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Forget Me Not: Arlie Wesley Pierce

Arlie Wesley Pierce
27 January 1898 MS - 7 March 1993 MS
Son of Eddie Wesley Pierce & Alice Lenoir Brock

Arlie was the husband of Lyda Mearl Brown, my great aunt. Lyda was the mother of the children named in this obituary. Lyda died in 1979. She is not mentioned in this obituary but it does reveal that he had a second wife. 

Arlie W. Pierce

Tylertown. Arlie Wesley Pierce, 96, of Tylertown, died March 7, 1993 at Seventh Ward General Hospital in Hammond, La. Services were 1 pm today in Hartman-Hughes Funeral Home Chapel. The Rev. A. J. Lovas and the Rev. Carl Case officiated. Burial was in Tylertown Cemetery. Mr. Pierce was born Jan. 27, 1897 in Old Pike County. He was the son of Eddie Wesley Pierce and Alice Lenoir Brock Pierce. He was a farmer. He is survived by his wife, Lexie Mae Thompson Pierce of Kentwood, La.; two sons, E. J. Pierce of Tylertown and Malcolm Pierce of Mobile, Ala.; three daughters, Iris Brock of Chickasaw, Ala., Wesley Leissinger of Metairie, La., and Betty Jane Pierce of Tylertown; one sister, WIlda Smith of Tylertown, eight grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren and four great- great grandchildren.

Source: Arlie Wesley Pierce (McComb, MS: Enterprise-Journal, 9 Mar 1993) 12; digital image, Accessed February 2018.

Photograph from FindAGrave
Memorial #101806348

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Cattle Theft, 1968 MS

This interesting bit of news turned up in a recent search for my family on

Arlie Pierce was the husband of my great aunt, Lyda Mearl Brown. 
They had a farm in Waltham County, MS. I wonder if the stolen calves were returned.

Thaniel Hill, alias Bud Hill, who pleaded guilty to an indictment of grand larceny by cattle theft, was sentenced to one year in the penitentiary and three years probation. Dist. Atty. Joe Pigott said Hill admitted guilt in stealing three calves from Arlie Pierce on Jan. 9, 1968.

Source: Other Cases (McComb, MS: Enterprise-Journal, 16 Feb 1968) 3; digital image, accessed March 2018.

Arlie Pierce

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mississippi Cemetery & Bible Records

The Mississippi Genealogical Society has published several volumes of Cemetery & Bible records which I happily discovered are filled with my family. They are filled with those basic birth, marriage and death details that we researchers like to find.

According to the Society’s website:

Cemetery and Bible Records, Volume I, was published in 1954. For the most part, records in this volume were copied and compiled by Miss Frances Cook, a member, from gravestones and Bible records from original entries in the Bibles. Records in Volume I were primarily from Copiah County, Mississippi. Additional Cemetery and Bible Records were collected and assembled. As of 1999 twenty-four volumes have been published. Additionally, Mr. and Mrs. Grady Leese compiled and completed the Index to these 24 volumes.

There is more good news concerning these records. The volumes published by the Society are available online through Genealogy Gophers. And, they are easy to search.

I have focused on the Bibles. Each Bible gives the names of the original owners, the publication information, the owner of the Bible at the time of the publication, the name of the person who submitted the Bible & the date the Bible was copied.

The George Smith Bible gave information on four generations of the family. It gave me lots of information I had not had previously known. It also verified dates I already had from other sources. Details form that Bible follow.

The George Smith Bible

Original Owners: George Smith & Selenia Ave Jane Smith
Copied 6 November 1959

Mississippi Genealogical Society, Mississippi Cemetery and Bible Records, Vol. 7 (Jackson, MS, 1960) digital image, Genealogy Gophers ( accessed November 2017) 86 - 89.

George Smith                          b 6 Dec 1840 – d 26 Jan 1921
Selenia Ave Jane Smith            b 15 Sep 1843 – d 22 July 1929
      Married 16 Nov 1865

Children of George & Selenia
Giardy Smith                           b 1 Oct 1866               d 11 Jan 1940
Claudius Smith                        b 21 Feb 1869             d 24 Oct 1870
Lelius M. Smith                       b 1 Mar 1869              [Who is this?]
Lyman Smith                           b 12 Mar 1871             d 16 Nov 1907
Naomi Smith                           b 3 June 1873
Sidney Lovene Smith               b 17 May 1876            d 20 May 1942
Lucretia Iturea Smith              b 21 May 1879            d 14 Sep 1955
George Dortin Smith               b 11 Feb 1882             d 12 Mar 1947
Lamar  Smith                           b 10 Apr 1887            
Maggie Jane Smith                   b 20 Jan 1891              d 20 Oct 1935

