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Jasper Pascal Brown; Mechanic

Jasper Pascal Brown
15 May 1865 MS – 8 June 1950 MS
My Great Grandfather

Jasper P Brown

Jasper was the son of Allen MosesBrown & Emmaline Smith, born in Pike Co., MS. Allen was a planter.[1] As far as I know Jasper was their only son. His sisters were Mary & Alvira.

In 1870 the Allen Brown family was in Osyka, Pike, MS. Allen, 28, was a farmer. Emmaline kept house. Three children were at home.[2]

By 1880 Allen had died. Emmaline and the children were still in Pike, MS. The daughters were at school. Jasper, 15, was ‘at home’.[3] He and his mother were most likely running the farm.

On 21 December 1887 Jasper married Rose Ella Brumfield, who was the daughter of Jessie Alexander Brumfield & Martha Elizabeth Alford.[4] Jasper was 21 and Rose was 18.[5] .  Jasper and Rose were second cousins.  Rose’s grandmother, Martha P. Smith Alford, and Jasper’s grandfather, Wyatt Smith were siblings.  Martha and Wyatt were the children of Jeremiah and Joanna Smith.

In 1900 Jasper and Rose were still in Pike, MS. Rose was the mother of 6 children, all living: Lucy, Ina, Junius, Herbert, Mavis & Baby.[6] Lucy, Ina, Junius & Herbert were in school. [7]

1910 shows Jasper a farmer on his own farm and Rose as the mother of 9 children.[8] In 1912 6 of the children were in local schools: Thelma 5, Mildred 8; Roy 11; Lyda 13; Mavis 15 and Hubert 17.[9]

In 1920 Jasper was still farming in Pike, MS. Sons, Hubert & Roy were helping on the farm.[10] Roy, Mildred & Thelma were attending school.[11]

Sometime between 1920 & 1930 Jasper & Rose moved to William Road in Washington Parish, LA. In 1930 Jasper was 64 & Rose was 63. Two grandchildren were with them: Bernarr [son of Thelma Lady Brown] & Joseph [possibly the son of Junius]. Their son, Junius, lived next door.[12]

According to family members, Jasper ran a saw mill. He was a mill wright in a paper mill in Bogalusa, LA.[13]

Grandson, Leo D. Brown, remembers that Jasper was a farmer and a blacksmith.  He said, “He was the only blacksmith within 50 miles maybe who could make a wagon wheel. He made the spokes and everything and then put the steel band around it. And it would come out perfect. Other people couldn’t do that.”

Grandson, Delbert K. Brown remembered being a boy and his grandfather, Jasper Brown, visiting their family in Ohio. There was a light snow while Jasper was visiting.  This was something, of course, that is not commonplace in Mississippi or Louisiana. Delbert saw his grandfather with broom in hand, sweeping the snow. 

In 1940 they were back in Pike, MS. Jasper was still farming. Bernarr was still with his grandparents.[14]

Rose Ella Brumfield Brown died 2 October 1948 in MS[15]. Jasper died of bronchial pneumonia 8 June 1950 in MS.[16]  They are buried in Silver Creek Cemetery.

Jasper died before I was born so I never met him but I believe I have seen his skills passed on. Jasper's skills with machinery were passed to: his son, Roy who worked on mill machinery; to Roy's son Delbert who could repair any car's engine; and to my youngest brother who is a whiz with machines.

Jasper & Family:
1 Jasper Pascal Brown b: 15 May 1865 Pike, MS, d: 8 Jun 1950 McComb, Pike, MS
... + Rose Ella Brumfield b: 18 Jul 1867 MS, m: 21 Dec 1887 Pike, MS, d: 2 Oct 1948 Magnolia, Pike, MS
......2 Lucy Viola Brown b: 16 Oct 1888 MS, d: 23 Mar 1942
...... + Tate Edward Fortenberry b: 14 Jan 1885 MS, m: 17 Dec 1908 Pike, MS, d: Aft. 1940
......2 Ina Lucille Brown b: 29 Dec 1890 MS, d: 25 Jul 1972
...... + Dewitt William Alford b: 29 Oct 1874 LA, m: 8 Dec 1910 LA, d: 24 May 1942 LA
......2 Junius Earl Brown b: 12 May 1892 MS, d: Jan 1956
...... + Armetha Brown
......2 Hubert Allen Brown b: 1 Oct 1894 MS, d: 25 Nov 1971 Jackson, Hinds, MS
...... + Freddie Smith b: 19 Nov 1899, m: 10 Jan 1920 Pike, MS, d: 21 Apr 1988 MS
......2 Mavis Marie Brown b: 18 Aug 1897 MS, d: 28 Jun 1928 MS
...... + Denny Herbert Smith b: 3 Mar 1892 Tylertown, Walthall, MS, d: 18 Mar 1966 MS
......2 Lyda Mearl Brown b: 24 Dec 1900 Pike, MS, d: 06 Dec 1979 Walthall, MS
...... + Arlie Pierce b: 27 Jan 1898 Walthall, MS, d: 7 Mar 1993 Hammond, LA
......2 Roy Jesse Brown b: 8 Mar 1902 Osyka, Pike, MS, d: 12 May 1956 Magnolia, Pike, MS
...... + Mary Thelma Ellzey b: 22 Feb 1906 Pike, MS, d: Jan 1974 Magnolia, Pike, MS
...... + Ivy Regina Mark b: 8 Jun 1908 Medina, OH, m: 2 Aug 1927 Seville, Medina,OH, d: 18 Sep 2003 Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co, NY
......2 Mildred Olga Brown b: 23 Jun 1904 MS, d: Unknown
...... + James Alton Ball b: 22 Mar 1902 Angie, Washington, LA, m: 24 Dec 1921 Vernado, LA
......2 Thelma Lady Brown b: 27 Feb 1908 MS, d: 15 Nov 1979
...... + Reynolds

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  1. What a great picture. I think it's interesting to see Jasper's skills with his hands being echoed in later generations.

  2. Super story. A unique ability passed from generation to generation.

  3. Wendy & Charlie, I have a young grand nephew who. I think, will be the next to show this talent with machinery & engines.


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