Monday, April 18, 2011

Fall 1900 Sears Catalogue

Our family’s history should not be just a long list of dates and places. I like to discover sources that will give me a full picture of the place and times when my ancestors lived. History books are helpful with this. Sometimes colorful information comes from unexpected places.

This reprint of the Fall 1900 Sears, Roebuck and Co. Consumers Guide is very interesting.  In 1900 my four great grandfathers were: Jasper Pascal Brown, 35 years old; Thomas K. Mark, 21 years old; Michael Coyle. 30 years old; and Leopold Gartner, 40 years old. All were living in the United States and any or all of them may have browsed or purchased items from the Sears ‘Consumers Guide’.

Here are just a few items from the Fall 1900 selections:

Cook Stoves
Prices of food items: can of apricots $.18; can of corn $.08; 3 lb package of oyster crackers $.20; 3 lb can of tomatoes $.09; 1 lb can of Baking Powder $.10; 1 lb roasted coffee $.13; 1 lb dried raisins $.07

Nickel plated pocket watch $.98; gold filled ladies pocket watch with diamond in cover $9.50; sterling silver hair brush $3.50; upright parlor piano in walnut or mahogany $98.50; the Oakwood guitar $3.50

Men's Clothes
Double barrel hammerless shotgun $17.75; Smith & Wesson revolver $13.00; hammer $.45; Single collar buggy Harness $4.95; Wool horse blanket $7.35; 18 inch saw $.99; steel bath tub $8.95; antique oak fancy rocking chair $3.25; High grade treadle sewing machine with five drawer cabinet $12.75

Ladies' Clothes
Ladies’ Felt Button Shoes $1.50; Men’s winter Flannel shirts $.50; Men’s extra heavy gloves $.45; Ladies’ Sun Bonnet $.25; Summer corset $.40; Ladies’ flannel night gown $.99; Ladies short plush cape $9.35

Royal blue marble, 22” Tombstone $13.75; 16” high fireproof safe $6.25; Steel Kitchen Range for coal or wood $21.20; New model Acme Prince Bicycle $14.75
Supply House

Let's go shopping!


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