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Nathaniel Gardner (21 July 1882 - 7 December 1944)

Joy & Nathaniel Gardner

Nathaniel Gardner was my maternal grandfather, an interesting character who died long before I was born.

Nathaniel was the second of five children of Leopold Gartner (April 1860  Austria – 13 June 1948 Buffalo, NY) and Florence (b. October 1860 in Austria). The other children were: Florence Gartner Weisberg (May 1879 in NY – 19 February 1954 in Buffalo, NY); Arthur Moses Gartner (b. 15 June 1884 in NY); Albert Gartner (b. 11 December 1888); and Anna Gartner (b. November 1891 in NY)

In 1900 Nathaniel was living with his parents and working at Western Union as a telegraph operator. He had worked his way up to that position, beginning as an errand boy and delivering telegrams. Nathaniel would work for the Western Union for the rest of his life, until he retired about 1944.

On 9 May 1921 Nathaniel Gardner married Helen Francis Coyle (9 January 1897 – 13 October 1965). They were married by a Justice of the Peace in Manhattan. He was 39 and she was 24. Both families disowned them. At that time a Jewish man did not marry a Roman Catholic woman.  

Nathaniel’s 1923/24 New York State Drivers’ License shows him to be 5 foot 5 inches tall; with black hair and black eyes. He lived at 216 Mt. Eden Avenue in New York City.

Nathaniel and Helen had one child, Alberta Joy Gardner b. 26 March 1928 in the Bronx. She was named for Nathaniel’s brother, Albert, who had died before she was born. She was usually called Joy. Nathaniel took every opportunity to spoil his daughter. They loved to go swimming together. Joy said her father could float on his back and read the newspaper, never getting the paper wet. He called Joy his ‘Pal’.

In 1940 the family moved to Germantown, NY. Nathaniel continued to work in NYC during the week, staying in an apartment there, and taking the train on weekends to his family in Germantown. He had planned to retire but Pearl Harbor was attacked and telegraphers were badly needed. He was a supervisor by then. His health was poor but he worked long hours. When he did retire because of his deteriorating health, it was a short retirement. He died on 7 December 1944, 66 years ago today. My mother always missed him. I wished I could have had him as my grandfather.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Browns, A Quick Look at the Direct Line

Jasper Pascal Brown
Edward Brown  (c. 1730 – c. 1797 in Jones County, NC)
Children: Sarah, Jane, John, Aaron, Hardy, Edward, Moses, Daniel

Moses Brown (7 February 1777 – 27 Feb 1838 Marion Co, MS)
Wife: Sarah Robertson (d. 1810 in Georgia)
Children: Christian, Edward S., James G., Sarah (who married Fortenberry)

Edward Brown (26 July 1806 GA – 7 May 1856  MS)
Wife: Mary “Polly” Spurlock ( 1 Jan 1800 GA – 12 Jan 1888 MS)
Children: Allen Moses, Mary Magdelene, Martha M., Adeline V., James P.

Allen Moses Brown (26 Jan 1836 MS –After 1870)
 Married 28 April 1858
Wife: Emmaline Smith (13 Sept 1831  MS – 3 Aug 1920  MS)
 Children: Mary E., Jasper Pascal, Alvira E.

 Jasper Pascal Brown (15 May 1865 Pike, MS – 8 June 1950 McComb, Pike, MS)
Married 21 December 1887 in Pike Co, Mississippi
Wife: Rose Ella Brumfield (18 July 1867 in MS– 2 Oct 1948 in Magnolia, Pike, MS)
Children: Lucy Viola ( who married Fortenberry), Ina Lucille (who married Alford), Junius Earl, Hubert Allen, Mavis Marie (who married Smith), Lyda Mearl (who married Pierce), Roy Jesse, Mildred Olga (who married Ball), Thelma Lady (who married Reynolds)

 Roy Jesse Brown (8 March 1902 Osyka, Pike, MS – 12 May 1956 Magnolia, Pike, MS)
  Wife: Mary Thelma Ellzey (27 February 1906 – January 1974 in Mississippi)
  Child: Sylvia Rayleen
  Second Marriage: 2 August 1927 in Seville, Medina, Ohio
  Wife: Ivy Regina Mark (8 June 1908 in Medina, Ohio – 18 Sept 2003 in NY)
 Children: Delbert Keith, Leo Dwight, Genevieve Audry,  Jeanette Rose, Larry Lee, Robert Allen,  William Lane

Delbert Keith Brown (27 July 1928 OH – 24 October 2000 NY)
 Married 8 August 1848 in Germantown, Columbia, New York
 Wife: Alberta Joy Gardner (26 March 1928 New York City – 10 August 1992 in Albany, NY)

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

John W. S. Wolf, Stone Mason & Civil War Soldier

Roster of Ohio Troops: John & Joseph Wolf
John W. S. Wolf
b, September 1841; son of Johan Franklin Wolf & Elisabeth Burkholder; John was a stone mason.

This is a unique obituary.

 "John W. S. Wolf." Medina County Gazette 25 September 1908: 8.

John W. S. Wolf was born Sept. 24, 1841, in York county, Pa. When he was 12 years old he came to Ohio. Here he grew up to manhood, and at the call for volunteers in the Civil war he enlisted and served three years, belonging to the 120th O. V. I. In 1867 he married Elizabeth J. Anderson of Dalton, O. To them were born five girls and four boys. One son died in infancy. The rest survive him.For the last two years of his life, Mr. Wolf was a great sufferer, but bore it patiently to the end. He was blessed with an ambition for work which outlived his strength, desiring in his last years to do work which his strength would not allow. The family and neighbors did all in their power to relieve his suffering, but to no avail, and on Sept. 13 his spirit took flight to that better world.Funeral services took place at the family home near center Guilford on Wednesday, Sept. 16, at 9:30 o’clock, conducted by Rev. Leith of the Presbyterian church of Seville. Our beautiful American flag showing trueness, bravery and purity, was draped over his casket. He was laid at rest in Woodlawn cemetery, aged 66 years, 11 months, 19 days.Relatives present from afar were: W. Wolf and wife, H. Shelley and wife, G. Thordyke and wife, all of Akron; John Anderson of Ottobein; Joe Wolf of Dundee; and J. Anderson and wife of Canton.
Card of ThanksWe wish to express our heartfelt thanks to all the friends and neighbors who assisted in the sickness and death of our beloved husband and father; also the singers and those presenting the beautiful floral tribute. Mrs. Elizabeth Wolf and family.

