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January Family Brithdays, January 17 - 31

James J. McCall b 28 Jan 1898

17 January    1839    Agnes STRAW was the daughter of John Straw & Margaret Wolf. She married Louis R Poffenberger.
        1876    David Ellsworth MESSMORE

18 January    1803    Henry RITTER was born in Pennsylvania, son of Johannes Ritter, Jr. & Anna Mariah. He married Mary Harpster. They had two children: David & Catherine.
        1855    Julius Ceaser ALFORD
        1877    Sarah A. LOBAUGH
        1898    Frank FORTENBERRY

19 January    1831    Joseph WOLF
1867    Philip M. CREASY lived his life in Ohio, son of Christian Gruissy & Mary Wise. He married Mary Wasem. Their son was Harry Lewis Creasy.  Philip owned a grocery store in Stark County, Ohio. 
        1885    Sarah Emma Lorena SMITH

20 January    1881    Elve Ellis BLADES
        1884    May Melissa RITTER
        1925    Calvin Ford FRAVEL was born in Virginia. He married Mary Arline Parker, daughter of Ralph Parker & Nellie Irene Jolliff.

21 January    1804    Eli SMITH was born in South Carolina, son of Jeremiah Smith & Joanna Dillon. He married Orpha Roberts. Eli died 2 August 1838 in Mississippi.
        1828    Henrietta KERN
        1846    Eliza Jane SMITH

22 January    1822    Ira Payne ALFORD
        1882    Robert C. RITTER
1919    Carell James ELLZEY
1919    Wava Alice MARK has lived her life in Ohio, youngest child of Thomas K. Mark & N. Regina Gruissy.  She married Alvin Braun. They lived on a farm in Seville for over 50 years.
        1932    Lynn Holly BROWN

23 January    1903    Nina Belle HURD
        1921    Borden Hamilton BROWN
        1926    John Joseph COYLE was born in Connecticut, son of James Joseph Coyle & Madeline Herbst.
        1935    William Glynn FORTENBERRY

24 January    1802    John WOLF
        1827    Elizabeth Martha Ann CUTRER
        1837    Mary L. BRUMFIELD
        1867    Eugene Wellington MCCLENDON

25 January    1823    Alfred FORTENBERRY was born in Mississippi, son of William J Fortenberry & Violette Kennington. He married Aderine Mary Faulk. They had eight children.   
        1864    Louisa Armethia FORTENBERRY
        1880    Ola SCHILLING

26 January    1836    Allen Moses BROWN was born in Mississippi, son of Edward S. Brown & Mary Polly Spurlock. He married Emmaline Smith. They had three children. We can find no record of him after 1870. He is my 2nd great grandfather.

27 January     1814    Esther Barbara WOLF
        1879    Richard W. FORTENBERRY
        1898    Arlie PIERCE was born in Mississippi. He married Lyda Mearl Brown, daughter of Jasper Pascal Brown & Rose Ella Brumfield. Arlie & Lyda had six children.

28 January    1875    George Howard ALFORD
1898    James Joseph MCCALL lived his life in New York City where he was a fire fighter. He married Marion Coyle in 1931. He was injured while putting out a fire and died 25 March 1944.

29 January    1799    Elizabeth MOWREY
        1860    Elnora Elizabeth BRUMFIELD
        1876    Maria COYLE was born in Ireland, daughter of Patrick Coyle & Margaret Brady. Maria died 21 December 1885.
        1889    Mary Alice WOLF

30 January    1931    Maxine Kelly JOLLIFF was born in Ohio. She married Donald Eugene Jolliff, s on of Samuel Martin Jolliff & Arvesta Lavonne.

 31 January    1821    Andrew Alexander WOLF
        1854    Oscar J. L. ELLZEY
        1879    Nancy Regina Victoria GRUISSY lived her life in Ohio, daughter of Augustus Ceaser Gruissy & Esther Barbara Wolf. She married Thomas Kenneth Mark on 28 January 1903. They had seven children. She was my great grandmother. She died 24 May 1959.
        1916    John Leo BRADY

