Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Family Brithdays, March 1 - 15

Charles Forest & Bertha (Flickinger) Mark
1 March    1776    Anna Margaretha RITTER
        1807    Jesse BRUMFIELD
        1885    Julia MULLANE was born in Tipperary, Ireland, daughter of Daniel MULLANE & Brigid ENGLISH. She married Timothy HORGAN in 1916. She died in 1918.

2 March    1827    Josiah BRUMFIELD
        1890    Bessie Ella Bella SMITH
        1904    Bertha Flickinger lived her life in Ohio, daughter of Andrew & Emma FLICKINGER. She married Charles Forest MARK in 1923. She wrote a short genealogy of the MARK family.
        1914    Cecil Clare FORTENBERRY
        1915    Zelda Marie ALFORD
        1920    Iris Elizabeth PIERCE

3 March    1892    Denny Herbert SMITH was born in Mississippi. He married Mavis Marie BROWN, daughter of Jasper Pascal RBOWN and Rose Ella BRUMFIELD.
        1934    Lemuel Jerome FORTENBERRY

4 March    1861    Willis Monroe FORTENBERRY
1877    Gertrude HAWK was born in Ohio, daughter of William HAWK & Elizabeth RITTER. She married E RAUDEBAUGH.

5 March    1838    William L. DAVIS
        1880    Irene Edith WOLF
        1924    Sylvia Rayleen BROWN was born in Louisiana, daughter of Roy Jesse BROWN and Mary Thelma ELLZEY. She married Jessie Miles HALL in 1942. They had five children.

6 March    1772    Heinrick FRANTZ
        1882    Jesse Lamar SIMMONS
        1920    Mary Alice ALFORD was born in Louisiana, daughter of Dewitt William ALFROD & Ina Lucille BROWN. She married George BENNETT.

7 March    1847    Michael COYLE
1891    Maryanne COYLE was born in Connecticut, daughter of Patrick COYLE & Margaret BRADY. She married William F CASS.

8 March    1870    Infant RITTER was born in Ohio, child of Isaac RITTER & Isabell FISHER. Mother & child died in childbirth.
        1894    John N. LOBAUGH

9 March    1801    Isaac BRUMFIELD was born in South Carolina, son of John BRUMFIELD & Margaret KELLY. Isaac married Elizabeth HOLMES. Their children were: Nathaniel, Jesse, Harrison & Lucy Jane.
        1839    Adam WOLF
        1839    Anna Maria Catherine WOLF
        1894    Napoleon BLADES

10 March    1820    Philip RITTER was born in Pennsylvania, son of Johannes RITTER, Jr. & Anna Mariah. Philip married Louisa Ann KOPE. Their children were: Jacob, Henry & Mary.
        1838    David Jackson MCCLENDON
        1899    Helen Lucille JOLLIFF
        1900    Charles Cecil WOLF

11 March    1789    Daniel RITTER was born in Pennsylvania, son of Martin RITTER & Anna Margaret STEININGER. He married Lydia KNAUSS in 1812. They had three children.
        1849    Hamilton WOLF

12 March    1856    Benjamin C. FORTENBERRY
1881    Forest Emerson HAWK was born in Ohio, son of William HAWK & Elizabeth RITTER. He married Millicent COX. He’s my first cousin, three times removed.
        1892    Spurgeon Ira SMITH
        1915    Lemuel Q. FORTENBERRY
        1933    Onice Levaughn CUTRER in Alabama
13 March    1828    Samantha E. BROWN
        1829    John Shaffer ELLZEY Jr.
        1888    Anna Ora Chloe MILLER
        1913    Ruth Grace HURD was born in Michigan, daughter of Roy HURD & Mona D. MORRISON. Ruth married John WORTMAN. Their children were: Brenda, John & Danny.

14 March    1834    Ann Julina RITTER
1845    Ancil Green SMITH was the son of Jeremiah SMITH & Pernecia SMITH. Ancil died 18 June 1862, at the age of 17. Ancil was killed in the Civil War.
        1857    Peter Jonathan MOORE

15 March    1837    Martin Penn BRUMFIELD was born in Louisiana, the son of Nathaniel BRUMFIELD & Charlotte Temple OTT. He served as a Private and later as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Louisiana Infantry. He died in 1862.
        1929    Dana Jacob MARK in Ohio

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