Children of John W. S. Wolf & Elizabeth Jane Anderson:

Eliza J. Wolf b. c. 1870 married William Shirley
William E. Wolf b. c. 1871; d. 23 August 1934
John Franklin Wolf b 7 September 1873; d. 4 April 1951
Sarah Emma Wolf b. 8 August 1875
Anna May Wolf b. 3 June 1878
Samuel Harvey Wolf b. 13 January 1880; d. 30 March 1926
Mary B. Wolf b 23 April 1883; d. 1 May 1936 married Arthur Dunham in 1906
George B. Wolf b. 7 July 1884; d. 3 August 1884
Susan A. Wolf b November 1885 married Grant H. Thorndyke in 1908

John W. S. Wolf was the grand Uncle of Ivy Regina (Mark) Brown; brother of Esther Barbara (Wolf) Gruissy.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Owen Andrew Mark

Owen Andrew Mark, b. 24 May 1915, d. 12 October 1993, son of Thomas Kenneth & N. Regina (Gruissy) Mark, lived in Ohio.  He married Blanch (Bee) Bowers on 3 August 1942. Owen wrote this letter to his sister, Ivy Regina (Mark) Brown c. 1944. He was a farmer & a blacksmith. Owen had enlisted in the Army in 1943.  He mentions the birth of her youngest child, William Brown, b. 22 May 1944 in N.Y.S. 

Sgt. Owen A Mark
993     H. A. M. Co
A P. O. 350
c/o Post Master, NY, NY

Dear Ivy,

Received your letter. Was a bit surprised to hear you had a 10 lb. Boy. You certainly have a nice family. You have a Basket Ball Team of Boys all your own. Kids are nice to have on hand when you are older I guess. Never thought much about it. The folks were riding Bee because she has a Dog and no Kids. So she doesn’t go home much anymore. What was it to them, after all I am in the army! The same old lady will never learn. She is jealous as well. Bee likes Dad a lot and likes to take them Places if only Mom would be still. However this is between us, Remember the fun we had as Kids? I was a mean Brat! But you never told on me Like the other girls when Bill and I would get into a fight or something. I still can’t remember or picture you as a silver haired lady. I like to Remember you as I remember you I guess, blond, blue eyes, always seeing the funny side. I figure on seeing you all and those Beautiful Catskills and rivers (They say). I am just gonna sit in the Sun and see who can spit the farthest. The way I feel now, I’d make a perfect Bum. How’s Roy? Never hear about him. Wish I had a bottle of whiskey like he used to get. Well keep your chin up and I Hope you’re feeling Great, Owen.

Owen wrote this letter in 1954. He mentions his oldest sister, Isabell (Mark) Nee, his brother Clarence W. Mark, and his nephew, Harold J. Nee.

Jan 13, 1945
Sgt. Owen A Mark
993     H. A. M. Co
A P. O. 228
c/o Post Master, NY, NY

Dear Brownies:

Received your letter of Aug, 23/44 recently. It must have taken one heck of a time to get out of those Rip Van Winkle Hills. Glad you and Isabell had a Good visit. I Frankly was worried about you. I heard some rumors you were ill and so was Billie. Hope you’re doing fine. Guess Billy is on his first Legs by now. Yes, Bee is OK. Proof – she can’t stand Mama but loves Daddy and he is OK. You said it, he is Tops. I am fine and living good. But want to see the states. I kinda like to see you all and the hills when I can. Will win the war on this side one of these Days. I got it all figured. It will be sudden and surprise most of people when we do. For Heavens sake look at my address. The last few times and your Box were to a very old address. I have had 3 APO’s since the address you had. But write if it’s in care of RFD. Your box was very welcome and I thank the Brownies for it. I write to Harold every week But haven’t got together yet. I wonder what’s gonna happen when we come home. Things aren’t gonna be smooth. How’s Clarence? I wish he had got in medics here rather than in the hospital in the states. But he is safe anyway. That’s a lot. Well must close and Love to you all – Owen.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Johannes Peter Wolf of Germany

In tracing our Wolf family line backwards through time and across the ocean to Germany I have attempted to find the father of Johan Jacob Wolf (b. 1694 in Germany).  I used Ancestry.com to look at Wolf family web sites. Different sites claimed different fathers for Johan Jacob Wolf and I could find no actual sources for their claims.
In my visit to the York County Heritage Society; 250 East Market Street, York, Pennsylvania I looked at the family files for the Wolf surname. There was an amazing amount of information, not all linked to ‘our’ Wolf family. Among the piles of papers in the files was a photocopy of page from a book, a book in their holdings:

Bugert, Annette Kunselman. Eighteenth Century Emigrants from German - Speaking Lands to North America. Volume II: The Western Palatinate. Birdsboro, Pennsylvania: The Pennsylvania German Society, 1985.

The book discusses emigration from the Western Palatinate section of Germany. As an example it focuses on the Ulmet parish. The oldest church there dates back to 1091. “Ulmet parish provided an unusually large number of emigrants to Pennsylvania.” On 24 May 1632 a battle of the Thirty Years’ war was fought there. Emigrants who appear in the Ulmet Parish records after the Thirty Years’ War include: Jacob Wolf & Joh. Peter Wolf. A later list of inhabitants “reflects the surnames that remained in these villages after the emigration period”. One Wolf family remained in Ulmet parish.

Johannes Peter Wolf & his wife, Susanna, are among the many families detailed in this book. They were the parents of Johan Jacob Wolf, b. 3 May 1694. He married Anna Barbara, daughter of Hans Jacob Orth, in May 1716. Residents of Ronneberg. Their children were: Maria Magdelena b. 3 Feb 1717; Maria Barbara b. 29 October 1718; Joh. Peter bp. 1 Nov 1720; Joh. Ludwig bp. 5 Mar 1723, died.; Anna Maria b. 10 June 1724; Johannes bp 18 May 1726; Johann Nickel bp 4 Nov 1728; Maria Barbara bp 27 Dec 1730; Maria Christiana b 12 Jan 1733; bp 16 Jan 1733; Joh. Friederich b. 16 Aug 1735; bp 21 Aug 1735.
“Jacob Wolff of Ronneberg moves with wife and children to America.”
“Descendants of Johannes Wolf were prominent citizens of Western York county. The family name became attached to a union church in West Manchester township near York. A plaque at the door of the Reformed Congregation retains the name.”

This information matches with other information I had already unearthed about our family and clearly shows Johannes Peter Wolf & Susanna as the next generation back in the family branch.

The family line between myself and my 7th great grandfather, Johannes Peter Wolf: Colleen (Brown) Pasquale; Delbert K. Brown; N. Regina (Gruissy) Mark; Esther Barbara (Wolf) Gruissy; John Franklin Wolf; John Frederick Wolf; Johannes Jonas Wolf; Johan Jacob Wolf; Johannes Peter Wolf.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Adam & Ottilla Dick in York County, Pennsylvania

On a gently sloping hill in the Pennsylvania farm country I found my sixth great grandparents*, Adam and Otilla Dick. A rugged stone fence encloses the Upper Conewago Church of the Brethren Cemetery at 372 Mummert Road in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania. The carefully tended cemetery has many very old tombstones.‎ Three rows back from Mummert Road is a row with several Dick tombstones: Adam Dick, 1 April 1709 – 29 September 1785; Ottilla Dick, 4 November 1711 – 20 October 1782; Sophia Dick, 13 May 1783 – 15 October 1784; Catharina Dick 28 December 1774 – 16 January 1792; Catharina Dick 1743 – 1800 (daughter in law, wife of Christian Dick).

In York County Heritage Trust, 250 East Market Street, York, Pennsylvania there are many records on the Wolf family. One helpful resource is: Wolfe, J. Arthur. Jonas Wolf of Berwick Township, York County, Pennsylvania: A History and Genealogy of a Colonial Ancestor and Some of His Descendants. Privately Published: 1987.
Adam Dick was born in Germany 1/4/1709. The record of his parentage or the area of his homeland is unclear. He is listed as an immigrant to America, 11 September 1738, arriving at Philadelphia. Adam was a passenger on the Ship Rob & Alice, Walter Goodman Master, from Rotterdam.”
“Ottilla Knoak, his wife of about a year, accompanied hm.  Appollona, the first child of this emigrant ancestor was born on the ocean voyage near the time of arrival in America.”
“Adam Dick was born in Germany, 1 April 1709. He died 29 September 1785. He was married to Ottilo Knoak 1737. She was born 4 November 1711. She died 20 October 1782. They are buried in the Mummert’s Meeting House Cemetery in Hamilton Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania”.

The book lists these children of Adam and Ottilla Dick:
Appollona, b. 14 – 8 – 1738; d. 26 – 6- 1791 m. Jonas Wolf, b. 12 – 4- 1739; d. 7 -9 - 1787
Christian, b. 2- 1- 1740; d. 1810, m. Catherine Naugle, b. 28 – 6- 1743, d. 4- 5- 1800
Catharine m. George Bittinger
Christina m. Jacob Brown
Susanna m. John Horner

In neighboring Adams County I visited the Adams County Historical Society at 111 Seminary Ridge Road, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I found more evidence of Adam Dick.

Hively, Neal Otto. Original Pennsylvania Land Record Series: Berwick, Oxford, Hamilton, Reading, Tyrone, Huntington and Latimore Townships. Volume II. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania: The Adams County Historical Society, 2009.

In Hamilton Township Adam purchased 176 acres of land on 17 March 1770. He called his home "Pleasant Level."

*The family line between myself and Adam Dick: Colleen (Brown) Pasquale; Delbert K. Brown; N. Regina (Gruissy) Mark; Esther Barbara (Wolf) Gruissy; John Franklin Wolf; John Frederick Wolf; Appollonia (Dick) Wolf; Adam Dick

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Wolf Family in York County, Pennsylvania

Johann Jonas Wolf 1739 - 1787
In driving home from my daughter's house in Virginia, I made two stops in York County, Pennsylvania. It was as if I spent the afternoon with my 5th great - grandfather, 

Johann Jonas Wolf, b. 1739 - d. 1787,
 son of Johan Jacob Wolf, b. 1694 - d. 1757 and Anna Barbara Orth.

First I stopped in Abbottstown, PA at the cemetery where Johann Jonas Wolf is buried. A small American flag and a metal marker engraved, 'Revolutionary War', proclaim him as a patriot. Next I visited the York County Archives at 150 Pleasant Acres Road, York. The first item I found was the Last Will & testament of Johann Jonas Wolf.

“In the name of God, Amen. J. Jonas Wolf of Berwick Township, in the County of York, and the State of Pennsylvania, yeoman, being very weak in Body, but of sound and disposing mind and Memory, (Thanks be to God for the same) do make and publish this my last Will and Testament in Manner and Form following (that is to say) Imprimis I give and recommend my Immortal Spirit into the Hands of Almighty God, that gave it, and my Body I recommend to the Earth to be buried in decent Christian Burial, at the Discretion of my Executers hereafter nominated and appointed and as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to help me in this Life. I give and Bequeaath the same in the following Manner and Form, Viz: First, it is my Will and Order that all my just Debts and Funeral Expenses may be paid and adjusted as soon as conveniency will permit, - Secondly, I give and Bequeath unto my beloved Wife, Appollona first and foremost the Bed and Bedstead I now lie on with all the Furniture thereto belonging, two Cows, one Iron Wash Kettle, one Pewter Dish, one Ditto Basin, Six ditto Plates, eight ditto Spoons, one Iron Pot (of all said Articles she to have her choice out of the rest) also the Walnut Chest, the Cradle with the Bedding there unto Belonging, and Twenty Pounds in Cash, - Thirdly, for the Use of the Family I Give unto my Wife all the Woven Cloth of every kind, and as much of the Grain as they shall have need for till the first of August next, my said Wife and Family are likewise to have Liberty to live on the Plantation until the same sold as hereafter is to be mentioned, Fourthly, It is my Will and I do Order, that all the remainder of my Estate both Real and Personal whatsoever shall and may be Sold by my Executors at such Times, and in such Manner and Form as they shall judge but for my Surviving Family, and the moneys arising thereof after all my Debts, Funeral and other Expenses are paid, to be divided as follows, viz: the Sum of thirty Pounds to be laid out by my Executor for some place of living for my Wife as long as she remains my Widow, and afterwards to be disposed of and divided among my Children hereafter named, and the Sum of Ten Pounds I give to my daughter, Apollona over and above her equal Share, and all Such Sum or Sums as then shall be remaining to be equally divided among my said beloved Wife and Children, namely (Apollona, my Wife to get first Share) and Jacob my eldest Son next, then Apollona next, then John next, then Catherine, then Adam, then Christina, then Frederick, then Elizabeth, then Andrew, all to have even Share and Share alike, they to receive the same according to their Several Ages from the Eldest to the youngest, and in such Manner and form as the Executor most conveniently can make up the same, and in Case any of my Children should die without lawful Heirs to Survive them. I Will that the Share of such be equally divided among the Survivors even Share, and Share Alike. It is likewise my Will that my Daughter Apolona may live with her mother as long as Circumstances will permit, and that the Ten Pounds Cash first to her Will, Together with her other equal share may be put into the Hands of my Eldest Son Jacob (whom I appoint to be her Guardian) in order that she may be maintained out of the Interest of the Same, but said if the Interest at the times prove inefficient then in such Case some of the Capital to be made use of thereto. The said Guardian to give Security (sufficient) to the Executor on delivery of the Money to him in Case they see Cause to demand the same. And in Case thi Apollona should die before my other Children, and any thing then be left behind by her, I will that the same may be divided among the rest even Share and Share Alike, as said before. It is likewise my Will that such of my Children as yet stand in need of Schooling, that they may be Schooled out of my Estate and the Boys to be put to -?- at such Times as they are fit. And Lastly, I Nominate and Appoint my trusty Friends Henry Hull and Garrett Dorland to be the Executors of this my last Will and testament, hereby revoking all former Wills by me heretofore made. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal the Seventh Day of September in the Year of the Lord one thousand Seven hundred and eighty seven (1787).”

