Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Found: More Coyle Ancestors!

I recently found two more Coyle ancestors! This is what I knew about my Coyle ancestors in Ireland: Michael Coyle & Mary Cunningham had two sons: Patrick b. 1841 and Michael b. 1847. The family lived in County Cavan Ireland. 

I wanted to discover more about this family. I went to Roots Ireland that has a searchable database, for a fee.  They have over 18 million Irish records on line including the following:

Marriage Records 4,131,815
Census Records 2,731,620

I went to the Baptismal/Birth Records. There is a standard search where you input: surname & first name of person you are trying to locate and the father’s surname and first name. In the advanced search the mother’s surname and first name is also included. When possible, I use the advanced search. Then you check off which county you would like to search. If you are not sure, you can search all counties. 

I have used this site with great success in the past to find records for the children of Daniel Mullane & Brigid English. They had 11 children born in Clonmel, Tipperary and most all of them can be found with the Baptismal/Birth search. Before searching I knew the names of the children and their approximate birth year. I also found death records for the children in this family who died young.

This time I only knew the names of the parents: Michael Coyle & Mary Cunningham. I guessed that they had more than two children and wanted to find more. I used the Advanced Search and left blank the box for the child’s first name. I put in 1840 for the year with a 20+/- search window and checked County Cavan. I clicked the search button and four results appeared! The two sons I knew about where there with their Date of Baptism/Birth: Patrick Coyle 20 May 1841 & Michael Coyle 7 March 1847. Two more children also showed up: James Coyle 1 March 1839 & Margaret Coyle 29 August 1843. (Coincidently, I was searching on Margaret’s birthday, 29 August 2011.) They had the same parents and were in the same Parish/District, Ballymachugh. There are enough items that match to convince me that these people are my 2nd great grand uncle & aunt!

Keep in mind that there is a fee for this data base. Possible matches for you search will pop up but you must pay before seeing details. Then you can see those details for 24 months on the site or you can print the results. The more information you input, the more likely the results will be your ancestor. I have paid to see information that does not match my family but when I do find something, like James and Margaret Coyle, I think it is worth the fee.I suggest you give it a try.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August Birthdays, August 16 - 31

Is your birthday coming soon? Maybe you share your special day with someone in our family. Look below and see. Happy Birthday!

16 August    

1735    Johan Friedrich WOLF was born in Germany, son of  Johan Jacob & Anna Barbara (Orth) Wolf. He married Maria Elizabeth. They had eight children.  They lived in Pennsylvania.
1852    Jacob Herman WOLF
1880    Emma May MILLER

17 August    

1917    George Wheeler MORRIS was the son of George A & Mary Louise (Fortenberry) Morris.

18 August    

1887    Lucy THORNHILL
1888    Fleet Eugene SMITH
1893    Emma E. FORTENBERRY
1897    Mavis Marie BROWN was born in Mississippi, daughter of Jasper Pascal & Rose Ella (Brumfield) Brown. She married Denny Herbert Smith. Children: Nathalee, Fay & Wilma. She was my first cousin once removed.
1915    Alvin Henry Braun

19 August    

1920    Roseanne S VOZELLA , daughter of Charles & Lucia Vozella. She married Thomas J Coyle. They had five children.

21 August    

1769    John Jacob WOLF
1883    Thomas Arthur COYLE was born in County Cavan, Ireland, son of Patrick & Margaret (Brady) Coyle. Thomas was a carpenter who became a Merchant Marine during World War II.   He did not marry.
1923    Oliver Wendell BRUMFIELD
1928    David Walter FOSS

22 August    

1778    Joanna Dillon was born in North Carolina, daughter of Richard & Anne (Lawrence) Dillon. She married Jeremiah Smith in 1798 in South Carolina. They had thirteen children.  She is my double 4th great grandmother. Joanna & Jeremiah appear twice in my forest of family trees.
1829    Jeremiah WOLF
1892    Ruth Straley WOLF

23 August    

1805    Anna Maria RITTER
1854    Vilete Permelia FORTENBERRY was born in Mississippi, daughter of Willis James & Louisa B. Fortenberry. She died in 1910.
1863    Montana RITTER
1872    William John WOLF
1882    Ella MARK
1921    Helen M Lanning WOLF

24 August    

1850    Justina WOLF
1871    Charles H. MILLER was born in Ohio, son of Henry C & Mary Catherine (Ritter) Miller. Children: Ethel & Elmer. Charles died in 1949.

