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December Birthday, Johann Jonas Wolf, 1739 PA

Johann Jonas Wolf

27 December 1739, PA - Died 21 September 1787 PA
Lived 47 years

Son of Johan Jacob Wolf & Anna Barbara Orth
Husband of Appollonia Dick, married 1761

 My 5th Great Grandfather

Lived in Beriwck Township, York, PA

Father of 10 children:

Jacob Wolf, 1762 - 1810
Appollonia Wolf, b 1763
John Wolf, 1767 - 1851
Catherine Wolf Becker, b 1770
Adam Wolf, 1773 - 1865
Johan Jonas Wolf, b 1775
Christianna Wolf, b 1776
John Frederick Wolf, 1779 - 1872
Maria Elizabeth Wolf, b 1782
Andrew Wolf, 1787 - 1867

Johann Jonas Wolf died In September 1787 in Berwick Township. An inventory was made of his “Estate, Goods, Chattles, Rights and Credits”. The extensive listing included “The Dwelling Plantation, Consisting of 83 Acres and Allowances of Land, Another Plantation and tract of land Consisting of 120 acres, more or less.” Reading through the inventory gives a clear view of life in 1787, the time of his death.

A Sermon Book; Two Hymn Books; 2 Old Spelling Books, and Primer; Great – Coat; Four Coat, Jacket, Breeches and Hat; 4 pair of Trouzers [sic], & 1 pair of Leggins; 2 Shirts, and one pair of stockings; 1 pair of old boots, 1 pair of Shoes, Buckles; A watch and 3 old Shirts; A wagon; A Plough and Irons; 2 black horses; A Sorrel; A Black Mare; A Colt; A brindled Cow; A Spotted Heiffer [sic]; A brown Steer; A red Steer; A black Heiffer; 3 Heiffer Calves; 2 other Calves; 17 head of Sheep; A Wind Mill; A Waggon Cloath [sic]; A Cutting Box and Knife; The Geers [sic] and Stones of an Oil Mill; A Quantity of Wheat at 4/6 Bushels; A Quantity of Rye at 2/9 Bushels; A Quantity of Oats at 1/6 Bushels; Hay; 2 Dung forks, and hook; A hay – fork, 2 Rakes and 2 flails; 2 old casks and trough; A Quantity of Flax, unthreashed; A Quantity of Hemp, unwatered; 5 Cow Chains; A Pair of Hay – Ladders; 8 Planks; An Old Wheel – barrow; A Log – Chain; One Still – Door; A Harrow; Stretch Chains; A Sleigh; A sled; 4 Hogs; 2 Shovels; A grindstone; A pair of Hobbles; A Man Saddle, and Saddlebags; An old Saddle, and Saddlebags; A stallion chain; 2 Augers; A pair of Pincers, Chizzel [sic], Gouge, and Spike; A half – Bushel; A hand saw, and draw knife; Two pieces of Iron & a door hinge; A whip; A Cake – Iron; An old Sythe [sic] & piece of Gin Barrel; A Pot Trammel; A quilling – Wheel and Swifts; A Sythe [sic] and Craddle [sic]; 2 Spinning Wheels; A warping Bar, Wouk, and 22 spools; A weavers Loom; Reeds and Geers [sic]; 2 Gums with some Salts; A covered Straw Basket and dried apples; An old cask with some Sope [sic] and Fat; Riddles & Straw; An Old cask with some Lime; 2 Baskets and old Iron; A Bag with feathers; A pruning saw and Whip Stalk; Some Onions and old Sive [sic]; An empty Hogshead with straw cover; 2 straw baskets and some beans; A flour Barrel; An Axe and three rakes; A big Wheel, Reel and Swifts; A hair – sifter and Rope; A Dough Trough; A Side – saddle and Bridle; A pair of Steel yards; 9 Bags; A Chest and Box; A bed and Bedstead; 2 Razors 7 Strap; Table Clothes; An old Half Bushel and 7 Bread Baskets; A table; A Looking Glass; A Cupboard; Wool; Woolen Yarn; A Stone Jug; 2 little Tubs; 3 Pails; An Iron Pot; 2 pewter Basins,  4 Plates, 7 spoons & 8 Tea spoons; Tea tin, Coffee pot, Funnel, 1 Quart, 2 Pint & half pint cups; 5 Delf [sic] Plates; 10 pairs of cups & saucers, 2 tea pots, and a Sugar Pot; A glass and earthen bowl & salt Box; 1 lamp and Candlestick; A Coffee – Mill & Spice Box; 2 Bottles; 6 Knives and 10 Forks; A Kitchen Dresser; A Shelf 

Source: Estate Files for Johann Jonas Wolf and Appollona Wolf of Berwick Township, Pennsylvania; Held at the York County Archives, 150 Pleasant Acres Road, York, Pennsylvania.

Saturday, December 16, 2023

1964 Christmas Greetings


My father, Delbert Keith Brown, operated a Shell gas station in Hudson, NY for many years. This is one of the ads he ran in the local newspaper. His reasons for staying closed on Christmas are the names of my mother, my brothers & myself.

1964 Hudson Register Star, Hudson NY
Clipping from my scrapbook

Friday, December 8, 2023

Christmas Memories

 Here is a Christmas Tree Memory from my paternal grandmother,

Ivy R. (Mark) Brown

 1908 OH – 2003 NY,
daughter of Thomas K. & N. Regina (Gruissy) Mark
Wife of Roy Jessie Brown

In 1994 she talked to me about Christmas in Ohio when she was a little girl.

Some years it was kind of spare. Some years we had a tree and we had candles, wax candles. The night before we took the tree down Dad would get a couple buckets of water and put it by his chair and light all the candles. We would all sit around and sing Christmas Carols and look and watch the candles burn, Dad keeping a sharp eye on the tree.


Friday, December 1, 2023

Wedding: Brumfield & Rodgers, 26 Dec. 1937, MS

This wedding notice is brief but, besides giving me some family information I did not have before I read it, includes some charming details. I like the way the wedding was "quietly solemnized." I am guessing that means it was a small gathering rather than a big event. I like that George has "farming interests." I assume this is an elegant way to say he was a farmer. The reporter used some wonderful words to describe the beginning of a new marriage.

George Henry Brumfield

4 December 1911 MS – 1 March 1993 MS

Son of John Benjamin Brumfield & Mary Ellen Gent




Ada Rodgers

22 May 1906 MS – 18 January 1992


Wedding Day

 26 December 1937 MS

Clarion - Ledger
Jackson, MS, 18 Jan 1938, page 5