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January Birthday: Allen Moses Brown

Allen Moses Brown

 26 Jan. 1836 MS – After 1870

Son of Edward Stewart Brown & Mary Polly Spurlock
Husband of Emmaline Smith
my 2x great grandfather

Allen Moses Brown was born 26 January 1836 in Liberty, Amite County, Mississippi. On 28 April 1858 he married Emmaline Smith, daughter of Wyatt Smith and Euseba Fortenberry.[i],[ii]
            In 1860 Allen and Emmaline lived with his widowed mother and younger brother, James, in Amite County, Mississippi. Allen was a planter whose personal estate was valued at $600.[iii]
            The lives of the Brown family were about to change with the political unrest and upcoming war. In 1861 after the secession of the Southern States and the formation of the Confederate government there was military activity all over the south. Companies of men were formed to fight. Many of Allen’s neighbors and friends enlisted. Allen’s brother, James Pascal Brown, was a member of the Liberty Guards. In August 1862 this 18 year old was killed at the Battle of Baton Rouge.[iv]
            Because of Mississippi’s strategic location on the Mississippi River it was the scene of several major battles of the war. The names of Vicksburg, Jackson, Raymond, Port Gibson, Corinth, Iuka and Meridian all became associated with tragic battles.[v]Every town and home, every adult and child was affected by the fighting and loss of resources.   

 In 1862 Captain Rhodes from Baton Rouge, LA, raised a company of Calvary in Osyka, Pike, MS. Rhodes’ Calvary including A. M. Brown. This group became part of the 14thConfederate Calvary Regiment. This unit was comprised of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama companies.The 14th Confederate Cavalry was organized on 14 September 1863 by the consolidation of Garland's Mississippi Cavalry Battalion, Rhodes' Mississippi Partisan Rangers Company, the Cavalry Battalion of Miles' Louisiana Legion, and Mullen's Louisiana Scouts and Sharpshooters Company.[vi]
Once the war was over lives were changed. Reconstruction began.

Being the center of slavery and cotton culture, heavily agricultural places such as Mississippi seceded first and returned to the Union last. Planters, who had produced cotton for the world market, emerged from the Civil War in a state of shock. They had enslaved their workforce for generations. After emancipation and Confederate defeat, many white Mississippians still thought they had been right to own slaves and secede from the Union. This position, within a state where the population was 55 percent black, foreshadowed a difficult Reconstruction. Black and white Mississippians grappled with a devastated economy and a new social structure.[vii]

            Allen Moses died between 1870 and 1880. Family stories say Allen was haying and got very hot. He went into the river to cool off and he drown.[ix]Stories say Allen is buried in an unmarked grave in the Wyatt Smith cemetery.[x]
            In 1880 Emmaline was still in Pike County with her three children who were all attending school.[xi]In 1900 Emmaline was living with her daughter, Mary and Mary’s family in Amite County. Mary had married William Schilling. In 1900 they had five children: Jessie, Maude, Gertrude, Moses and Serena.[xii]By 1910 Mary had died. At this time it is unknown where Emmaline lived between 1900 and 1920. She died 3 August 1920 at is buried in Silver Springs Baptist Church Cemetery where her stone calls her ‘Aunt Emmaline S. Brown’.

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Friday, January 24, 2020

Vintage Photograph: Martin & Dollie Brumfield

Martin Ellis Brumfield & Dollie King 

Martin Ellis Brumfield, 
Sept 1865 MS -  1930
Son of Jessie Alexander Brumfield & Martha Elizabeth Alford

Martin, my 2nd great uncle

Children of Martin & Dollie:
Sons: Jewel & Jesse; Daughters: Ayleen & Dora 
I do not know which daughter is in the photograph. Do you?

This photograph was given to me by Edith Rose Ball Hutchinson 
during a trip to Mississippi several years ago.

This photograph is about 100 years old. It is amazing that it is still in good shape &
 is still being shared by family.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

January Anniversary: Lambert Van Valkenberg & Annetjen Jacobs, 378 Years Ago

Lambert Jochemse Van Valkenberg
1616 Netherlands – c 1685 Albany, NY
Son of Lambert Dryskens Van Valkenberg


Annetjen Jacobs
1622 Netherlands – 17 September 1704 Albany, NY
Daughter of Arnold & Elizabeth Jacobs

My 9th Great Grandparents 

Married 19 January 1642, Netherlands
378 Years Ago
He was 26 and she was 20 when they married.

Netherlands, Select Marriages, 1565 - 1892 digital image, Ancestry ( accessed July 2019) Lambert Van Valkenborch.
U. S. and International Marriage Records, 1560 – 1900; digital image, Ancestry ( accessed July 2019) Van Valkenburg & Jacobs.

