Monday, April 29, 2013

Vintage Photograph: Boys on a Bike, MS

This photograph was taken in Pike Co, Mississippi.
My father is the blonde boy on the front of the bicycle,
Delbert Keith Brown, 1928  OH- 2000 NY.
 My father's father, Roy Jesse Brown, was born in Mississippi and he had many relatives there.

The mystery is the name of the other boy on the bicycle. I believe he is a cousin.
Please let me know if you know his name.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Census Sunday – Dillon in MS

Richard Dillon [b 1745 VA – d 1833 MS]; married Anne Lawrence [bc 1762 NC – d c 1839 MS]. He served in the American Revolution. Richard "saw service as an enlistee on the vessel 'Greyhound,' a privateersman commanded by Samuel Butler.  With the capture of that vessel, he was made a prisoner on the English frigate 'Baloosa' which carried 36 guns and was commanded by a Captain Kennedy, a Scotsman. After a nine-month imprisonment, he again returned to Bertie County." About 1810 he moved to Pike County, MS.[1], [2], [3]

I found Richard in the federal census at The 1820 US Census shows Richard Dillon in Pike Co., MS.
Free white males: 1 45+ over
Free white females: 1 45+ over; 1 26 – 44; 1 under 10 years old.
Slaves: 13. Total: 17 people
I’m confident that this is my ancestor because on the same page were Laurence, Clarkson & Willis Dillon. Those were the names of three of the sons of Richard & Anne.

I was unsuccessful at finding Richard Dillon in the 1830 US Census but when I searched further I found Dillons in the Mississippi state census reports for 1841 & 1845. I found all four sons of Richard & Anne Dillon: Lawrence, Clarkston, Theophilus & Willis, in both years.

[1] Conerly, Luke Ward, Source Records from Pike County, Mississippi; 1798-1910; 1798-1910; South Carolina, Southern Historical Press, 1989.
[2] Pension Application for Richard Dillon, #2959; State of Mississippi, Pike County; Copy from National Archives Record Group #15A, R. 2959.
[3] Creel, Bevin J. A Patriot's Legacy: The Family of Richard Dillon and Ann Lawrence From Bertie County, North Carolina To Southern Mississippi and Louisiana. Franklinton, Louisiana: Privately Printed, 2002.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Alphabetical Ancestors H

A, B, C,… Working my way through the alphabet and taking another look at the surnames linked to my various trees. Some are branches with very few leaves and others are quite full. I post them in hopes of discovering new contacts to expand my knowledge of these names. If you see some leaves & branches from your trees, let’s share & compare.

H is for these Surnames…

My connection to the Hall family comes through Sylvia Rayleen Brown who married Jessie Miles Hall on 14 February 1942 in MS. They had five children, born in MS.
This family is based in Ohio. My third cousin, Sharon Marie Purdy, married Richard Bruce Harpster. They were both born in Ohio and married in Ohio. They have three children.
Margaretha Ritter, my third great grand aunt, married Peter Hartsel [b 1819] in 1840. They had seven children, born in Ohio. By 1860 Peter had died and Margaretha was running the farm and raising her children.      
William Hawk [1847 – 1915 OH] married Elizabeth Ritter [1860 OH – 1950] in 1880. In 1900 he was a carpenter. In 1910 he was a laborer at odd jobs. Their 6 children were born in Ohio: Gertrude, Forest, Lulu, William, John and Ruth.
Mary Isabella Heffelfinger b in 1819 in Cumberland, PA was my third great grandmother. She may have been the daughter of Philip Heffelfinger [1787 – 1877]. Mary married Abraham Mark in 1839 in Ohio. I would love more information on these Heffelfingers.
Henry Heigle married Carrie Belle Wolf. They had four children: Lloyd, Marshal, Anna Belle and Agnes.
Howard Wendal Hixon [b 1929 PA] married Margaret Louise Good [b 1928 OH]. They had four children: Howard, Harold, Patricia & Kathleen.
Jemimah Hollis married JeremiahSmith, Sr. [1755 – after 1827 MS]. Their children were: Jeremiah, George, Daniel and Mary. I would love to learn more about the Hollis name.
My records show an assortment of Holmes, unrelated as far as I know. Cynthia Holmes married David Brumfield [1795 SC – 1863] in 1823. Dorothy Holmes married Eddie Jasper Pierce [b1931 MS] and had three children. Elisha Holmes, Sr. married Sarah Stovall. Their daughter, Nancy, was born in Georgia. Elizabeth Holmes [bc 1807 GA] married Isaac Brumfield [1801 SC – 1862 MS] and had 8 children born in MS. Mary Holmes [c 1837 MS] married Jasper R Smith [1828 MS]. Nancy Jane Holmes married Benjamin Franklin Ellzey [1826 MS – 1904 MS] and had three children.
Hannah Hubanks was my 4th great grandmother but I know almost nothing about her or her surname. She married John Faulkenberry [b 1740]. Their 6 children were born in South Carolina: Robert, William Jasper, Lee, Jacob, Israel and Nathaniel.
Warren M. Huffman [1835 – 1905] married Narcissa Izela Fortenberry [1835 MS – 1902]. In 1900 Warren was a farmer in Pike Co, MS. Their son, Jeptha [b 1867], married Emma M Cutrer [b 1876]. They had six children: Ora, Lillie, Clinton, Blanche, Pierce & Coneda. In 1910, 1920 & 1930 Jeptha was a farmer in LA.
Roy Hurd [1878 MI – 1940 MI] married Mona D Morrison [1881 MI – 1968 MI]. They had six children: Howard, Nina, Clyde, Claude, Vera & Ruth.

