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52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History from GeneaBloggers

This week’s  challenge from GeneaBloggers:  Pets. Did you have any pets as a child? If so, what types and what were their names. Do you have pets now? Describe them as well.

Pennsylvania Vacation with Snoopy & Queenie
My brothers and I grew up in a small country town where we had many pets over the years including cats, dogs, Mr. Wizard the Lizard, fish, birds,  a hamster and horses. They were all very much a part of our family and brought fun and laughter to all of us. We had a kitten that ran up the Christmas tree to play with the ornaments and when my brother went after the kitten the tree fell over.  There were times the horses escaped from their field and we had to grab buckets of feed to lure them back again.

1969 Florida vacation
When we took family vacations our pets often went along too. We had a big blue van that pulled a camper. We would pack it up for trips to Virginia or Florida or other fun spots. My brothers and I would pack our clothes, books, maps and animals. The hamster and the dogs rode along with us. The first night out we learned to take the hamster’s wheel out of its cage at night or that squeaky wheel would keep us all awake.

Our dogs loved to ride along in the old van with us. They liked running along the beaches in Florida, the battlefields in Pennsylvania and the rolling hills in Virginia. They were always good in the car as we rode along although Snoopy would sometimes bark when we left them to take a tour. Occasional stops at a car wash were important to vacuum out the dog fur. Having Snoopy & Queenie with us made the trips extra fun.

We have pets today but we leave them at home when we vacation. I don't think our cats would enjoy strange new places.

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Tribute to Wava Alice (Mark) Braun

I have recently learned that my paternal Great Aunt Wava Braun has died. She was a wonderful, strong Ohio farm lady.  My children loved to visit the farm so they could feed the chickens and play with the barn cats. During my trips to Ohio and in our letters to each other she shared family stories, photographs and updates with her growing family.

Wava Alice Mark Braun
22 Jan 1919 OH - 15 Apr 2011 OH
Daughter of Thomas K. Mark & N. Regina Gruissy

Wava A. Mark
Wava was the youngest child of Thomas and Regina Mark, born 22 January 1919 in Medina County, Ohio. Her oldest sister, Isabell, was 16 when Wava was born.  When Wava was a little girl she had chores. She said she stood on a stool so she would be tall enough to wash dishes.  She remembered taking bathes in a big tub on the kitchen floor. Wava also remembered a neighbor lady who let them ride her old horse. Wava said, “Clarence and I’d go on down the road and we’d stand on the gate to get on the horse.” She said her family had a cow and chickens. She and her siblings helped take care of the animals.

On 11 January 1941 Wava married Alvin H. Braun. Wava and Alvin lived on their farm on Lee Road in Seville, Ohio for over 50 years.  Wava never drove a car but she could drive a tractor on their farm. Over the years Wava & Alvin were able to do less on the large farm but still kept quite busy.  In April 1994 Wava wrote, “I helped with the church Rummage Sale. That takes at least three days getting ready. Then Alvin was trying to get the chicken yard moved, so between him and I we managed that. Our neighbor plowed the garden so I want to plant potatoes. It has been too cold nights to plant much yet.”  In August 1994 Viola wrote, “I had so many beans I gave them away, canned 46 Pints and 26 pints red beets, froze Swiss Chard, Broccoli, Cauliflower. Canned elderberries yesterday. Hoping to get a lot of tomatoes but nights are down in the 50s.”

Uncle Alvin died 4 June 2000. Wava stayed in her home with the help of friends, neighbors and family who took her shopping, to church and kept an eye on her. In 2009 Wava moved out of her farmhouse to live in a house on the farm of her daughter, Ann. Ann and her family could help take care of her there. In the fall she moved to the Apostolic Christian Home in Rittman. I saw her in April 2010. She was doing well and enjoying visits from her family. Aunt Wava will be missed by many people.

