Thursday, July 20, 2023

Vintage Photograph: 5 Morrison Sisters

I wonder how often these five sisters got together. Was this a yearly gathering? Was there a special reason they all came together? Were the three brothers included and was a photo taken of the brothers? I am happy to have this vintage photograph, to see these ladies with their curly hair and pretty dresses. I wish I could read their thoughts. 

 Morrison Sisters

Daughters of Seth Benner Morrison & Margaret Jane Gruissy

left to right:

Florence Vera Morrison Rowlee, 

29 Nov 1896 OH - 9 Jan 1966 CA

Pauline Ann Morrison Maurer, 

6 Dec 1899 OH - 12 Jun 1979 OH

Emily Augusta Morrison Peters,

 12 Sep 1888 OH - 1950

Lena Bella Morrison Swagler, 

24 Mar 1883 OH - 28 Jun 1962 OH

Mona D. Morrison Hurd, 

8 Aug 1881 OH - 8 Oct 1968 MI

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