Other ‘H’ Surnames in my tree: Harrison,Hasseman, Hathaway, Herbert, Hertz, Hines, Hollander, Homer, Hoover, Hope, Horgan, Hoverstock, Hunt & Hutchinson

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Timeline for Leopold Gartner/Gardner Family

Timelines are very useful when doing genealogy research. I have seen various timelines in other blogs. I love timelines with graphics and designs. Those are great to include in a finished book or blog. 

Below is the type of timeline I make for each branch of my family when I start working on that branch. [This sample is a partial timeline.]

I use the timeline as an outline as I write about my family. I put locations in bold so I can quickly track the movements of the family. I include local, state and national historical events that most likely affected my family. I look for gaps in time and try to fill those. If several family members are included I use a different color text for each. Whatever I include I give a source. If I don’t have a source, it is not a fact. When I am ready to write I have my facts & sources ready to go.

c. 1874 or 1875                 Leopold Gartner came from Austria to USA[1]
24 March 1878                   Leopold Gartner & Florence Edelstein m. Manhattan[2],[3]
May 1879                          Daughter, Florence Gartner born[4]
1880                                Leopold Gartner, tailor at 116 Sufolk[5]
1880                                 Leopold Gartner a tailor, living at 59 Pitt St, NYC[6]
1882 – 83                          Leopold Gardner at 59 Pitt[7]
21 July 1882                      Nathaniel Gardner born[8]
4 Sept 1882                       1st commercial transmission electric power NY City
15 June 1884                     Arthur Moses Gartner born[9]
1884 – 85                          Leopold Gartner at 59 Pitt Street[10]
1886                                Statue of Liberty, a gift from France
1888                                Leopold a nat. citizen, at 264 Stanton St, NY City[11],[12]
11 December 1888             Albert Gartner born[13]
1888 – 1889                       Leo Gartner, tailor; r 163 Attorney; h 84 Lewis[14]
1 November 1890               Joanna Gardner born, Manhattan, NY[15]
1891                                Castle Garden welcomes its last immigrants
1893 – 1894                       Leopold Gartner family at 320 East 90th Street[16]
1894 – 1895                       Leopold Gartner family at 525 East 88th Street[17]
1896 – 1897                       Leopold Gartner family at 316 East 77th Street[18]
1900                                Leopold, Florence & 5 children[19]
1899 – 1901                       Leopold Gartner family at 445 East 83rd Street[20]
1901 – 1902                       Leopold Gartner family at 105 East 88th Street[21]
1904                                New York City Subway opens
1905                                Louis Gardner, tailor, wife & 5 children East 87th St[22]