Parents of:

Hendrick Jacobs Falkenberg
Anna Lambertse Van Valkenberg Sickles
Rachel Lambertse Van Valkenberg Redcliff

Lambert & Annetjen were the first of their families to cross the Atlantic to come to New Netherlands. He worked for the Dutch West India Company, at first in New Amsterdam [New York City] and later in Fort Orange [Albany]. Lambert was a sergeant, a law enforcement officer who kept the peace in Fort Orange and surrounding Beveryck. He also did odd jobs for the Dutch Reformed Church. Despite these two jobs his family was often the recipients of charity from the church to keep them fed and clothed. 

As the generations passed this surname became Faulkenberry/Fortenberry. 

I have learned many details of the life of Lambert since I uncovered my connection to him. It has been wonderful to research someone who actually lived in my area. Usually my research is done long distance.

"Our Brown Roots' [in progress] will detail this family & provide sources for the information.

Other January Anniversaries:

January 9, 1797.   Jacob Ott III & Margaret Jackson   223 years ago
10 January 1920 MS   Hubert A. & Freddie Smith Brown   100 years
January 11, 1941  OH     Alvin Braun & Wava Mark   79 years ago
 January 27, 1907 NY    Frank Samuel Weissberg & Florence Gardner 113 years ago
January 31, 1827      Isaac Brumfield & Elizabeth Holmes   193 years ago

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Tuesday: Brady in Whiting Memorial Park, NJ

John Leo Brady
31 January 1916 NJ - 8 November 1977
Son of Bartholomew A. Brady
My 1st cousin, 3x removed


Anna Josephine Damuch
21 September 1921 - 21 February 1997

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Thursday, January 9, 2020

January Anniversary: 100 Years Ago, Hubert & Freddie Brown

Hubert Allen Brown
1 October 1894 MS – 25 November 1971 MS

Freddie Beatrice Smith
19 November 1899 – 21 April 1988 MS
Daughter of Elvin Dennie Smith & Nancy C. Smith

My Great Aunt & Uncle
Hubert & my grandfather, Roy Jesse Brown, were brothers.

10 January 1920 Pike, MS; 100 years ago

 Index to Marriage Record, White,Vol I; 1882-1942; Pike County Court House, Mississippi; ; Family History Center Microfilm #0907286; Page 34.  Freddie Smith married 10 January 1920 to Hubert A. Brown.  Book V. Page 129.

Marriage Record; 1920; State of Mississippi, Pike CountyVolume V ; Page 129;  NOTES: Hubert A. Brown and Freddie Smith, Married 10 Jan 1920.

Parents of:

Fred Allen Brown
Thiry Yvonne Brown Fegan
Lynn Holly Brown
Hugh Frances Brown
Peggy L. Brown Alford

Other January Anniversaries:

January 9, 1797.   Jacob Ott III & Margaret Jackson   223 years ago
January 11, 1941  OH     Alvin Braun & Wava Mark   79 years ago
19 January, 1642 Netherlands   Lambert & Annetjen Jacobs VanValkenberg 378 years
 January 27, 1907 NY    Frank Samuel Weissberg & Florence Gardner 113 years ago
January 31, 1827      Isaac Brumfield & Elizabeth Holmes   193 years ago

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Forget Me Not: Ira Brumfield, 1891 MS

This family suffered tragedy twice in the same year. 
Ira's father had died in January.

Ira Brumfield

8 October 1872 – 24 August 1891

Son of Jesse Marion Brumfield & Mary E. Kelly

Age: 18 years

My 2nd cousin 3x removed

We have mentioned few deaths in the Herald with sorrow so deep as we feel in the announcement of the death of Ira Brumfield, which occurred on last Monday morning at the residence of his mother, in Liberty, at the age of 19 years. He passed away just as he had entered the threshold at a time of manhood, and at a time of life when hope is highest and future aspirations most indulged, but in all to be disappointed; earthly hope and aspiration all wrecked and gone, hence the deep sadness and sorrow felt for this young man, now numbered with the dead. His stay in this community was very short, yet long enough to make many friends, who will grieve for him and long cherish a fond remembrance of past pleasures shared with him while here. Our sympathy goes out to is weeping mother and family to its fullest extent. They have indeed felt sorrow within the last few months that does not fall to the lot of many in so short a period of time. We can only say, may a kind Providence enable to bear up under these great bereavements. 

The Southern Herald (Liberty, Mississippi) · 28 Aug 1891, Fri · Page 3;  Downloaded June 2019 

Photo from Find A Grave Memorial #68887290