Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Time to Write

Recently my genealogy research has been unfocused. I have found census records here and visited cemeteries there. I have switched from one side of the family to another. There have been small discoveries but nothing that inspired fireworks. There have been days when I have put it all aside and spent time at my sewing machine, finishing a pile of neglected projects.

I need to refocus the time I spend with my genealogy. And I know just where I should direct my efforts. All I have to do is sit at my desk at look at my cork board. Right there, on index cards, is the book for my mother’s family, nicely organized.

Years ago I wrote a slim volume called ‘Remembrances: The Story of the Coyle, Mullane, Gardner & Related Families’. At 130 pages it included family trees, photographs, stories and endnotes. I took it to an office store & had copies made that were bound together with a plastic spiral binding. The limited copies went to my brothers and my children. That Christmas there were big smiles and lots of page turning.

When I look at that that little book now I see how far I have come in learning about the family. Since the book was written I traveled to Ireland to research in archives and to walk where my great grandmother walked. Since the book was written I hired a researcher who sent my Jewish roots back two more generations.

In the years since I wrote that original book I have met and become good friends with my Irish second cousins. We have shared stories & photographs & good times.

I now have more data, more stories & more photographs. I also have a grandnephew, a grandniece and a grandson who should each have a copy of the complete story. What am I waiting for?

It is time to write!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Brady in New Jersey

Brady: Thomas Joseph & Catherine

Thomas Joseph Brady 11 Dec 1887 - 8 Jan 1978 NJ
Catherine 1888 - 1973

Immaculate Conception Cemetery

30 North Fullerton Ave., Montclair, New Jersey

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Book: The Descendants of Jacob Ott of South Carolina & Louisiana

The Descendants of Jacob Ott of South Carolina & Louisiana
Ruth Temple Ott Wallis
Privately Printed

A few years ago, before ancestry trees & DNA matches, I connected with a cousin, Mark James, who sent me copies of Ruth’s homemade book about our mutual Ott family.  The amount of data she collected is wonderful, especially considering she had no internet to assist in her search. Her early records include snippets from Bibles, Military records from the National Archives, Births and Marriages also from the National Archives and Military Records from Charleston, SC.

Then she focuses on Jacob Ott III of Louisiana & his children: Joel, Charles, Jessie, Naomi, Sarah, Samuel, Charlotte [my 3 x great grandmother] and Jacob.

I have copies of the early pages of this book & the section on Charlotte Ott. This section is a long outline listing her descendants. I would love to have the rest of the book. Does anyone know where I can find the rest?

Although I think Ruth’s book is remarkable for her time it has no references. A good reminder to me to always cite my sources.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Immaculate Conception Cemetery, NJ

Mary, John & Thomas R.
This stone is shared by spouses, John Brady & Mary McCartin,
and their grandson Thomas Ronald Brady

Immaculate Conception Cemetery

30 North Fullerton Ave., Montclair, New Jersey

John Brady 14 July 1864 Ireland - 28 Nov 1957 NJ

Mary McCartin Brady August 1868 Ireland - 19 July 1958 NJ

Thomas Ronald Brady 24 July 1926 - 17 October 1949

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Index Cards: Useful Genealogy Tools

There are lots of genealogy tools that involve technology. I read about them in genealogy journals, blogs & websites. I have tried many of them. However, I also use many tools that have nothing to do with technology.

I confess to having a desk drawer full of notepads, envelopes and index cards. I have index cards in multiple sizes and colors; lined, unlined & grids. I have to avoid the index card aisle in office supply stores so I don’t buy more.

A few ways I use index cards:

DNA matches.
Recently I did an Ancestry DNA test. I was very excited when I went on Ancestry and saw the long list of matches but I soon realized it would be hard to keep track of contacts, their relationship to me & messages between us. I thought about using a spread sheet to keep track but decided to use index cards. I can sort them alphabetically, according to family lines or by state. Naturally I use pink for my mother’s family & blue for my father’s family. Hopefully my index cards will help me organize and understand my matches more clearly.

I have a pile of large index cards for cemeteries. Each card has the cemetery address, office hours & etc. Then I list the relatives who are there.  I can sort them by location or family names. It is easy to carry the cards along on cemetery trips.

Book Planning.
I use index cards to help organize the book I am writing. I have a large cork board where I tacked up cards for each section with chapters beneath. As I finish a chapter I add a “Done” sticky note. It helps me visualize the book and keeps me on track.