Note: The plaque at his tombstone that details his Revolutionary War service gives his death date as 9 July 1787. This, however, cannot be accurate because he signed his Will on 7 September 1787, two months after the date on the plaque. I had been given 21 September 1787 as his date of death. At the end of the Will it says

Sept 21st, 1787 Last Will & Testament of Jonas Wolff died Proved September 21st, 1787.

With the Will was a list of everything Johann Jonas Wolf owned at the time of his death. Most of those items are listed here. They give a wonderful look into life in the year 1787. This is: "An Inventory of the Estate, Goods, Chattles, Rights and Credits which were of Jonas Wolf, late of Berwick Township, dec. made and appraised by the Subscribers, September the 13th; A. D. 1787 - "

A Sermon Book; Two Hymn Books; 2 Old Spelling Books, and Primer; Great – Coat; Four Coasts ,Jacket, Breeches and Hat; 4 pair of Trouzers, & 1 pair of Leggins; 2 Shirts, and one pair of stockings; 1 pair of old boots, 1 pair of Shoes and Buckles; A watch and 3 old Shirts; The Dwelling Plantation, Consisting of 83 Acres and Allowances of Land; Another Plantation and tract of land Consisting of 120 acres, more or less; A wagon; A Plough and Irons; 2 black horses; A Sorrel; A Black Mare; A Colt; A brindled Cow; A Spotted Heiffer; A brown Steer; A red Steer; A black Heiffer; 3 Heiffer Calves; 2 other Calves; 17 head of Sheep; A; Wind Mill; A Waggon Cloath; A Cutting Box and Knife; The Geers and Stones of an Oil Mill; A Quantity of Wheat at 4/6 Bushels; A Quantity of Rye at 2/9 Bushels; A Quantity of Oats at 1/6 Bushels; Hay; 2 Dung forks, and hook; A hay – fork, 2 Rakes and 2 flails; 2 old casks and trough; A Quantity of Flax, unthreashed; A Quantity of Hemp, unwatered; 5 Cow Chains; A Pair of Hay – Ladders; 8 Planks; An Old Wheel – barrow; A Log – Chain; One Still – Door; A Harrow; Stretch Chains; A Sleigh; A sled; 4 Hogs; 2 Shovels; A grindstone; A pair of Hobbles; A Man Saddle, and Saddlebags; An old Saddle, and Saddlebags; A stallion chain; 2 Augers; A pair of Pincers, Chizzel, Gouge, and Spike; A half – Bushel; A hand saw, and draw knife; Two pieces of Iron & a door hinge; A whip; A Cake – Iron; An old Sythe & piece of Gin Barrel; A Pot Trammel; A quilling – Wheel and Swifts; A Sythe and Craddle; 2 Spinning Wheels; A warping Bar, Wouk, and 22 spools; A weavers Loom; Reeds and Geers; 2 Gums with some Salts; A covered Straw Basket and dried apples; An old cask with some Sope and Fat; Riddles & Straw; An Old cask with some Lime;  2 Baskets and old Iron; A Bag with feathers; A pruning saw and Whip Stalk; Some Onions and old Sive; An empty Hogshead with straw cover; 2 straw baskets and some beans; A flour Barrel; An Axe and three rakes; A big Wheel, Reel and Swifts; A hair – sifter and Rope; A Dough Trough; A Side – saddle and Bridle; A pair of Steel yards; 9 Bags; A Chest and Box; A bed and Bedstead; 2 Razors 7 Strap; Table Clothes; An old Half Bushel and 7 Bread Baskets; A table; A Looking Glass; A Cupboard; Wool; Woolen Yarn; A Stone Jug; 2 little Tubs; 3 Pails; An Iron Pot; 2 pewter Basins,  4 Plates, 7 spoons & 8 Tea spoons; Tea tin, Coffee pot, Funnel, 1 Quart, 2 Pint & half pint cups; 5 Delf Plates; 10 pairs of cups & saucers, 2 tea pots, and a Sugar Pot; A glass and earthen bowl & salt Box; 1 lamp and Candlestick; A Coffee – Mill & Spice Box; 2 Bottles; 6 Knives and 10 Forks; A Kitchen Dresser; A Shelf

In the Archives I located this book: Gibson, John. History of York County, Pennsylvania. Chicago: F. A. Battey Publishing Co., 1886. It records the Revolutionary service for 2nd Lt. Jonas Wolf in the Fifth Company, Sixth Battalion under Captain Peter Iekes. Find more on his service in my post, 'Revolutionary War Soldiers'.

