Monday, April 8, 2013

Where am I From?

This post is in response to Randy Seaver's
Saturday Night Fun at Genea-Musings. The
assignment is to write a poem using a template and filling in your own personal details. Then tell about your poem in your own blog post and/or in a comment on Genea-Musings. I suggest you enjoy the assignment. I did.

Where am I From?

I am from a red wagon, a rope swing, a fat pitcher of icy Kool Aid; from fields of wild flowers and the shady woods.

I am from a small town, a red brick school, quiet, settled, beside the Hudson River.

I am from apple trees, corn fields and neighborly mountains.

I am from family picnics, Scout uniforms, marching in parades, flags and freckles, dogs with wagging tails and piles of laughing cousins.

I am from mechanics and farmers; independent and ingenious.

I am from soldiers and carpenters; straight and strong.

I am from women who cooked and cuddled; who hung out laundry and encouraged dreams.

I am from mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles: working & joking, reassuring & inspiring.

I am from Rosary beads, altar boys and flickering candles in the peaceful darkness.

I am from Irish Coyles; from German Marks; from colonial Browns and American apple pie.

I am from a Jewish telegrapher, an Irish baker, an Ohio carpenter and a Mississippi wheelwright.

I am from weathered tombstones, faded photographs and dented steamer trunk.

I am from a family tree with deep roots, a sturdy trunk and branches that reach to the future.

Colleen G (Brown) Pasquale


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