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Alphabetical Ancestors H

A, B, C,… Working my way through the alphabet and taking another look at the surnames linked to my various trees. Some are branches with very few leaves and others are quite full. I post them in hopes of discovering new contacts to expand my knowledge of these names. If you see some leaves & branches from your trees, let’s share & compare.

H is for these Surnames…

My connection to the Hall family comes through Sylvia Rayleen Brown who married Jessie Miles Hall on 14 February 1942 in MS. They had five children, born in MS.
This family is based in Ohio. My third cousin, Sharon Marie Purdy, married Richard Bruce Harpster. They were both born in Ohio and married in Ohio. They have three children.
Margaretha Ritter, my third great grand aunt, married Peter Hartsel [b 1819] in 1840. They had seven children, born in Ohio. By 1860 Peter had died and Margaretha was running the farm and raising her children.      
William Hawk [1847 – 1915 OH] married Elizabeth Ritter [1860 OH – 1950] in 1880. In 1900 he was a carpenter. In 1910 he was a laborer at odd jobs. Their 6 children were born in Ohio: Gertrude, Forest, Lulu, William, John and Ruth.
Mary Isabella Heffelfinger b in 1819 in Cumberland, PA was my third great grandmother. She may have been the daughter of Philip Heffelfinger [1787 – 1877]. Mary married Abraham Mark in 1839 in Ohio. I would love more information on these Heffelfingers.
Henry Heigle married Carrie Belle Wolf. They had four children: Lloyd, Marshal, Anna Belle and Agnes.
Howard Wendal Hixon [b 1929 PA] married Margaret Louise Good [b 1928 OH]. They had four children: Howard, Harold, Patricia & Kathleen.
Jemimah Hollis married JeremiahSmith, Sr. [1755 – after 1827 MS]. Their children were: Jeremiah, George, Daniel and Mary. I would love to learn more about the Hollis name.
My records show an assortment of Holmes, unrelated as far as I know. Cynthia Holmes married David Brumfield [1795 SC – 1863] in 1823. Dorothy Holmes married Eddie Jasper Pierce [b1931 MS] and had three children. Elisha Holmes, Sr. married Sarah Stovall. Their daughter, Nancy, was born in Georgia. Elizabeth Holmes [bc 1807 GA] married Isaac Brumfield [1801 SC – 1862 MS] and had 8 children born in MS. Mary Holmes [c 1837 MS] married Jasper R Smith [1828 MS]. Nancy Jane Holmes married Benjamin Franklin Ellzey [1826 MS – 1904 MS] and had three children.
Hannah Hubanks was my 4th great grandmother but I know almost nothing about her or her surname. She married John Faulkenberry [b 1740]. Their 6 children were born in South Carolina: Robert, William Jasper, Lee, Jacob, Israel and Nathaniel.
Warren M. Huffman [1835 – 1905] married Narcissa Izela Fortenberry [1835 MS – 1902]. In 1900 Warren was a farmer in Pike Co, MS. Their son, Jeptha [b 1867], married Emma M Cutrer [b 1876]. They had six children: Ora, Lillie, Clinton, Blanche, Pierce & Coneda. In 1910, 1920 & 1930 Jeptha was a farmer in LA.
Roy Hurd [1878 MI – 1940 MI] married Mona D Morrison [1881 MI – 1968 MI]. They had six children: Howard, Nina, Clyde, Claude, Vera & Ruth.

Other ‘H’ Surnames in my tree: Harrison,Hasseman, Hathaway, Herbert, Hertz, Hines, Hollander, Homer, Hoover, Hope, Horgan, Hoverstock, Hunt & Hutchinson

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