25 August    

1891    Rosa Jane OTT was the daughter of William W. & Sarah Euseba (Ellzey) Ott. She was my second cousin twice removed.

26 August    

1697    Anna Barbara ORTH
1884    William Wellington HAWK was born in Ohio, son of William & Elizabeth (Ritter) Hawk.
1885    Wiley E MCDANIEL
1897    Jessie Ola HALL

27 August    

1937    Robert RODGERS was the son of Tom & Caroline V (Brophy) Rodgers. He married Lynette. Children: Robin & Kitty.

28 August    

1800    John Adam WOLF
1913    Fannie Chelottie BRUMFIELD
1915    Harold Edward GOOD was born in Ohio, son of Albert E & Elizabeth Lodema (Moore) Good. He married Velma Ellen Hale in 1936. Children: Carol & Lawrence.

29 August    

1817    Margaret C BROWN was born in Mississippi, daughter of Moses & Nancy (Perkins) Brown.
1914    Irma Ruby BLADES

30 August    

1856    Julia Ann ALFORD was born in Mississippi, daughter of Edwin Barksdale & Martha P (Smith) Alford.  She was my second great grand aunt.
1912    Evelyn Devoyx ELLZEY

31 August    

1809    Wyatt SMITH
1833    Saryntha A SMITH
1848    Violette Eliza FORTENBERRY was born in Mississippi, daughter of Gasua C & Sarah (Brown) Fortenberry. She married James Miles Thornhill. They had five children.  She died in 1917 in Mississippi.
1917    Ralph Lawrence SPICE

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Clues to an Old Mystery

Augustus Ceaser Gruissy
16 May 1840 OH - 8 Dec 1915 OH
Son of Christian Gruissy & Mary Grorisclauss
My 3x great grandfather

My the life great great grandfather, Augustus Ceaser Gruissy  (1840 – 1915), was very foggy when I first started gathering information about it. His grandchildren, Ivy R. (Mark) Brown, Clarence W. Mark & Viola (Mark) Nothstein, were my primary source of information. From them, I learned Augustus had been married three times: to Mary Ann Everett in 1861; to my great great grandmother, Esther Barbara Wolf in 1868; and to Ellen c. 1908. 

Little was known about his first wife, Mary Ann Everett. They had three daughters: Margaret Jane (Gruissy) Morrison, Caroline Louise (Gruissy) Moore and Mary Magdalene (Gruissy) Lutz. There were stories of another daughter, Matilda Catherine (Gruissy) Stanford, but there were no facts to support her existence. This first marriage supposedly ended when Mary Ann “ran off” with someone else. This part of Augustus’ life had no ending until recently.

Thanks to our cousin Kathy (Perry) Laux and her research into old newspaper records we now know more about this part of our history. The first newspaper record she uncovered, [1] "First Trial Cases." Daily Repository May 27, 1868: 3., shows the divorce of Augustus and Mary Ann. 

The second newspaper article, "A Peculiar Case." Daily Repository September 1, 1882., is the most interesting. In 1882 the Gruissy family was back in the newspaper with a child custody problem.

