Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Maria Elizabeth Keck

There are  times in researching that I can be both excited and frustrated with search results. This morning I was doing some research on David Ritter, b. 1842 - d. 1863, served in the Civil War. My Ancestry search led me to a shared family tree. I browsed the tree, along the Ritter lines and came to Maria Elizabeth Keck, an ancestor I already have in my records. She is my 5th great grandmother through my paternal grandmother's lines.

Maria Elizabeth Keck was born 15 April 1747 in Pennsylvania & died 2 June 1813. She married Johannes Ritter, b. 1743 - d. 1816 in Pennsylvania. Maria and Johannes had 11 children. Her parents were Henry & Hannah Keck. I have no dates or other information for her parents.

The Ancestry tree showed dates for Henry & Hannah, other children for them and two more previous generations for the Keck family. It could put our family back to 1614 in Germany and add dozens of Keck family members to our tree. That is the exciting part. However, the only source given  for this information is a geocities website, which, of course, no longer exists. Keep your fingers crossed. I have sent off an email to the owner of the Ancestry tree in hopes of: 1. getting a reply, 2. getting reliable sources/documents to back up the posted facts. I will post any results I get.

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