Her obituary in the Daily Record:
Wava A. Braun, 92, passed away April 15, 2011 at the Apostolic Christian Home. She was born near River Styx to Thomas and Regina Mark. Wava married Alvin Braun in 1941 and they lived their life on a farm in Guilford Township. Wava was a very active member of the Seville United Methodist Church. She volunteered in many church activities but especially enjoyed the children. She served as Sunday school superintendent, teacher, secretary and was active in the United Methodist Women’s group and the Unity class. Wava also enjoyed embroidery. She was active in the Farm Bureau and Grange. She is survived by daughters Ann (John) Long of Wadsworth and A. Jane Perry of Rittman; seven grandchildren; 20 great-grandchildren; and two great-great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband on June 4, 2000.
The Braun Farm House

..... 1 Thomas Kenneth Mark
..... + Nancy Regina Victoria Gruissy
........... 2 Isabell Esther Mark
........... + Roy Edward Nee
........... + William Ream
........... 2 Vera Victoria Mark
........... + Robert E. Ballard
........... 2 Ivy Regina Mark
........... + Roy Jesse Brown
........... 2 Viola Cathern Mark
........... + Raymond Alexander Nothstein
........... 2 Owen Andrew Mark
........... + Blanche Adele Bowers
........... 2 Clarence William Mark
........... + Lavon Eleanor Moyer
........... 2 Wava Alice Mark
........... + Alvin Henry Braun

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May I Introduce You?

Geneabloggers is a great site for people involved in both genealogy and blogs. It is a great place to learn & share. Gini Webb runs a posting there called "May I Introduce You?" where she tells about people who write genealogy blogs. Last week I was pleasantly surprised when she contacted me, wanting to do a post centered on me. She sent me a list of questions which I was happy to answer. Thanks, Gini!

How Colleen Got Started in Genealogy

Colleen didn’t realize genealogy existed until about 1990, when she had come across and purchased a book titled: Do People Grow on Family Trees? Genealogy for Kids and Other Beginners, by Ira Wolfman with a forward by Alex Haley. Within its pages Colleen had made a marvelous discovery. She could discover more about her family than just the stories. Colleen had always thought family history was an oral history; stories told by family members and then passed on to the next generation.  She grabbed a notebook and trotted off to her local Family History Center where she learned about microfilm and microfiche.
Colleen traveled to the National Archives in Pittsfield, MA to find census records and city directories. Each time she would come across an ancestor’s name, she was “thrilled.” Soon, family vacations included trips to cemeteries to search for ancestors. Colleen’s notebook grew into several binders, a filing cabinet and a small library of genealogy books.
Colleen’s mother Alberta Joy (Gardner) Brown and her mother, Colleen’s grandmother, Helen (Coyle) Gardner, would share the stories of their lives as little girls, growing up in New York City with Colleen.  As a little girl herself, Colleen wanted to go back in time and have fun with those little girls.  “When I learned that I could do genealogy for my family, I began with the Gardners and the Coyles in New York City.

to read the rest of the interview & please leave a comment here or there.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fall 1900 Sears Catalogue

Our family’s history should not be just a long list of dates and places. I like to discover sources that will give me a full picture of the place and times when my ancestors lived. History books are helpful with this. Sometimes colorful information comes from unexpected places.

This reprint of the
Fall 1900 Sears, Roebuck and Co. Consumers Guide 

is very interesting.  In 1900 my four great grandfathers were: Jasper Pascal Brown, 35 years old; Thomas K. Mark, 21 years old; Michael Coyle. 30 years old; and Leopold Gartner, 40 years old. All were living in the United States and any or all of them may have browsed or purchased items from the Sears ‘Consumers Guide’.

Here are just a few items from the Fall 1900 selections:

Cook Stoves
Prices of food items: can of apricots $.18; can of corn $.08; 3 lb package of oyster crackers $.20; 3 lb can of tomatoes $.09; 1 lb can of Baking Powder $.10; 1 lb roasted coffee $.13; 1 lb dried raisins $.07

Nickel plated pocket watch $.98; gold filled ladies pocket watch with diamond in cover $9.50; sterling silver hair brush $3.50; upright parlor piano in walnut or mahogany $98.50; the Oakwood guitar $3.50

Men's Clothes
Double barrel hammerless shotgun $17.75; Smith & Wesson revolver $13.00; hammer $.45; Single collar buggy Harness $4.95; Wool horse blanket $7.35; 18 inch saw $.99; steel bath tub $8.95; antique oak fancy rocking chair $3.25; High grade treadle sewing machine with five drawer cabinet $12.75

Ladies' Clothes
Ladies’ Felt Button Shoes $1.50; Men’s winter Flannel shirts $.50; Men’s extra heavy gloves $.45; Ladies’ Sun Bonnet $.25; Summer corset $.40; Ladies’ flannel night gown $.99; Ladies short plush cape $9.35

Royal blue marble, 22” Tombstone $13.75; 16” high fireproof safe $6.25; Steel Kitchen Range for coal or wood $21.20; New model Acme Prince Bicycle $14.75
Supply House

Let's go shopping!

