where Jasper was a farmer and they raised nine children who grew to adulthood.

Jasper Pascal Brown 
1865 MS - 1950 MS
Rose Ella Brumfield   
1867 MS - 1948 MS

I went to my Family Tree Maker program and looked at the Outlines for the descendants of my great grandparents.  If I printed out the outline for Jasper & Rose it would be nine pages long, longer than my other great grandparents. Then I took the time to count the descendants I have found for each generation: 9 children, 45 grandchildren, 93 great grandchildren & 120 great grandchildren. I am sure there are many more who should be included; more cousins to connect & share with. 

I wanted to see how far this family had spread across our country and was surprised with the results. For the most part, the family stayed in MS with a few crossing into LA. Only my grandfather's branch, the family of Roy J Brown, spread into OH & NY and beyond.

Hopefully my "Big Tree" will continue to grow as I connect with more cousins & continue my research.

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