[1] 1900 US Census, New York, New York, Manhattan; SD 1, ED 804, Sheet 6B. The Leopold Gartner family at 445 E 83rd Street.
[2] Marriage Record for Leopold Gartner and Fanny Edelstein, 24 March 1878, Manhattan, New York, New York Marriages 1686 - 1980, Microfilm #1562246, Family
[3] Certificate of Marriage for Leopold Gartner and Fanny Edelstein, 24 March 1878, #1536, State of New York; Municipal Archives of New York, 31 Chambers Street, New York, NY.
[4] 1900 US Census, New York, New York, Manhattan; SD 1, ED 804, Sheet 6B. The Leopold Gartner family at 445 E 83rd Street.
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[7] 1882 – 1883 NY City Directory, Box 19, Reel 1, page 576; NYS Library, Albany, NY; Leopold Gardner at 59 Pitt..
[8] Letter from Leopold Gartner (Buffalo, NY) to Nathan Gardner (Germantown, NY) 1 November 1940.
[9] World War I Draft Registration for Arthur Moses Gardner; National Archives and Records Administration, M1509, Washington, DC.
[10] 1884 – 1885 NY City Directory, Box 21, Reel 3, page 610; NYS Library, Albany, NY; Leopold Gartner at 59 Pitt.
[11] Naturalization Papers for Leopold Gartner; 1888; Superior Court, City of New York, Bundle #401; Record #164.
[12] New York City Naturalization Indexes; ; G626-G640; G635, Record #164,Bundle #401 ; Family History Center Microfilm #1420281; Gartner, Leopold, Naturalized 2 April 1888,
[13] World War I Draft Registration for Albert Gardner; National Archives and Records Administration, M1509, Washington, DC.
[14] 1888 – 89 NY City Directory, Box 25, Reel 7, Page 694, NYS Library, Albany, NY; Leo Gartner r 163 attorney; h 84 Lewis.
[15] Birth Record for Johanna Gardner, 1 November 1890,Manhattan;  New York Births and Christenings, 1640 – 1962, Microfilm #1322236, Family History Library.
[16] 1893 – 1894 NY City Directory, Box 30, Reel 12, page 487; NYS Library, Albany, NY; Leopold Gartner h 320 E 90th.
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[19] 1900 US Census, New York,  Manhattan; Vol.169, E.D. 804, Sheet 16; Line 64; New York State Library, Albany, NY; Leopold Gartner family at 445 East 83rd Street.
[20] 1899 – 1900 NY City Directory, Box 36, Reel 18, page 440; NYS Library, Albany, NY; Lewis Gardner 445 E 83rd.
[21] 1901 – 1902 NY City Directory, Box 38, Reel 20, page 466; NYS Library, Albany, NY; Leopold Gardner 105 E 88th.
[22] 1905 New York State Census, NY County, Manhattan; ED 13, AD 30, Block A, Page 8; Louis Gardner family on East 87th Street.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Census Sunday – C. Brumfield in 1800s

Charles Brumfield [died April 1826, York, SC] was my
 fifth great grandfather. The
information I have gathered on him is limited. It includes these census reports:

·         1800 US Census, SC, York. From:  Teeples, G. Ronald, Ronald Vern Jackson, and Richard Moore. South Carolina 1800 Census. Provo, Utah: Accelerated Indexing Systems, 1973.
"Charles Brumfield; York Co, SC; 946; 01001-00101-06"
·         1810 US Census, SC, York. Charles Brumfield.
Free whites: male 1 45 + older; females 1 45 + over & 1 under 10; 15 slaves.
·         1820 US Census, SC, York, York; Charles Brumfield.
Free whites: males: 1 45 + over & i 26 - 44. females 1 45 + over. 13 slaves.

Because we have only the names of the heads of households for these early census reports is can be difficult to say conclusively if a particular person is the person we are looking for. In finding these census reports I was hopeful this was my 5th great grandfather.

I looked at the information I had already gathered on Charles Brumfield:

·         Whitman Smith, Elisabeth. "Occupants of Catawba Indian Land of York District, South Carollina Taken from Deed Books A - F 1786 - 1807." South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research. XIII.No. 1 (Winter 1985): 76 - 82. 19 October 1802; Andrew Townsend purchased land from Thomas Knox adjoining land owned by Charles Brumfield.
19 October 1802; Andrew Townsend purchased land from Thomas Knox adjoining land owned by Charles Brumfield.
·         Houston, Martha Lou. Indexes to the County Wills of South Carolina. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1970. Charles Brumfield in York County, SC, 1815.
·         Last Will & Testament & Estate papers of Charles Brumfield, 1815; Case #10, File #405; South Carolina Archives & History, 8301 Parklane Road, Columbia, SC.

Combining these sources we can make a mini time line for Charles Brumfield in SC.

1800   Charles Brumfield family in York, SC
1802   Charles Brumfield owns land in York, SC
1810   Charles Brumfield family in York, SC
1815   Charles Brumfield writes his will in York, SC
1820   Charles Brumfield family in York, SC
1826   Estate of Charles Brumfield settled in York, SC

All these sources meld together nicely a give me a good picture of Charles and gives me confidence that these Census Reports are correct.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Following my paternal grandmother’s roots leads me to the Good family in Ohio. Albert E Good was a conductor on an electric railroad, the Southwestern Interurban Trolley. Albert married Elizabeth L Moore, daughter of Peter J & Caroline L Gruissy Moore.


1 Joel H. Good b: 18 Mar 1835 Wayne, OH, d: 1 Aug 1916 West Salem, Wayne, OH
... + Margaret Chidister Brown m: 27 Dec 1866
......2 Albert Edward Good b: 14 Jan 1883 Congress, Wayne, OH, d: 28 Dec 1965 Medina, Medina, OH
...... + Elizabeth Lodema Moore b: 6 Oct 1892 Guilford, Medina, OH, m: Abt. 1910, d: 28 Jun 1965 Medina, Medina, OH
.........3 Ethel Elizabeth Good b: 13 Feb 1912 West Salem, Wayne, OH, d: 10 Feb 1950 Columbus, Fairfield, OH
......... + Otis Charles Massie b: 20 Feb 1912 OH, m: 05 Nov 1934
............4 Virginia Ellen Massie
............ + Alfred Dale Busby
............4 Edward Charles Massie Sr.
............ + Madeline Lou Kolk
............4 Caroline Lee Massie
............ + Leroy Woods
.........3 Catherine Ruth Good b: 29 Apr 1913 in West Salem, Wayne, OH, d: 15 Mar 1999
.........3 Harold Edward Good b: 28 Aug 1915 Seville, Medina, OH, d: 17 Mar 1968 Toledo, Lucas, OH
......... + Velma Ellen Hale b: 1918, m: 22 Jul 1936
............4 Carol Ann Good
............ + William Sherrill Whitaker
............4 Lawrence Edward Good b: 18 May 1940
............ + Wanda Jones Good
.........3 Joel Moore Good b: 9 Oct 1917 Congress, Wayne, OH, d: 4 Dec 1989 Massillon, Stark, OH
......... + Helen Delores Janisky b: 13 Feb 1919 Avella, Washington, PA, m: 16 Aug 1942 Canton, Stark, OH, d: 2 Jun   1984 Canton, Stark, OH
............4 Joel Michael Good
............ + Linda Barrett
............4 Gary Leo Good
............ + Sandra M. Fry
............4 Nancy Marie Good
............ + Robert Poland
............4 Andrew James Good
............ + Nancy Oliveri
............ + Beth Good
............4 Mary Jane Good
............ + Michael Eugene Shollenberger
.........3 Margaret Louise Good b: 13 Oct 1928 in Seville, Medina, OH
......... + Howard Wendal Hixon b: 19 Jun 1929 in Allegheny, PA
............4 Howard Isaac Hixon
............4 Harold Edward Hixon
............4 Patricia Ann Hixon
............ + Jackie Sharp
............ + David Leo Weathermon
............4 Kathleen Marie Hixon Folger
............ + David Dean Folger
.........3 Helen Marie Good b: 24 May 1930 Seville, Medina, OH, d: 26 Apr 1975 Berea, Cuyahoga, OH
......... + Donald Bogan b: 04 Apr 1927, m: 13 Jun 1953 Seville, Medina, OH, d: 11 May 1970 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH
............4 Elizabeth Irene Bogan
............ + William Rex Tucker

A few Good Resources:
·         1910 U.S. Census, Medina Co., Ohio; 15 April 1910; Vol. 111, ED144, Family #12; Lines35-41. Peter J Moore family.
·         1920 U.S. Census, Medina Co., Ohio; 9 Jan 1920; Vol 147, ED 67, Sheet 5; Line 87. Albert E Good family.
·         1930 US Census, OH, Medina, Seville; ED 52-4, SD 4, Sheet 5B. The Albert E Good family.
·         1940 US Census, OH, Medina, Seville; SD 23, ED 52-4, Sheet 9A. The Albert E Good Family.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vintage Photograph: Cousins

Joe P. Brown
bc 1918 LA
son of Junius & Ametha Brown

Zelda Marie (Alford) Fortenberry
1915 LA - 2005 MS
Daughter of Dewitt W Alford & Ina Lucille Brown

Joe & Zelda were both first cousins to my father,

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Genealogy Travel: The Trip’s not Over

I have recently traveled to South Carolina 
where I was celebrating my birthday. I had a
marvelous celebration with my family. Between walks on the beach, grilling on the deck, playing board games & enjoying my family I found time to visit libraries.