Saturday, January 1, 2011

January Family Brithdays, January 1 - 15

Bartholomew Anthony Brady
1 January    1796    Charles BRUMFIELD in South Carolina
                   1800    Mary Polly SPURLOCK was born in Georgia. She married Edward S. Brown & had 5  children.  She died 12 January 1888 in Pike Co., Mississippi. She was my 3rd great grandmother.
                  1833    Eliza A. SMITH
                   1894    Euna Clarabelle FORTENBERRY
                   1873    William Isaac MILLER
                   1906    Robert Rugh HILE in Ohio
                   1909    Bartholomew Anthony BRADY in NJ
                   1926    William Alered HUFF

2 January  
  1740    Christian DICK was born in Pennsylvania, the son of Johan Adam Dick & Ottilla Knack. He married Catherine Naugle. Christian & his wife both died on 4 May 1800.
        1823    Edwin B. RITTER
        1844    Cynthia Elizabeth ALFORD
        1898    William Bryan SMITH
        1899    Walter L. FORTENBERRY
        1923     Wesley PIERCE in Mississippi

3 January    1910    Twins: Claude & Clyde HURD were born in Michigan, children of Roy Hurd & Mona D. Morrison.  The twins died the day they were born.
        1914    Helen Pearl RITTER

4 January
    1867    Tholomiah Rhodes WOLF was born in Iowa and died 28 September 1933 in Kansas. He married Elizabeth Willis.
        1885    Luella May WOLF

5 January    1786    Anna Margaret BOGERT
1829    William BRUMFIELD was born in Washington Parish, Louisiana, son of Willis Brumfield & Nancy Virginia Holmes. William married Sarah Lewis.
        1850    Lovina B. RITTER in Ohio
        1867    James Hollis FORTENBERRY
        1869    John G. HUFFMAN

6 January    1835    Narcissa Izela FORTENBERRY was born in Mississippi, daughter of Gasua C. Fortenberry & Sarah B. Narcissa married Warren M. Huffman and had three children. She died in 1902.
        1881    Margaret Maude MARK
        1845    Cecil Earl HALL

7 January    1767    Maria Magdelena RITTER was born in Pennsylvania, daughter of Johannes Ritter, Sr. & Maria Elisabeth Keck. She married John Stumpf.
        1869    John T. RITTER
        1914    Richard F. WOLFF in Connecticut

8 January    1903    Karl Jackson MILLER was born in Ohio and married Mellie Arlene Jolliff, daughter of Samuel Martin Jolliff & Margaret Maude Mark.
        1910    Lillian FORTENBERRY

9 January    1884    Annie Elizabeth OTT
1897    Helen Frances COYLE was born in New York City, the oldest child of Michael Coyle & Mary Jospehine Mullane. Helen was my maternal grandmother, Nana. She married Nathaniel Gardner. They had one child, Alberta Joy Gardner Brown.
        1906    Ira Evie BLADES

10 January    1894    Charles Spurgeon ELLZEY was born in Mississippi, son of William S. Ellzey & Amanda A. Fortenberry. Charles married Mae McMillan.

11 January    1752    Anna Margaret STEININGER married Martin Ritter, son of Heinrich Ritter & Maria Elizabeth Tutt. Anna & Martin had seven children.
        1768    John RITTER
        1850    William Ephraim BLADES
        1876    Julia Mae SMITH

12 January    1733    Maria Christiana WOLF was born in Germany, daughter of Johan Jacob Wolf & Anna Barbara Orth.
        1911    Frank William RITTER
        1926    Willie Jean FORTENBERRY
        1929    Thiry Yvonne BROWN

13 January    1880    Samuel Harvey WOLF
1924    Fred Allen BROWN was the son of Hubert Allen Brown & Freddie Smith.  He died 13 July 1932.

14 January    1807    Margretha RITTER
        1818    William Dorten SMITH
        1883    Albert Edward GOOD was the son of Joel H Good & Margaret C Brown. He married Elizabeth L Moore. They had six children. Albert lived his life in Ohio.
        1885    Tate Edward FORTENBERRY
        1885    George F. LOBAUGH
        1896    Velma Odene SMITH
        1923    Thomas Clarence WILSON Jr.

15 January    1819    Mary MARCKS
1820    Moses BROWN Jr. was born in Mississippi, son of Moses Brown and Nancy Perkins.
        1826    Elizabeth HOPE
        1876    Samuel Omelia BRUMFIELD
        1915     Edwin MINTER
        1937    James Neron SMITH

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Three Mrs. Browns on New Years Eve 1960 or 61.
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