A Peculiar Case: The application to the Probate court for a writ of habeas corpus, by Augustine Gruissy, of Smithville, Wayne County, to gain possession of his daughter, Tillie Gruissy, aged fifteen years, develops a most peculiar case of considerable comment and speculation. The facts in the case were hunted up a Repository reporter, and show quite a mixture in the family relations that is, to some extent, puzzling.
Fifteen years ago the man Augustine Gruissy and his wife separated, being granted a divorce. By the decree of the court the husband was given possession of the children, and taking them, thee in number, he left his wife. Sometime after the separation, a daughter was born to Mrs. Gruissy, of which her former husband, Augustine Gruissy, was the father. Mrs. Gruissy, also, shortly after the separation, married a man named John Oglethorpe. The daughter lived and stayed with her mother, up to the time of the latter’s death, which occurred two years ago, and since then has lived with her step-father, Mr. Oglethorpe. She has always been known as Tillie Gruissy, and is a bright looking little girl.
Now comes Augustine Gruissy, and asks the court that he be given possession of her. Oglethorpe, however, contests the claim, and says he has no right to her.
Deputy Sheriff Card, in company with Gruissy went to the residence in Sugar Creek township to get her. Upon arrival at the house they found she was not there, but two little boys told them she had gone to a coal bank some distance away, where Oglethorpe was. They could not find her at the place indicated, but while returning to the house saw her enter a neighbor’s house. The deputy Sheriff alighted from the buggy, and asked the woman who responded to his call, if Tillie Gruissy was there. The woman said she had been there, but had left, going out through the rear door. It appears the girl had recognized her father, and thinking he was after her endeavored to escape. They found her foot prints in a corn field, and followed them. They tracked them about the field, then through a grove, and into a third corn field, where the trail was lost. After a vigilant search they eased, and went to Oglethorpe’s house. The girl, waiting until it grew dark, thought her pursuers had left, and returned home. The deputy heard her talking and went in and secured her. She cried bitterly when taken away. She said her mother told her, when dying, never to live with the father. She was brought to the city, and given comfortable quarters.
Oglethorpe followed, determined to retain possession of her, and at once secured Messrs. Lynch & day, as attorneys. Gruissy has D. B. Smith, Esp., to represent him in the case. A hearing was appointed for yesterday, but postponed until next week.

This was followed up by "Tillie Gruissey." Daily Repository September 6, 1882.

Tillie Gruissey: The case of Tillie Gruissy, the fifteen year old girl, who was arrested at the home of her stepfather, John Oglethorpe in Sugarcreek township, upon a writ of habeas corpus, has been settled, at least for the present. When the girl was arrested by Deputy Sheriff Card, and taken before the Probate Judge on Friday last, the hearing was set for Monday the 18th. Augustine Gruissy, the father of the girl, was required to give security for costs. This was to have been done by Monday. He failed to put in an appearance at the time indicated, and accordingly the girl was discharged. Oglethorpe, her step-father, was in the city during the entire day, anxiously waiting to see the result. When Gruissy failed to appear, and the girl was discharged, he immediately started for his home with her. Tillie, the subject of the contest, is a very bright, intelligent little girl, and exhibited great joy when the result was told her, and smilingly went with her stepfather. Gruissy has not been seen, and it is not known whether he is in the city, or has returned to his home in Smithville, Wayne county, O.

Now we know there was a daughter named Matilda. A big thanks goes out to Kathy for uncovering this information and for sharing it with all of us Gruissy cousins!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Delbert & Albert Joy Brown Wedding Day 8 August 1948

Wedding Invitation
My parents, Delbert Keith Brown & Alberta Joy Gardner,  were married on 8 August 1948. My mother told me selected the date for two reasons: August was less likely to rain and she liked the numbers in the date 8/8/48.

My grandfather, Nathaniel Gardner, had died 7 December 1944 so he was not there to give his daughter away or to help with the expenses. Helen  (Coyle) Gardner made a small salary in a fruit packing company in Germantown. She raised chickens for the eggs and grew vegetables. Joy worked as a telephone operator. Between the two of them they were able to put on a very nice wedding. Joy was very talented with the sewing machine and made her own wedding dress.

The ceremony was held in the Rectory of the Roman Catholic Church of the Resurrection in Germantown, New York. At that time, because Delbert was not a Catholic they were not allowed to marry next door in the church. After the ceremony they drove to nearby Hudson for the reception at the General Worth Hotel. We still have the receipt for 43 dinners at $1.75 a meal, wine and a cake for $14. Notes written by my grandmother and saved by my mother tell us dinner included: Juice, Roast Vermont Turkey, Dressing, Mashed Potatoes, Peas, Salad, Rolls & Butter, Coffee, Ice Cream & Cake. These are great details about the special day that I am glad to have as I remember that today is their anniversary.