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April Family Birthdays, April 16 - 30

Is your birthday coming soon? Maybe you share your special day with someone in our family. Look below and see. Happy Birthday!

16 April                 

1868       Walker FORTENBERRY
1881       Margaret COYLE
1887       James Joseph COYLE was born in Connecticut, son of Patrick COYLE & Margaret BRADY. He married Madeline HERBST. They had 7 children. He was a carpenter  and a teacher.
 1913       Robert Earl FORTENBERRY

17 April                 

1785       Margaret RITTER
1828       Louisa Blackwell FORTENBERRY
1874       Benjamin E. BLADES
1876       Margaret MULLANE was born in Ireland, one of 12 children of Daniel MULLANE & Brigid ENGLISH. Margaret died before 1880. 

18 April                 

1855       Elizabeth FORTENBERRY
1880       Margaret MULLANE was born in Ireland, named for her sister who died as a toddler. This daughter of Daniel MULLANE & Brigid ENGLISH died in 1892, at the age of 12.

19 April                 

1798       Jacob WOLF
1851       Laura BRUMFIELD was born in Louisiana, daughter of Nathaniel BRUMFIELD & Charlotte Temple OTT. She married Needham ALFORD.
 1880       Ollie Izellie SCHILLING

20 April                 

1824       William WOLF was born in Pennsylvania, son of John Frederick WOLF & Esther Barbara Wolf. He married Sarah Jane WILSON. Their children: Frederick, Tholomiah & Anna. William died in 1888 in Kansas.
1850       Emory F. WOLF

21 April                 

1849       Nelson Monroe FORTENBERR
1864       Anthony Casper RITTER was born in Ohio, son of Isaac RITTER & Isabell FISHER. He married Emma Alice MOWRER in 1883. Their children: Clement, Elmer, Harvey, Frederick, Mary Isabell.

22 April                 

1845       Rebecca Jane Tillis FORTENBERRY
1907       Alton Earl FORTENBERRY
1908       Gussie ALFORD was the daughter of Jeptha Martin ALFORD & Laura Jane WARNER. She married Duviox B FORTENBERRY. Their children: Lemuel, Laurie, Glenda, Rebecca.

23 April                 

1794       Jonas WOLF
1883       Mary B WOLF was born in Ohio, daughter of Johan W. S. WOlF & Elizabeth Jane ANDERSON. She married Arthur DUNHAM in 1906.

24 April                 

1808       Elizabeth Coney ELLZEY
1830       Joel RITTER

25 April                 

1896       Lillian Myrtle HOVERSTOCK married Amos Martin MARK, son of William MARK & Elidia Rebecca RITTER. Their son was Ernest Miles MARK.
1913       Alton Woodrow WILSON
1925       Elenora CUTRER
 1931       Eddie Jasper PIERCE

26 April                 

1721       Barbara RITTER
1907       Jessie Mary LOWE
1917       Edna Margaret WILSON
1920       Thelma Lee MULLINS was born in Mississippi, daughter of Arthur Cleveland MULLINS & Janie Elizabeth PITTMAN. Thelma married Lank W. MORRIS.
1936       Billy Joe FORTENBERRY

27 April                 

1872       Timothy MULLANE
1882       Emma Jane MARK
1916       Robert James COYLE was born in Connecticut, son of James Joseph COYLE & Madeline HERBST. He married Ruth POTTLE. He has generously shared genealogical information on many occasions.

28 April                 

1798       David RITTER was born in Pennsylvania, son of Johannes RITTER, Jr. & Anna Mariah.
1836       Saran Ann MOYER

29 April                 

1819       Mary Isabella HEFFELFINGER was born in Pennsylvania. She was my 3rd great-grandmother. She married Abraham MARK. They had eight sons. Two of those sons died in the Civil War.
1913       Catherine Ruth GOOD
1934       Joanne Grace MAURER

30 April                 

1821       Jeremiah SMITH was born in Mississippi, son of Jeremiah SMITH & Joanna Dillon. He married Pernecia. Their children: Jarratt, William & Ancil. Jeremiah was my 3rd great grand uncle.
1852       Morgana Josephine MCDANIEL
1868       Philip RITTER
1884       William Hercules MARK
1910       Cleal Morrison SWAGLER

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

150th Anniversary of the Civil War

On 12 April 1861 Confederate artillery opened fire on Fort Sumter, a Federal fort in Charleston Harbor, SC. Fort Sumter surrendered 34 hours later. The Civil War began. This year marks the 150th Anniversary of the start of the War.

I took this photograph at Manassas Battlefield, VA

Our family has both Union & Confederate soldiers in its history. My paternal grandmother, Ivy (Mark) Brown was a descendant of Union Soldiers from Ohio & Pennsylvania. My paternal grandfather, Roy Jesse Brown, was a descendant of Confederate Soldiers from Mississippi & Louisiana. At the time of the war these branches were not yet related. It wasn’t until 1927, when my grandparents married, that the two sides came together.

Our family’s Union Soldiers include the four Mark brothers: John, Thomas Jefferson, William & Marion. Only William & Marion survived to return home to Ohio. It also includes brothers John W. S. & Joseph Wolf. Joseph was held as a Prisoner of War for 18 months. Another Union soldier was David Ritter, b. 1842 in Ohio, who served in the 16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He enlisted 11 July 1862 for three years. He was discharges on 8 August 1863 “on Surgeon’s certificate of disability”. He died soon after.

For more on the Mark and Wolf family Union Soldiers read my blog 10/26/10 John W. S. Wolf, Stone Mason & Civil War Soldier and 3/12/11 Ohio Civil War Genealogy Journal.

Our family’s Confederate Soldiers include: three Brumfield brothers. They are the sons of Nathaniel & Charlotte Temple (Ott) Brumfield: Jessie Alexander Brumfield (my 2nd great grandfather), John D. Brumfield & Martin Penn Brumfield and James P. Brown, son of Edward S. & Mary Polly (Spurlock) Brown (my 2nd great grand uncle).

James P. Brown was b. 1844 in Liberty, Mississippi. He enlisted just a few days after the beginning of the war, on 29 April 1861 in Liberty. He joined the 22nd Infantry Volunteers, Company E. This company was engaged in much fighting, including the Battle of Shiloh, the bloodiest battle in the United States history up to that time. 

The Battle of Shiloh took place in southwestern Tennessee where the Union army was encamped on the west bank of the Tennessee River. Confederate forces launched a surprise attack. On the first day of the battle the Confederate forces met with some success. They had hoped to drive the Union troops away from the river and into the swamps. The Confederate battle lines became confused during the fierce fighting, and Grant's men instead fell back to the northeast, in the direction of Pittsburg Landing. Reinforcements from Gen. Buell and from Grant's own army arrived in the evening and turned the tide the next morning, when the Union commanders launched a counterattack along the entire line. The casualties of the regiment at Shiloh were heavy. 

The 22nd Infantry marched to the attack on the Federal force at Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In an attempt to regain control of the state, Confederates wished to recapture the capital at Baton Rouge. Although they were greatly reduced in numbers the regiment was commanded in the battle there on 5 August 1862.  Union gunboats in the river began shelling the Confederates. The Confederate gunboat’s engines failed and it could not join the battle. The Confederates failed to remove the Union forces from their capital but ere was no clear victor to the battle. The casualties of the regiment were: 13 killed and 34 wounded. James P. Brown was one of those soldiers killed in battle.

Martin Penn Brumfield b. 15 March 1837 in Louisiana, the oldest son of Nathaniel & Charlotte Temple (Ott) Brumfield, enlisted 7 July 1861. He was a Private in the 9th Louisiana Infantry, Company I. He later became a 2nd Lieutenant. On 21 July 1861 the 9th Infantry arrived in Manassas, Virginia just after the fighting there. They went to Camp Florida, near Centerville, Virginia. In camp the former farm boys were exposed to many diseases for the first time. By August over 100 men had died or been discharged medically. In January 1862 the 9th Infantry was in Camp Carondelet in Manassas. In April 1862 Martin P. Brumfield was in the General Receiving Hospital in Gordonsville, Virginia. He died there of disease.

Soon after Martin’s death his two brothers enlisted. Jessie Alexander Brumfield, b. 27 September 1838, and John D. Brumfield, b. 29 July 1842, enlisted in the 3rd LA Calvary on 14 May 1862. Both were living in Franklinton, Louisiana at the time they enlisted. Their regiment was called Colonel James H. Wingfield’s Regiment. The brothers were paid a bounty of $50 for enlisting for the duration of the war. Each brother was paid 40 cents a day for the care of their horse. 