Giardy Smith               Annie F. Snell                          m 11 Oct 1891
John Garner                Kity Naomi Smith                    m 12 May 1895
Lyman Smith               Bessie Magee                           m 15 Dec 1897
Sidney L Smith            Sarah Simmons Alford              m Oct 1901
Dr. W. O. Ott               Maggie Jane Smith                   m 7 Dec 1919
Lamar Smith               Curtie Pigott                           m 9 Feb 1923
W. L. Smith                 Seleta E. Smith                       m 5 Feb 1868

Children of Giardy & Annie F. Snell
Claudius Neroe Smith                         b 9 Oct 1892
Emmet Edward Smith                         b 27 Nov 1894
Stanley Snell Smith                              b 6 Mar 1897
Alton Herold Smith                             b 20 Sep 1902
Mary Rita Smith                                  b 9 Aug 1906
Lucille Smith                                       b 6 Sep 1910
Alton Harold Smith                             d 29 June 1918

Children of Margaret Jane Smith & W. O. Ott
Jane Powell Ott                                   b 9 Dec 1920
William Mayo Ott                              b 18 Oct 1923
Margaret Lucretia Ott                         b 12 Oct 1929

Children of Kitty N. Smith & John Garner
Eva Garner                                          b 21 Aug 1896
Roy Garner                                          b 26 Dec 1898
Maurice Dalton Garner                       b 20 Dec 1901
Wilton Garner                                     b 18 July 1905
J. C. Garner                                         b 16 Apr 1910

Dr. N. C. Smith                                   d 16 Sep 1895 s/o George Smith Sr. & Clara Dillon

Malisey Elen Smith                              d 16 Oct 1895    Unknown relationship at this time
Loucrety Dykes Smith                         d 7 Nov 1896      wife of William Doreen Smith
William Dortin Smith                         d 16 Oct 1906      parents unknown at this time
Thomas Dolphus Bickham                  d 3 Mar 1904        h/o Cinderilla Smith, d/o Wm D Smith

Emmer Bickham Johnson                    d 3 Nov 1903         Unknown relationship at this time
Henry Jourdin Smith                           d 14 May 1914       s/o William Dorten Smith
Annie Frances Snell Smith                   d 26 May 1916      w/o Giardy Smith
Bessie Annie Magee Smith                   d 16 Nov 1958      w/o Lyman Smith

Children of Lyman Smith & Bessie Magee m 15 Dec 1897
Errol Lynn Smith                                 b 20 Nov 1898
Clifford Beatrice Smith                        b 13 Jan 1901
Ave Faye Smith                                    b 10 Sep 1903
Gussie Mae Smith                               b 13 June 1906

Children of Faye Smith Brown & Albert Brown m 26 Dec 1921
Albert Harold Brown                           b Aug 1924
Margaret Ann Brown                           b 28 Feb 1928
Betty Faye Brown                                b 12 Jan 1931

Children of Jane Powell Ott Taylor & Roger William Taylor m 8 Aug 1942
Margaret Gibson Taylor                      b 14 Jul 1943
William Ott Taylor                             b 7 Feb 1946
Mary Sullivan Taylor                           b 1 Dec 1948

Children of Clifford Smith & Ernest Earl Winborne m 19 Apr 1920
Earnest Earl Winborne                        b 19 Dec 1921
Billie Zane Winborne                          b 26 Dec 1924
Bunnie Sue Winborne                         b 25 Aug 1927

Child of Maggie Smith Ott
David Jackson Ott                               b 13 Jan 1934

Children of Gussie Smith Edwards & Dr. Boyd C. Edwards m 9 Aug 1928
Betsey Lyman Edwards                                    b 29 July 1933
Charles Mims Edwards                        b 16 Mar 1936
Ave Lou Edwards                                 b 13 Mar 1932
Boyd Clark Edwards                            b 20 Jan 1935

Children of William May Ott & Mary Elizabeth Brennan m 17 Jul 1951
Margaret Jane Ott                               b 9 Aug 1952
William James Ott                              b 12 Apr 1955

Child of Margaret Lucretia Ott & Joseph Leslie Willing m 22 Aug 1953
Paul Denman Willing                          b 15 Mar 1955

Children of Errol L. Smith & Dorothy Brennan m 15 Jul 1921
Gussie Elaine Smith                             b 11 Aug 1924
Dorothy Louise Smith                         b 8 Nov 1925

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