Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Clonmel souvenier purchased by my Grand Aunt Kathleen years ago

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from someone with Irish roots, a face full of freckles and a birthday… today. I have always felt my strongest family connection  is to my Irish families. Perhaps it is because I heard wonderful stories about the Coyles from my mother and her mother when I was a little girl. Perhaps it is because of my red hair and freckles. I cannot deny the connection.

I recently finished writing a book on my father’s mother’s family. Now I am turning my attention to my Irish families: Coyle, Mullane, Brady & more.

Here’s the exciting news: I am going to Ireland! After years of dreaming about this, my oldest daughter and I have our tickets! We are going in early April. It will be an adventure. Despite never being there before (I have never been in Europe.) we are not taking a tour. We want to see some of the popular tourist attractions but we also want to see where our family came from. We have our airline tickets & a rental car all set. 

Clonmel, County Tipperary was the home of the Mullanes. My great grandmother, Mary Jo Mullane, lived there until 1885 when she sailed from Cobh to New York City. We plan to visit both Clonmel & Cobh.

County Cavan was the home of the Coyles and the Bradys. I am still nailing down the sights we will see there.

We will also visit Dublin, Waterford, Blarney Castle, the Ring of Kerry, the Aran Island & more. My daughter & I are gathering maps, travel books, internet information, booking hotels & writing an agenda. Do you have travel tips? Do you have a suggestion on a place to visit, eat or stay? We would love to hear form you.


Wendy said...

Sounds like a wonderful WONDERFUL trip. Take me with you, please, pretty please.

SallySearches said...

Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful trip!