A third Brumfield, also living in Franklinton, enlisted the same day, 14 May 1862. W. L. Brumfield. This is William Brumfield, son of Willis & Nancy Brumfield. He was first cousins with Martin, Jessie & John Brumfield. He also joined the 3rd Louisiana Calvary. William was sick when he first enlisted and absent from the rolls for a time. In July 1863 he was captured and became a Prisoner of War. He was paroled at Port Hudson, LA, also in July 1863. 

These three Brumfield soldiers were involved in a long list of battles in the Mississippi & Louisiana area. More information needs to be gathered on William Brumfield. Jessie & John survived the war and went on to live into the next century. 

There are probably more Civil War soldiers still hiding behind the leaves in our family’s branches, waiting to be discovered.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Following a Trail for the Keck family

15 April 1747 PA - 2 June 1813 PA
Daughter of Henry & Hannah Keck

On March 29 I posted a blog about a possible link to Maria Elizabeth Keck and two or three generations of the Keck family that came before her. I had found a family tree on with tantalizing information but no sources for this information except for a website, once on geocities, which no longer exists. I contacted the person who had posted the Keck family tree and waited.

When she responded she told me she had no source information but kindly pointed me in the direction of a person who might be able to help me. This gentleman responded by sending me a five page Group Record for the Johannes Ritter family. Maria Elizabeth Keck had married Johannes Ritter 29 April 1768. They had eleven children. Much of the information on those children corresponded with data I had accumulated over the years. It is always nice to see that someone else came to the same conclusions. 

There was, however, no information on the Maria Elizabeth’s parents or grandparents. Most of the Group Record listed sources for the family data. I started to read through those sources carefully. Several were sources I had used myself. Most of the sources related to the Ritters and made no mention of the Keck family.  Then I read this source: “Keck article; The Palatine Immigrant; Vol. XXI No. 3; Jun 1996; p. 143.” I did an internet search for this journal and found where I could order past issues.

The Keck family article can be found on the page listed. Most of this article titled, “? Conrad Keck = Frederick Keck?” centers on the youngest brother of Maria Elizabeth Keck. However is does yield some useful information on Maria Elizabeth.  First, the birth date & location given for her and the name of her father all match the information I had. It also mentions her husband, Johannes Ritter and one of their children. Therefore, I am confident that this woman is my fifth great grandmother connected to me through my paternal grandmother.

Hilary J. Rauch, author of the Keck article, writes that Maria Elizabeth’s father was Henrich Keck who came to America in 1732 from the German Palatinate aboard the pink (ship) John and William. The ship arrived in the Port of Philadelphia on 17 October 1732.  This information is new to me. I am already planning a library trip to search for this information in Daniel Rupp’s book, A Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other Immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727 – 1776. I have, in the past, found our Ritter & Dick ancestors in this informative volume. Hilary writes:
“By 1739 Henrich Keck is found in Bucks (now Lehigh) Co., PA and in 1750 in what later became Northampton Co., PA. In 1754 he acquired 100 acres of land in what later became Salisbury Twp., Northampton (now Lehigh) Co., PA. This is the land on which Henrich Keck spent the remainder of his life…”
The article also lists seven children of Henrich Keck. I had only had Maria Elizabeth’s name. I took that information and went to John T. Humphrey’s book, Pennsylvania Births in Lehigh County 1734 – 1800. I found a long list of Keck births that I can now relate to our family.

Hilary Rauch's article also tells us that Frederick Keck and two of his brothers served in the Revolutionary War. I plan to check the Daughters of the American Revolution website for the Keck brothers.  This may lead to both more military and genealogical information.

I have filled out our Keck family tree with new branches. It is not exactly a large tree, but it is better than the sapling I once had. I would still like to learn more here. I plan to write to Hilary J. Rauch in hopes he still lives at her 1996 location and that she will respond. Perhaps she will lead me to more information.

