Sunday, April 26, 2015

Census Sunday: Leopold Gartner family in NY

Leopold Gartner/Gardner was my great grandfather. He came to the US about 1875 from Austria/Hungry.  Census reports show his growing family, his children as they left home, the death of his wife, and Leopold when he lived with his married daughter.

Census reports are a good resource to begin to build a family timeline. Add births, deaths and marriages and then discover where family stories fit in.

Leopold Gartner

Leopold Gartner
April 1860 Poland - 13 Jun 1948 NY

1880 US Census, NY,  New York City; Vol.50, E.D. 143, Sheet 36; Line 44; New York State Library, Albany, NY, Microfilm Box #69; Leopold Gartner at 59 Pitt Street.

Leopold Gartner, white Male. Age 24, Tailor on Coats, Self and Parents born in Hungary. 
Wife: Fanny.  
Daughter: Lora
Brother-in-law. John Ellstene

1900 US Census, New York,  Manhattan; Vol.169, E.D. 804, Sheet 16; Line 64; New York State Library, Albany, NY; Leopold Gartner family at 445 East 83rd Street, Manhattan.

Leopold Gartner, White Male, Head of Household, Age 40, b. April 1860 Married 23 years, Self & Parents born in Austria, Came to USA in 1874, Naturalized Citizen, In the USA 26 years, Tailor, Can read, Write & Speak English.
Wife: Florence
Children: Florence, 21; Nathen, 10; Moses, 15; Albert, 11; Annie, 8

1905 New York State Census, New York County, Manhattan; ED 13, AD 30, Block A, Page 8; NYS Library, Albany, NY; Louis Gardner family on East 87th Street.

Louis Gardner, 43 b Austria, tailor
Fannie, 41 b Austria, House work
Florence, daughter, 20 b US; clerk
Nathan, son, 19 b US; telegrapher
Moses, son, 17 b US; telegrapher
Albert, son, 15 b US; at school

1910 US Census, NY, Manhattan; SD 1, ED 491, Sheet 4B; NYS Library, Albany, NY;  Leopold Gardner family at 58 West 118th Street.

Leopold Gartner, 56 b Hungry, widowed
Moses, son, 26 b NY, Telegrapher
Albert, 21 b NY, Salesman Dry Goods
Anna, 19 b NY, no job

1915 NY State Census. Not Found

1920 US Census, New York,  Manhattan, Vol. 280, E.D. 1319, Sheet 14; Line 26; New York State Library, Albany, NY. Microfilm Box #308; Leopold Gartner Family at 234 W120th Street.

Leopold Gartner, Head of Household, Rented Home, White Male, Age 61 Widower, Came to USA in 1875, Naturalized, Can read & Write, Self and Parents born in Hungary. Can Speak English. Tailor.
Nathen, 38, telegraph operator
Moses, 35, telegraph operator
Anna, 26, telegraph operator

1925 New York State Census; 1925; A.D. 19, E.D.8; 289; New York State Library, Albany, NY: Leopold Gardner family at 234 West 120th St.

Leopold Gardner, Age 64, b. in Hungary. Tailor. Naturalized: "Superior April 2, 1888".
Living with two children: Moses and Anna.

1930 US Census, New York City, Manhattan. Leopold, 75 & Anna Gardner, 38 & Single.

1940 US Census, New York, Erie Co, Buffalo, SD 40, ED 64-505, Sheet 62A, April 10;; Weissberg family at 77 Manchester Place.

Samuel Weissberg, 61 b Austria. $35 rent. finished grade 7. Lived in same place in 1935. fur worker/ retail furrier. seeking work. income $600. worked 16 weeks in 1939. naturalized citizen.
 Florence, 58, b NY. finished High School.
Leopold Gardner, father in law, 80, b Austria. finished grade 6