I also found information on Appollonia (Dick) Wolf, wife of Johann Jonas Wolf.  “An Inventory of the Estate, Goods, Chattle, Rights which were of Appollona Wolf, Deceased made and appraised by the Subscribers August the 19th – 1790 – “ Many items listed were the same as those listed for her husband. The following is a partial list of her estate items:

A Bed Case; 3 Callico Gowns; 3 lintsey Gowns and a long Gown; a Woman’s Cloke; 8 lintsey petticoats; one silk hankercheif; a pair stocking and a pair of Mitten; 2 knifes, 2 forks, 3 cups and one apron; one bowl and a candlestick; blue and white woolen yarn; 3 yards of flax linen; 14 yards of ton linen; hand sope; a feather bed and two blankets; a looking glass, a pair of spectacles; a pine Chest; a wallet and a little bag

Jacob Wolf 1762 - 1810
In Abbottstown I also discovered the tombstone for Jacob Wolf, (1762 - 1810)  my 4th great granduncle, son of Johann Jonas Wolf.  Jacob married Cornelia Knight and they had a daughter named Margaret Wolf.

Descendants  Johann Jonas Wolf
..... 1 Johann Jonas Wolf b: 27 December 1739, d: 21 September 1787
..... + Appollonia Dick b: 14 August 1738, d: Abt. 1791
........... 2 Jacob Wolf b: 05 June 1762, d: 31 March 1810
........... + Cornelia Knight b: 27 October 1765, d: 06 October 1806
................. 3 Margaret Wolf b: 1803
................. + John Straw
........... 2 Appollonia Wolf b: 31 December 1763, d: Unknown
........... 2 John Wolf b: 18 September 1767, d: 28 August 1851
........... 2 Catherine Wolf b: 21 November 1770, d: Unknown
........... + Henry Becker
........... 2 Adam Wolf b: 12 February 1773, d: 13 March 1865
........... + Eva b: 1771, d: 1839
................. 3 Jonas Wolf b: 23 April 1794, d: Unknown
................. 3 Maria Wolf b: 26 September 1796
................. 3 Jacob Wolf b: 19 April 1798, d: Unknown
................. 3 John Wolf b: 24 January 1802
................. 3 Elizabeth Wolf b: 19 March 1804
................. 3 Adam Wolf b: 05 December 1810
........... 2 Johan Jonas Wolf b: 08 February 1775, d: Unknown
........... 2 Christianna Wolf b: 16 November 1776, d: Unknown
........... 2 John Frederick Wolf b: 30 June 1779, d: 25 April 1872
........... + Esther Barbara Shaffer b: 29 December 1777, d: 16 October 1866
................. 3 John Adam Wolf b: 28 August 1800, d: 14 August 1825
................. 3 Louisa Wolf b: 14 August 1802, d: Unknown
................. + Hanes
................. 3 Frederick Wolf b: 09 September 1804, d: 19 October 1891
................. + Louisa C Goetz
................. 3 Jacob Wolf b: 21 December 1806, d: 11 June 1891
................. + Matilda Kinert
................. 3 John Franklin Wolf b: 11 April 1809, d: 10 March 1883
................. + Elisabeth Burkholder b: 24 May 1814, d: 22 June 1856
................. + Caroline Orwig b: Abt. 1820, d: 1888
................. 3 John Jonas Wolf b: 29 June 1811, d: 16 February 1895
................. + Sarah Ann Chronister b: 14 April 1824, d: 1891
................. 3 Esther Barbara Wolf b: 27 January 1814, d: 12 December 1903
................. + Isaac Meyers
................. 3 Ninetta Wolf b: 18 May 1817, d: 18 July 1890
................. + George H Spangler
................. 3 Henry H Wolf b: 20 November 1820, d: 1860
................. + Maria Magdalena
................. 3 William Wolf b: 20 April 1824, d: 02 April 1888
................. + Sarah Jane Wilson
........... 2 Maria Elizabeth Wolf b: 27 June 1782, d: Unknown
........... 2 Andrew Wolf b: 18 March 1787, d: 28 April 1867
........... + Catherine Dick b: 1795
................. 3 Christian Wolf b: 07 April 1819, d: 12 January 1880
................. 3 Andrew Alexander Wolf b: 31 January 1821, d: 24 October 1885
................. 3 George Wolf b: 14 August 1823
................. 3 Josiah Wolf b: 1828, d: 01 September 1874
................. 3 Jeremiah Wolf b: 22 August 1829, d: 28 February 1877
................. + Eliza Ann Reigle
................. 3 Richard Wolf b: 07 July 1831
................. 3 Benjamin Franklin Wolf b: 16 February 1833
................. 3 Jonas Wolf b: 06 August 1836
................. 3 Anna Maria Catherine Wolf b: 09 March 1839
................. 3 Adam Wolf b: 09 March 1839, d: 29 November 1924
................. + Elenora
................. 3 Catherine Wolf b: 1846

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Augustus Ceaser Gruissy

Augustus Ceaser Gruissy & Esther Barbara (Wolf) Gruissy with daughters.
 Left to Right: Caroline (Gruissy) Moore, Rephenia (Gruissy) Nichols, N. Regina (Gruissy) Mark, Margaret (Gruissy) Morrison, Mary (Gruissy) Lutz

Augustus Ceaser Gruissy b. 16 May 1840 - d. 8 December 1915 in Stark County, Ohio. He was the son of Christian Gruissy, Jr. (b. 1811 in Swiss - d. 1907 in Ohio) and Mary Grorisclauss (b. in Swiss - d. c. 1849 in Ohio).In 1840 & 1850 Christian owned a 50 acre farm in Sugar Creek, Ohio.

1. His first wife was Mary Ann Everett b. c. 1836. They were married 21 February 1861 in Wayne County, Ohio. Augustus & Mary had four children:

Margaret Jane (Gruissy) Morrison b. 26 December 1861 in Ohio - d. 8 March 1946 in Ohio
Caroline Louise (Gruissy) Moore b. 23 October 1863 in Ohio - d. 15 April 1936 in Ohio
Mary Magdalene (Gruissy) Lutz b. 23 November in Ohio - d. 10 July 1917 in Ohio
Matilda Catherine (Gruissy) Stanford b. 26 February 1868 - d. unknown

We do not know what happened to Mary Ann Everett.  According to Ivy (Mark) Brown, granddaughter of Augustus Gruissy, she ran off with another man, leaving her husband and daughters behind. This story has not been verified.