..... 1 Henry KECK 
..... + Hannah PETERSON 
........... 2 Johannes KECK b: Abt. 1742
........... + Anna MARGARETHA
................. 3 Maria E. KECK b: 23 February 1770
................. 3 Johannes KECK b: 06 February 1772
................. 3 Johan F. KECK b: 26 April 1774
................. 3 George KECK b: 18 August 1776
................. 3 Andreas KECK b: 28 December 1778
................. 3 Anna M. KECK b: 22 August 1781
................. 3 Henrich KECK b: 07 April 1783
................. 3 Benjamin KECK b: 31 July 1789
........... 2 Georg KECK b: Abt. 1744
........... + L. CATHERINE
................. 3 Henrich KECK b: 05 April 1770
................. 3 Johan B. KECK b: 27 October 1773
................. 3 Joseph KECK b: 15 October 1775
................. 3 Johan J. KECK b: 04 June 1777
................. 3 Anna C. KECK b: 27 May 1779
................. 3 Johan A. KECK b: 31 May 1781
................. 3 Johan G. KECK b: 15 April 1783
........... 2 Henrich KECK b: Abt. 1746
........... 2 Maria Elisabeth KECK b: 15 April 1747, d: 02 June 1813 PA
........... + Johannes RITTER Sr. b: 17 Feb 1743, m: 29 April 1768, d: 18 April 1816 PA
................. 3 Infant RITTER b: 1769, d: 28 July 1790 PA
................. 3 Johannes RITTER Jr. b: 08 August 1771, d: 15 May 1864 Ohio
................. + Anna M RITTER b12 Dec 1777, m 26 Feb 1795 PA d 30 April 1842 Ohio
................. 3 Catherine Eva RITTER b: 03 Sept 1773, d: Abt. 1835
................. + Henry ROMIG
................. 3 Anna Margaretha RITTER b: 01 March 1776, d: Unknown
................. + Jacob NONNEMAKER
................. 3 Johann Heinrich RITTER b: 04 December 1777, d: 06 April 1857
................. + Magdalena BROUSE
................. 3 Johann Philip RITTER b: 27 July 1780, d: Unknown
................. 3 Christian RITTER b: Abt. 1781, d: Unknown
................. 3 RITTER b: Abt. 1783, d: Unknown
................. 3 Jacob RITTER b: 08 December 1785, d: 08 September 1847
................. + Maria Magdalena STUMPF
................. + Christianna REPMAN
................. 3 Maria Barbara RITTER b: 20 September 1788, d: 22 October 1828
................. + Andrew ULSH
................. 3 Mary Magdelena RITTER b: 25 October 1790, d: 1870
................. + John STUMPF
........... 2 Wilhelm KECK b: 26 June 1751
........... 2 Andreas KECK b: 10 January 1753
........... + BARBARA
................. 3 Solomon KECK b: 02 November 1782
................. 3 Andreas KECK b: 10 October 1785
................. 3 Maria M. KECK b: 10 September 1787
................. 3 Jacob KECK b: 31 October 1791
................. 3 Henrich KECK b: 21 October 1797
........... 2 Frederick KECK b: Abt. 1755

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52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History from GeneaBloggers

GeneaBloggers is a group interested in sharing genealogy with others through their blogs. They also give suggestions on what to write about in blogs. There are daily and weekly suggestions. This week's prompt is childhood memories of spring.

Spring Memories

My mother’s mother, Helen (Coyle) Gardner, our Nana, lived in tiny white house on a country road in Germantown, NY.  She had been born and raised in New York City but adapted quickly to life in the country. She learned the names of all the birds and flowers around her house. She even raised chickens. My mother was her only child and we visited often. In the spring my brothers loved to play in the woods and fields around the house, climbing trees and playing imaginary games. I loved the Lily of the Valley that grew beside Nana’s little front stoop. Nana would let me pick a handful to put in a glass jar on her kitchen table. Then she’d give me paper and a pencil she had sharpened with a knife and I’d have a great time drawing the flowers. Lily of the Valley are still my favorite flowers and I grow them beside my own front door.  Their smell always brings memories of my Nana.

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April Family Birthdays, April 1 - 15

Is your birthday coming soon? Maybe you share your special day with someone in our family who came before. Look below and see. Happy Birthday!