Do you use index cards for genealogy? How do you use them? I am always eager to find new uses for my drawer full of index cards.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Census Sunday: Charles & Margaret Ott in LA

Charles Ott was my my 3rd great grand uncle, born in South Carolina and moved to Louisiana. I recently connected with a cousin through Ancestry DNA who led me to information on his family.

1850 US Census, LA, Washington Parish.
Charles Ott, 51 b SC, farmer, $3,000 property value
MA 37 b VA [Margaret Ann Tate]
Children all b LA
Francis 21
Saml 19 Lab
Charlotte 16
Serepta 12
Mary 10
Ema 8
Davis 5
Charles 3
Walter 0
Margaret 73 b SC [Margaret Jackson Ott, mother of Charles]
Neoma 40 b SC [Naomi Ott, sister of Charles]

1860 US Census, Louisiana, Washington Parish, Ward 2, Roberts post office; page 18;
Charles Ott, 60 b SC farmer
MA 47 b VA [Margaret Ann Tate]
Children all b LA
Serepta 21 school teacher
Mary A 19
Ema A 17
David J 13
Charles D 11
Walter F 10
Elbert W 5
Adolphus E 2
Mary M 2

1880 US Census, LA, Washington, Edward Dykes; SD 1, ED 194, Page 38
Margaret A. Ott [widow] 67 b VA; keeping house
Serepta A., 41, at home
Charles D., 32, farmer
Elbert W., 24, farmer
Adolphus E., 22, works on farm
Emma Porter, 34 [daughter, widow]
William E. Porter, 17  b MS [grandson]
James E. Porter, 14 b LA  [grandson]
Ella V. Porter, 11 b LA [granddaughter]

Charles Ott & Family
1 Charles Ott b: 10 Oct 1799 Orangeburg, SC, d: 20 Jan 1867 Mt. Herman, Washington, LA
... + Margaret Ann Tate b: 1813, m: 09 Dec 1828, d: 1887
......2 Frances Jane Ott b: 21 Dec 1829 LA, d: 18 Jul 1906 LA
......2 Samuel Edward Ott b: 06 Dec 1830 LA, d: 09 Jun 1922 in Osyka, Pike, MS
...... + Elenor Esther Addison b: 08 Jun 1835, d: 30 Oct 1929
.........3 Thomas Charles Ott b: 25 Jan 1854, d: 04 Dec 1927
.........3 Susan Mary Ott b: 1855, d: 1870
.........3 Margaret L. Ott b: 04 Apr 1865, d: 24 May 1959
......2 Lumanda Louise Ott b: 1832, d: 1834
......2 Charlotte Ingaba Ott b: 1834 LA, d: 1897
......2 Sarepta Ann Ott b: 1838 LA, d: 1921
......2 Mary Amanda Ott b: 06 Dec 1840 LA, d: 22 Oct 1913 Mt. Hermon, Washington, LA
...... + Lorenzo Dow Snell b: 19 Jun 1827, m: 1866, d: 14 Feb 1903
.........3 Charles Edward Snell b: 1867, d: 1941
.........3 Francis Annie Snell b: 1868, d: 1916
.........3 Wilber Aaron Snell b: 1872, d: 1960
.........3 Newton Everette Snell b: 1876, d: 1948
.........3 Roy E Snell b: 1880, d: 1892
......2 Emma America Ott b: 1843 LA, d: 1904
...... + Joseph Porter
.........3 William E. Porter b: Abt. 1863 MS, d: Unknown
.........3 James E. Porter b: Abt. 1866 LA
.........3 Ella V. Porter b: Abt. 1869 LA
......2 David Jackson Ott b: 1845 LA, d: 1905
...... + Rose Ella Virginia Powell b: 1857, d: 1921
......2 Charles D Ott b: 1848 LA, d: 1915
......2 Walter Thomas Ott b: 1850 LA, d: 1948
......2 Elbert Weston Ott b: 1855 LA, d: 1924
......2 Adolphus Everett Ott b: 1858 LA, d: 1931
......2 Mary M Ott b: 1858 LA

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Bearman

Benjamin H Bearman
March 15, 1884 - May 14, 1961
Faithful. Sincere and Kind

Anna (Gartner) Bearman
November 1, 1890 - March 28, 1970
At Rest with Ben

Riverside Cemetery, Saddle Brook, New Jersey

Anna's Family: