Thursday, May 26, 2011


I think the most difficult thing about genealogy is knowing when to stop. I’m not giving up genealogy. I will always continue to collect new information: letters, documents, photographs, stories, etc. about my ancestors. However, if I ever want to publish information I have to stop.

If The Mark Family Story: The Story of the Mark and Other Related Families:  Brown, Dick, Gruissy, Heffelfinger, Keck, Ritter, Wolf is to be shared with my family it must be published. Therefore, I must stop collecting and focus on form and format.

The deadline I and my editor (She is a harsh taskmaster.) set is the last day of this month.  Dear cousins, if you have anything you’d like to share, a photo or a story you’d like preserved for the future please contact me now. Future information will be collected and shared in my blog, or later books (Volume Two??) . I hope to hear from you.  (I can hear my editor protesting. Please ignore her.)

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    Seems to have at least a little bit more info on the Dick Family. I also discovered that the first three children seem to have been born in Etschberg, Germany and baptized in
    Kusel, Bayern, Germany

    I don't know if this helps, but doing a search of German Births and Baptism records revealed an Adam Dick and his wife Anna Ottilia in 1737 as well as a Johann Adam Dick and his wife Anna Margreth in 1723 doing baptizing in EVANGELISCH,KUSEL,PFALZ,BAVARIA. Give it a shot for future research.


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