1 April      

1709    Johan Adam DICK was born in Germany. He came to America on the Ship Rob & Alice, arriving in Philadelphia on 11 September 1738 with his wife, Anna Ottilla KNACK,  and their daughter, including Appollonia, who had been born on the voyage. The family settled in York County, Pennsylvania. They belonged to the German Baptist Church in Abbottstown. Johan Adam Dick is my 6th great grandfather.
1836    Nancy FORTENBERRY
1878    George Washington MARK
1883    Walter Lee BLADES

2 April      

1808    James G. BROWN was one four children of Moses BROWN & Sarah ROBERTSON. He had four children: John, William, Mary & Joseph. He died in 1849.
1881    Harriet Emma WOLF
1889    Jas. Luther THORNHILL

3 April        

1899    Lillian Pearl ELLZEY
1917    Ethel May ESCHLIMAN married Samuel Martin Mark JOLLIFF, son of Samuel Martin JOLLIFF & Margaret Maude MARK. Ethel had 3 children: Robert, Marilyn & Thomas.
1928    Delbert Karl LEBER in Ohio

4 April     

1870    Rephenia Cathern GRUISSY was born in Ohio, daughter of Augustus Ceaser GRUISSY & Esther Barbara WOLF. She married Willis NICHOLS. They had one son, Richard Ray NICHOLS. They lived in Michigan but often returned to Ohio to visit family there. Letters between Rephenia & her sister, N. Regina GRUISSY MARK remain in the family.
1900    Bernard I. BRADY in New Jersey
1908    Carl WOLF
1927    Donald BOGAN

5 April        

1828    Isabell FISHER was born in Ohio, daughter of John and Catherine FISHER. She married Isaac RITTER in 1878. They had 12 children: William, George Washington, Thomas K., Margaret Maude, Emma Jane, William Hercules, Mary Jeanette, Amos, Eslie Guy, Charles Forest & James Everett.  She was my 2nd great grandmother.
1850    Burrell Franklin FORTENBERRY
 1893    Guy Napoleon WOLF

6 April      

1816    Lidda SMITH
1878    Bridget MULLANE
1879    Lottie Irene BRUMFIELD was born in Mississippi, daughter of Isaac Nelson BRUMFIELD & Sarah J SMITH. She married Jesse Monroe CONERLY. She’s my 2nd cousin three times removed.

7 April        

1804    Joseph FRANTZ was the son of Henrick FRANTZ & Margaretha RITTER. He married Salome ROTH.
1819    Christian WOLF
1869    Eliza Cordella WOLF

8 April        

1843    Amanda M. RUMFELD married Solomon B RITTER, son of Martin RITTER & Anna Margaret BOGERT. She died in 1911 in Pennsylvania.
1862    Mary Hollander BLADES

9 April        

1751    John Henry RITTER
1824    Sarah BRUMFIELD
1831    Christina Minerva FORTENBERRY
1878    Roy Edward NEE
1896    Ruth Naomi HAWK was born in Ohio, the daughter of William HAWK & Elizabeth RITTER. She married Milton Guy CURRIER.
1925    Robert E. FEGAN

10 April   

1779    Henry RITTER
1853    Franklin P. MARK was born in Ohio, son of Abraham MARK & Mary Isabella HEFFELFINGER. He married Laura M MILLER. Their children: Minnie, Emma, Lloyd & Glenn. Franklin was a carpenter.

11 April   

1809    John Franklin WOLF was born in Pennsylvania, son of John Frederick WOLF & Esther Barbara SHAFFER. He married Elisabeth BURKHOLDER. They had 9 children. He died 10 March 1883, at the age of 73. He was my 3rd great grandfather.
1857    Courtney Rebeccca BRUMFIELD

12 April       

 1858    Mary Ann ALFORD was born in Louisiana, daughter of Reverend Warren J ALFORD & Celia Ann LEWIS. She died 6 January 1894, at the age of 35.
1873    Alexander Griffin BRUMFIELD
1881    Lucy May BRUMFIELD
1915    Herbert Phillip MULLEN Sr.

13 April        

1818    Milevey  SMITH was born in Mississippi, daughter of Jeremiah SMITH & Joanna DILLON. She married Don HARVEY.
1844    Christianna Euseba FORTENBERRY
1862    Margaret Jane BRUMFIELD

14 April        

1824    Sarah Ann CHRONISTER
1894    Albert Rowlen MORRISON was born in Ohio, son of Seth Benner MORRISON &   Margaret Jane GRUISSY. He married Dora MORRISON. Their children: Helen, Edward & Jean.
1908    Ayleen Ellzey FORTENBERRY

15 April        

1747    Maria Elisabeth KECK was born In Pennsylvania, daughter of Henry KECK & Hannah PETERSON. She married Johannes RITTER, Sr. and had 11 children.  She was my 5th great grandmother. She died in 1813 at the age of 66.
1917    Eva Lena Moseley MARK