2. His second wife was Esther Barbara Wolf b. 14 June 1836 in PA - d. 11 August 1906 in Ohio.  They were married 6 December 1868 in Stark County, Ohio. They had five children:

Rephenia Cathern (Gruissy) Nichols  b. 4 April 1870 in Ohio - 17 January 1943 in Michigan
Algedena Gruissy (female)  b. 17 October 1871 in Ohio - d. 1871 in Ohio
John Andrew Gruissy b.  7 September 1872 in Ohio - 1878 in Ohio (only son of Augustus)
Sarah Barbara Gruissy b.  22 June 1874 in Ohio - d. 22 June 1874 in Ohio
Nancy Regina Victoria (Gruissy) Mark b. 31 January 1879 in Ohio - d. 24 May 1959 in Ohio (Note: the first name, Nancy was seldom used)

3. His third wife was Ellen -?- b. c. 1848 in Ohio. They had no children together. She was still living when he died in 1915. Family stories paint her in a bad light, possibly causing his death before he could change his will to leave her out.

Augustus Ceaser Gruissy was a colorful character.  He grew herbs and sold home made medicinal remedies, including QUEEN OIL. A clipping from an unknown newspaper advertised its sale.

After many years experience and innumerable tests, I find this remedy will cure more cases of Sore Mouth, Sore Throat, Diphtheria, Quinsy, Pain in the Side, Breast, Back or Stomach, Cramp of Colic, than any other medicine in use. Will cure Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Croup, Asthma, Sprains, Toothache, Burns and Frosted Feet.  It is mild and pleasant, and safe for either age or sex. DIRECTIONS,-For sore throat, diphtheria and quinsy, take from 8 to 10 drops on sugar several times a day and keep the pains well bathed with the same; for cramp colic and other pains, take from 10 to 20 drops on sugar every half hour until relieved.  Sold by A. C. GRUISSY, West Lebanon, - Ohio.  Price 50c & $1.00 a bottle.  Every bottle warranted.
 In 1870 he was a carpenter in the Village of West Lebanon. In 1880 he was a peddler in Wadsworth Township. In 1910 he owned a farm and was in the "medicine trade" in Sugar Creek. The 1915 Farm Journal Rural Directory of Stark County said he owned a six acre farm, one horse and was a peddler. Augustus & Esther are buried in Spring Grove Cemetery.

NOTE: The difficulty in researching this branch of our family is the wide variety of spellings of Gruissy. I have found it as: Grusey, Creesy, Greelys, Gruissy, Gruissi, Greasys, Creasy and more!

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Revolutionary War Soldiers & Compiled Service Records

Johann Jonas Wolf b. 1739 in PA; d. 1787 in York County, PA
Johannes served in the York County, PA Militia. In 1787 he served in the 6th Battalion, 5th Company as 2nd Lieutenant. In 1779 he served in the 7th Battalion, 8th Company as 1st Lieutenant. In both instances his Captain was Peter Ekes.  He served again from 1781 - 1782 with the York County Militia, guarding Camp Security, a prisoner of war camp.

Johannes Ritter, Senior b. 1743 in Bucks County, PA; d. 1816 in Mifflin County, PA
He served in the Lancaster County Militia.

Casper Ritter b. 1749 Northampton County, PA; d. 1822 Lehigh County, PA
He served in the Northampton County Militia. He was in the 4th Battalion.

Casper Ritter b. 1741 in Bucks County, PA; d. 1822 in PA
He served in the Northampton County Militia as a Corporal.

Martin Ritter b. 1749 Bucks County, PA; d. 1827 in Lehigh County. PA
He served in the Northampton County Militia. he was a Sergeant in the 2nd Battalion.

Note: Johannes, Martin & Casper (b. 1741) were brothers, sons of Heinrich Ritter. Casper (1747), son of Casper Ritter (b. 1720),  was their first cousin.

I plan to go to the National Archives in Washington, DC soon to obtain the Compiled Service Records for these family members. I would like to discover the history of the companies they served in to get a clear idea of battles they fought in. If anyone knows where I can find that information please contact me. A good place to look for your Revolutionary War ancestor is the Daughters of the American Revolution website. IF you find your ancestor you can be sure the proper documentation has been filed to prove his service. You can also find his genealogy. It will show the lineage from the soldier to the person who filed to be a DAR. If you do not find you ancestor there, it does not mean he did not serve. It just means no one has yet filed with the DAR to prove his service.

Prowell, George R. History of York County, Pennsylvania. Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co, 1907.
This book includes 'Rolls of Associators and Militia' and the name Wolf appears many times. At this time they cannot all be proved to be linked to our family tree.

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Alberta Joy Gardner Pedigree Chart

Pedigree Chart for Alberta Joy Gardner

Alberta Joy (Gardner) Brown was the only child of Helen Francis Coyle and Nathaniel Gardner. Helen and Nathaniel were both born in New York City but came from very different backgrounds. They met when they both worked for the Western Union Telegraph Company. Helen's Irish Catholic family and Nathaniel's Austrian Jewish family did not approve of their marriage but Helen and Nathaniel did not let that stop them. They married and raised a daughter in the Bronx until 1940 when they bought a little house in the country in Germantown, New York. Helen and Joy lived in Germantown. Nathaniel stayed in a little place in New York City during the week and took the train to Germantown on weekends. The country air was supposed to improve his health. He planned to retire and join his small family there full time but World War II began and he was needed as a telegrapher. Unfortunately, when he did retire he was only retired a short while when he died. Helen and Joy both remained in Germantown for the rest of their lives.