Monday, August 1, 2011

August Birthdays, August 1 - 15

Is your birthday coming soon? Maybe you share your special day with someone in our family. Look below and see. Happy Birthday!

1 August    

1920     Roy Elmer MAURER was born in Ohio, son of Elmer & Pauline (Morrison) Maurer. He married Betty Mae Stimson. Roy died in Ohio in 1997.

2 August    

1830    Jeptha Josephus ALFORD, MD was born in MS, son of Edwin Barksdale & Martha P. (Smith) Brown. He married Fanny Roberts. He is buried in  the Silver Springs Baptist Church Cemetery.
1832    Saloma Anna RITTER
1878    Henry Chesterfield ARNOLD

3 August    

1823    William Harmon ALFORD
1919    Thomas James COYLE was born in Connecticut, son of James Joseph & Madeline (Herbst) Coyle. In 1944 he married Roseanne S. Vozella. They had five children.
1935    James RODGERS

4 August    

1758    Johan Daniel RITTER
1859    Luke T. FORTENBERRY
1867    Mary Josephine MULLANE was born in Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland, daughter of Daniel & Brigid (English) Mullane. She was my great grandmother. She married Michael Coyle in NYC in 1895. She had seven children. Mary Jo died in 1927.

5 August    

1868    Alvira E. BROWN
1892    Bertha FORTENBERRY was the daughter of Howell & Mary Ann (Alford) Fortenberry. She married Grady Henry Ellzey. Children: Wesley, Odean, Carell & Ellen.

6 August    

1836    Jonas WOLF was the son of Andrew & Catherine (Dick) Wolf.

7 August    

1855    Charlotte Angelina BRUMFIELD
1921    Olgee Sheline BRUMFIELD was the daughter of John Edward & Ada Beatrice (Fortenberry) Brumfield.

8 August    

1771    Johannes RITTER Jr.
1846    Martha Elizabeth ALFORD was born in MS, daughter of Edwin Barksdale & Martha P. (Smith) ALFORD. She married Jessie A. Brumfield. They had eight children. She was my 2nd great grandmother.
1865    Rosa HAHN
1875    Charles A. WOLF
1875    Sarah Emma WOLF
1881    Mona D. MORRISON
1888    Thomas Clarence WILSON

9 August    

1906    Boyce Boo MORRIS was the son of George A. & Mary Louise (Fortenberry) Morris. He married Carrie Lee. They had four children. Boyce died in 1995.

10 August    

1840    Thomas Jefferson MARK died in the Civil War. He was born in Ohio, the oldest son of Abraham & Mary Isabella (Heffelfinger) Mark. Thomas was in the 118th Regiment, Company E of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He died 16 January 1863 in Kentucky.
1871    Martha Ann NEE
1911    Onice Odwell CUTRER

11 August     

1860    Webster FORTENBERRY
1917    Odean ELLZEY was the daughter of Grady Henry & Bertha (Fortenberry) Ellzey. She married James Lemar Simmons.

12 August    

1848    Marion MARK served in the Civil War. He was born in Ohio, son of Abraham & Mary Isabella (Heffelfinger) Mark. He married Jennie.
1857    Canolia A. SIMMONS
1875    Barney Pipkin ALFORD

13 August    

1861    Mary E. BROWN
1876    Lulu BLADES
1918    Hanzel Eileen MESSMORE was the daughter of William Henry & Susan Isabel (Ritter) Messmore.

14 August    

1738    Appollonia DICK was born at sea, from Germany to America, daughter of Johan Adam & Anna Ottilla (Knack) Dick. She married Johann Jonas Dick. They had ten children all born in Pennsylvania. She was my 5th great grandmother.
1802    Louisa WOLF
1823    George WOLF
1834    John KRICK

15 August    

1761    Jacob ALFORD
1834    Seaborn S. ALFORD MD was born in MS, son of Edwin Barksdale & Martha P. (Smith) Alford. He married Anice Ball. Seaborn died in 1906.
1868    Julius Wesley ALFORD