Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Found: More Coyle Ancestors!

I recently found two more Coyle ancestors! This is what I knew about my Coyle ancestors in Ireland: Michael Coyle & Mary Cunningham had two sons: Patrick b. 1841 and Michael b. 1847. The family lived in County Cavan Ireland. I wanted to discover more about this family. I went to Roots Ireland that has a searchable database, for a fee.  They have over 18 million Irish records on line including the following:

Marriage Records 4,131,815
Census Records 2,731,620

I went to the Baptismal/Birth Records. There is a standard search where you input: surname & first name of person you are trying to locate and the father’s surname and first name. In the advanced search the mother’s surname and first name is also included. When possible, I use the advanced search. Then you check off which county you would like to search. If you are not sure, you can search all counties. 

I have used this site with great success in the past to find records for the children of Daniel Mullane & Brigid English. They had 11 children born in Clonmel, Tipperary and most all of them can be found with the Baptismal/Birth search. Before searching I knew the names of the children and their approximate birth year. I also found death records for the children in this family who died young.

This time I only knew the names of the parents: Michael Coyle & Mary Cunningham. I guessed that they had more than two children and wanted to find more. I used the Advanced Search and left blank the box for the child’s first name. I put in 1840 for the year with a 20+/- search window and checked County Cavan. I clicked the search button and four results appeared! The two sons I knew about where there with their Date of Baptism/Birth: Patrick Coyle 20 May 1841 & Michael Coyle 7 March 1847. Two more children also showed up: James Coyle 1 March 1839 & Margaret Coyle 29 August 1843. (Coincidently, I was searching on Margaret’s birthday, 29 August 2011.) They had the same parents and were in the same Parish/District, Ballymachugh. There are enough items that match to convince me that these people are my 2nd great grand uncle & aunt!

Keep in mind that there is a fee for this data base. Possible matches for you search will pop up but you must pay before seeing details. Then you can see those details for 24 months on the site or you can print the results. The more information you input, the more likely the results will be your ancestor. I have paid to see information that does not match my family but when I do find something, like James and Margaret Coyle, I think it is worth the fee.I suggest you give it a try.

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