The Grandfathers of Alberta Joy (Gardner) Brown:

1. Leopold Gartner
..... 1 Leopold Gartner b: April 1860, d: 13 June 1948
..... + Florence Gartner b: October 1860, d:
........... 2 Florence Gartner b: May 1879, d: 19 February 1954
........... + Frank Samuel Weissberg b: 26 October 1878, d: 17 December 1940
................. 3 Milton Sydney Weisberg b: 27 December 1907, d: 07 October 1987
................. + Anne Bloom b: 29 January 1912
................. 3 Francis Weisberg b: 02 February 1915
........... 2 Nathaniel J. Gardner b: 21 July 1882, d: 07 December 1944
........... + Helen Frances Coyle b: 09 January 1897, d: 13 October 1965
................. 3 Alberta Joy Gardner b: 26 March 1928, d: 10 August 1992
................. + Delbert Keith Brown b: 27 July 1928, d: 24 October 2000
........... 2 Arthur Moses Gartner b: 15 June 1884, d: Unknown
........... + Frances
........... 2 Albert Gartner b: 11 December 1888, d: Unknown
........... 2 Anna Gartner b: November 1891, d: Unknown
........... + Bearman

2. Michael Coyle
..... + Mary Josephine Mullane b: 04 August 1867, d: 17 December 1927
........... 2 Helen Frances Coyle b: 09 January 1897, d: 13 October 1965
........... + Nathaniel J. Gardner b: 21 July 1882, d: 07 December 1944
................. 3 Alberta Joy Gardner b: 26 March 1928, d: 10 August 1992
................. + Delbert Keith Brown b: 27 July 1928, d: 24 October 2000
........... 2 Frank Coyle b: July 1898, d: 07 December 1899
........... 2 Marion Coyle b: 19 March 1900, d: 09 January 1991
........... + James Joseph McCall b: 28 January 1898, d: 25 March 1944
........... + William Francis Kunemund b: 22 September 1895, d: 20 February 1987
........... 2 Marguerite Christina Coyle b: 24 December 1901, d: 13 March 1980
........... + Wilfred Stewart Marshall b: Abt. 1901
........... 2 Thomas Coyle b: Abt. 1904, d: Aft. 1930
........... 2 Lillian Agnes Coyle b: 18 September 1911, d: 03 June 1987
........... 2 Kathleen Gloria Coyle b: 31 October 1916, d: 21 November 2007

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Delbert Keith Brown Pedigree Chart

Pedigree Chart for Delbert Keith Brown

Delbert Keith Brown was the oldest of seven children. His mother, Ivy Regina Mark, and her family came from Ohio. His father, Roy Jesse Brown, and his family came from Mississippi. They met when Roy traveled north from Mississippi to find a job. In 1927 they were married in a simple ceremony in her parents' parlor. They lived in Rittman, Wayne County, Ohio. Six of their seven children were born in Ohio: Delbert Keith Brown, Leo Dwight Brown, Genevieve Audry Brown, Jeanette Rose Brown, Larry Lee Brown, and Robert Allen Brown. William Lane Brown was born after they moved to New York State.

The great grandfathers of Delbert Keith Brown:

1. Allen Moses Brown
..... 1 Allen Moses Brown b: 26 Jan 1836, d: Aft. 1870
..... + Emmaline Smith b: 13 Sept 1831, d: 03 Aug 1920
........... 2 Mary E. Brown b: 13 Aug 1861
........... 2 Jasper Pascal Brown b: 15 May 1865, d: 08 June 1950
........... + Rose Ella Brumfield b: 18 July 1867, d: 02 October 1948
................. 3 Lucy Viola Brown b: 16 Oct 1888, d: 23 March 1942
................. + Tate Edward Fortenberry b: 14 Jan 1885
................. 3 Ina Lucille Brown b: 29 Dec 1890
................. + Dewitt William Alford b: 29 Oct 1874
................. 3 Junius Earl Brown b: 12 May 1892, d: Jan 1956
................. + Armetha Brown
................. 3 Hubert Allen Brown b: 01 Oct 1894, d: 25 Nov 1971
................. + Freddie Smith b: 19 Nov 1899, d: 21 April 1988
................. 3 Mavis Marie Brown b: 18 Aug 1897, d: 28 June 1928
................. + Denny Herbert Smith b: 03 March 1892, d: 18 March 1966
................. 3 Lyda Mearl Brown b: 24 Dec 1900, d: 06 Dec 1979
................. + Arlie Pierce b: 27 Jan 1898, d: 1993
................. 3 Roy Jesse Brown b: 08 March 1902, d: 12 May 1956
................. + Ivy Regina Mark b: 08 June 1908, d: 18 September 2003
................. + Mary Thelma Ellzey b: 22 Feb 1906, d: Jan 1974
................. 3 Mildred Olga Brown b: 23 June 1904, d: Unknown
................. + James Alton Ball b: 22 March 1902
................. 3 Thelma Lady Brown b: 27 Feb 1908, d: 15 Nov 1979
................. + Reynolds
........... 2 Alvira E. Brown b: 05 August 1868