I visited three libraries in search of my Brown, Brumfield, Faulkenberry/Fortenberry & Ott families:

The York County Library, 138 East Black Street, Rock Hill, SC

The Orangeburg County Library, 510 Louis St., Orangeburg, SC

The Lancaster Co. Library, 313 South White St., Lancaster, SC

The trip’s not over until I sort and organize my findings. Now that I’m home I pulled out the folders that hold the photocopies I made. I make sure each set of pages is marked with the library where I found the resource.  Then I put the pages into binders according to county they reference. I found some history of Orangeburg County in the York County Library. Those pages went into the Orangeburg binder with a note indicating where I found that book.

I also have a binder for materials that relate to the state as a whole. For example: Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution by Bobby Gilmer Moss & Indexes to the County Wills of South Carolina compiled by Martha Lou Houston.

Next I go through everything, page by page & highlight any names that are definite connections. I go to my Family Tree Maker program, go to that person and record the findings with a full citation in the Person Notes section. I make notes, in pencil, on the photocopies for names that are possible connections.

If I don’t follow through right away and organize this information it will just become another paper in a pile of papers. To be of value I have to know where papers came from and where I can get my hands on them in the future. I have some work ahead of me to finish this up & then my trip will be over.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Amanuensis Monday – 1940 letter

An Amanuensis is a person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another. Amanuensis Monday is a daily blogging theme from Geneabloggers which encourages the family historian to transcribe family letters, journals, audiotapes, and other historical artifacts. Not only do the documents contain genealogical information, the words breathe life into kin – some we never met – others we see a time in their life before we knew them.

 State of New York, County of ErieTo Whom it may concern. This is to certify that My Son Nathan Gartner was born July 2st, 1882 at 59 Pitt Street, NY, County of NY. His mother deceased.Leopold GartnerSubscribed & sworn to me this 1st day of November 1940.Milton S Weisberg, Notary Public, Erie County, NY

This letter concerns the birth of my maternal grandfather, Nathaniel Gardner. I have never found a birth certificate for him but I am fortunate that this letter has been saved in the family for 73 years. It is signed by his father, Leopold Gartner/Gardner. Leopold, a retired tailor, had moved from New York City to Buffalo between 1930 & 1935 to live with his daughter, Florence and her family.

Besides being evidence of my grandfather’s birth it also tells me that his mother, Fanny Edelstein, had died before this was written.

In addition the letter is signed by Milton S. Weisberg. Milton, an attorney in Buffalo, NY, was the grandson of Leopold and nephew of Nathaniel.

Although it is a short letter is holds any clues to my Gartner/Gardner and Weisberg family. I have it preserved in an archival safe sheet protector in an archival safe box and I have a scanned digital copy.

Selected Sources:
  • 1915 NYS Census, Erie Co, Buffalo, ED 4, AD 21, 1 June 1915. Weissberg family at 264 Parkdale Ave. Samuel F, 38 b. Austria. Tailor. in USA 15 years. citizen. Florence, 33 b NY. Milton S 7 b in NY. Francis 4/12 b NY
  • 1925 New York State Census; A.D. 19, E.D.8;289; New York State Library, Albany, NY: Leopold Gardner family at 234 West 120th St.
  • 1930 US Census, New York, Erie, Buffalo; SD 7, ED 15-274, Sheet 17A. Sam Weisberg family at 386 Grant Street.
  • 1940 US Census, New York, Erie Co, Buffalo, SD 40, ED 64-505, Sheet 62A, April 10. Weissberg family at 77 Manchester Place.
  • 1940 US Census, New York, Erie Co, Buffalo, SD 40, ED 64-508, Sheet 63A, April 18. Weisberg family at 116 Bidwell Pwky. Milton S Weisberg, 32, b NY.  Attorney, private practice. worked 44 hours. college 4 yrs.