2. Jessie Alexander Brumfield
..... 1 Jessie Alexander Brumfield b: 27 September 1838, d: Aft. 1910
..... + Martha Elizabeth Alford b: 08 August 1846, d: Aft. 1910
........... 2 Martin Ellis Brumfield b: Sept 1865, d: Aft. 1920
........... + Dollie King b: June 1877
................. 3 Lola Brumfield b: Sept 1890
................. 3 Jewel Brumfield b: Abt. 1901
................. 3 Jesse Alton Brumfield b: Abt. 1905
................. 3 Ayleen Brumfield b: Abt. 1908
................. 3 Dora Lee Brumfield b: Abt. 1915
................. 3 Lola Brumfield b: Abt. 1891
........... 2 Rose Ella Brumfield b: 18 July 1867, d: 2 Oct 1948
........... + Jasper Pascal Brown b: 15 May 1865, d: 08 June 1950
................. 3 Lucy Viola Brown b: 16 October 1888, d: 23 March 1942
................. + Tate Edward Fortenberry b: 14 Jan 1885
................. 3 Ina Lucille Brown b: 29 Dec 1890
................. + Dewitt William Alford b: 29 Oct 1874
................. 3 Junius Earl Brown b: 12 May 1892, d: Jan 1956
................. + Armetha Brown
................. 3 Hubert Allen Brown b: 01 Oct 1894, d: 25 Nov 1971
................. + Freddie Smith b: 19 Nov 1899, d: 21 April 1988
................. 3 Mavis Marie Brown b: 18 Aug 1897, d: 28 June 1928
................. + Denny Herbert Smith b: 03 March 1892, d: 18 March 1966
................. 3 Lyda Mearl Brown b: 24 Dec 1900, d: 06 Dec 1979
................. + Arlie Pierce b: 27 January 1898, d: 1993
................. 3 Roy Jesse Brown b: 08 March 1902, d: 12 May 1956
................. + Ivy Regina Mark b: 08 June 1908, d: 18 Sept 2003
................. + Mary Thelma Ellzey b: 22 Feb 1906, d: Jan 1974
................. 3 Mildred Olga Brown b: 23 June 1904, d: Unknown
................. + James Alton Ball b: 22 March 1902
................. 3 Thelma Lady Brown b: 27 Feb 1908, d: 15 Nov 1979
................. + Reynolds
........... 2 John Edward Brumfield b: Nov 1869, d: 1933
........... + Ada Beatrice Fortenberry b: 1893, d: 1956
................. 3 Baxter Edwin Brumfield b: 13 June 1912
................. 3 Fannie Chelottie Brumfield b: 28 Aug 1913
................. 3 James Albert Brumfield b: 28 Dec 1914
................. 3 John Edward Brumfield b: Fe 1915
................. 3 Claudia Martha Brumfield b: 27 Dec 1917
................. 3 Selwyn Alex Brumfield b: 31 Oct 1919, d: 08 Sept 1981
................. 3 Olgee Shelina Brumfield b: 07 Aug 1921
................. 3 Oliver Wendell Brumfield b: 21 Aug 1923
........... 2 Fletcher Boyd Brumfield b: 28 June 1875
........... + Mattie Burmfield b:
................. 3 Mead Brumfield b: Abt. 1913
................. 3 Francis Brumfield b: Abt. 1916
................. 3 Courtney Jane Brumfield b: Abt. 1919
................. 3 Ed H. Brumfield b: Abt. 1924
........... 2 Lily E. Brumfield b: 1876, d: 1959
........... + Julius Alford b: 25 October 1869
................. 3 Lillian Alford b: 1900, d: 1969
................. + William Archie Simmons b: 1897
........... 2 Daisy L. Brumfield b: July 1879
........... + Cornelius Alford
........... 2 Lucy May Brumfield b: 12 April 1881
........... 2 Sallie Joy Brumfield b: 31 May 1884, d: Unknown
........... + Joseph Ed Brumfield b: Abt. 1873
................. 3 Alex Brumfield b: Abt. 1906
................. 3 Philip Brumfield b: Abt. 1909
................. 3 Donald Brumfield b: Abt. 1912
................. 3 David Brumfield b: Abt. 1915

3. William Mark
..... + Elidia Rebecca Ritter b: 30 July 1854, d: 28 Aug 1912
........... 2 William M. Mark b: 12 Feb 1877, d: Aft. 1920
........... + Alice Leota Heacock b: 03 Oct 1880, d: Unknown
........... 2 George Washington Mark b: 01 April 1878, d: 16 Oct 1938
........... + Elizabeth Shifferly b: 10 October 1881, d: 03 Sept 1949
........... 2 Thomas Kenneth Mark b: 19 July 1879, d: 12 Feb 1975
........... + Nancy Regina Victoria Gruissy b: 31 Jan 1879, d: 24 May 1959
........... 2 Margaret Maude Mark b: 06 Jan 1881, d: 10 Jan 1964
........... + Ralph Clayton Kauffman b: 08 Nov 1877, d: 12 Nov 1968
........... + Samuel Martin Jolliff b: 08 Dec 1871, d: 28 Jan 1927
........... 2 Emma Jane Mark b: 27 April 1882, d: 09 Dec 1961
........... + Alfred C. Pfeifer b: 23 February 1880, d: 08 April 1968
........... + Elmer Howard Wilson b: 10 October 1879, d: 12 July 1959
........... 2 William Hercules Mark b: 30 April 1884, d: 12 August 1929
........... 2 Mary Jeanette Mark b: 28 Feb 1886, d: 06 May 1940
........... + John Rickert Shaw b: 13 Jan 1886, d: Abt. 1984
........... 2 Amos Martin Mark b: 21 June 1888, d: 16 June 1969
........... + Lillian Myrtle Hoverstock b: 25 April 1896, d: 10 October 1975
........... 2 Eslie Guy Mark b: 02 Dec 1890, d: 10 May 1972
........... + Golda Mae Warner b: 22 Sept 1902, d: 25 March 1982
........... 2 Charles Forest Mark b: 02 May 1892, d: 30 April 1967
........... + Bertha Flickinger b: 02 March 1904, d: 01 July 2000
........... 2 Elva Gale Mark b: 28 June 1894, d: 12 Jan 1959
........... + Myron A. Boreman b: Abt. 1893, d: Unknown
........... 2 James Everett Mark b: 28 Oct 1896, d: 28 Oct 1968
........... + Effie Margaret Carter b: 15 Feb 1904, d: 05 April 1966
..... + Emma Abeline Flory b: 24 Oct 1852, d: 23 July 1877
........... 2 Cora Bell Mark b: 30 July 1872, d: 10 June 1905
........... + Edward Newell b: April 1873, d: Unknown
........... 2 Marian Francis Mark b: 14 Nov 1874, d: 06 April 1947

4. Augustus Ceaser Gruissy
..... 1 Augustus Ceaser Gruissy b: 16 May 1840, d: 08 December 1915
..... + Mary Ann Everett
........... 2 Margaret Jane Gruissy b: 26 December 1861, d: 08 March 1946
........... + Seth Benner Morrison b: 24 March 1861, d: 18 April 1952
........... 2 Caroline Louise Gruissy b: 23 October 1863, d: 15 April 1936
........... + Peter Jonathan Moore b: 14 March 1857, d: February 1929
........... 2 Mary Magdalene Gruissy b: 23 November 1865, d: 10 July 1917
........... + Albert F. Lutz b: February 1856, d: 1935
........... 2 Matilda Catherine Gruissy b: 26 February 1868
........... + Stanford
..... + Esther Barbara Wolf b: 14 June 1836, d: 11 August 1906
........... 2 Rephenia Cathern Gruissy b: 04 April 1870, d: 17 January 1943
........... + Willis L. Nichols b: January 1869
........... 2 Algedena Gruissy b: 17 October 1871, d: 1871
........... 2 John Andrew Gruissy b: 07 September 1872, d: 1878
........... 2 Sarah Barbara Gruissy b: 22 June 1874, d: 22 June 1874
........... 2 Nancy Regina Victoria Gruissy b: 31 January 1879, d: 24 May 1959
........... + Thomas Kenneth Mark b: 19 July 1879, d: 12 February 1975
..... + Ellen J. Gruissy b: Abt. 1848

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