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May Family Birthdays, May 16 - 31

Siblings: Ivy & Clarence Mark
16 May    1840    Augustus Ceaser GRUISSY, son of Christian & Mary (Grorisclauss) GRUISSY. Married three times. Made & sold homemade medicines. Died in 1915.
        1885    Mary Ann Levina RITTER

17 May        1881    Harvey Johnson ALFORD b. in Mississippi, son of Needham Edwin & Mary Luzina (Stafford) ALFORD.

18 May        1769    Aaron BROWN.
        1777    Johan J. RITTER
        1817    Ninetta WOLF
        1869    Felder Herman FORTENBERRY
        1874    Ellen MULLANE b. in Ireland, daughter of Daniel & Brigid (English) MULLANE.
        1878    Ada Lavina MESSMORE
        1887    Caldwell Wellman ALFORD

19 May        1885    James Frederick DICKSON
        1891    Rudolph Henry WOLF
        1911    J. Arthur WOLF b. in Pennsylvania, son of Jonas Hankey & Una Ray (Garber) WOLF.

20 May         1833    William G. FORTENBERRY
        1841    Patrick COYLE b. in Ireland, son of Michael & Mary (Cunningham) COYLE. Married Margaret BRADY in 1870 in Ireland. Parents of 11 children. Patrick was my 2nd great grandfather.  He came to the USA in 1885.
        1887    Elmer William RITTER

21 May        1884    Gertrude Idella WOLF b. in Ohio, daughter of Joseph & Anna Eliza (Kohr) WOLF. Married Clarence Fry.

22 May        1898    Lucia Jane SMITH, daughter of Adolphus Scott & Julia Jane (Simmons) SMITH. Married Jere Gardenhire.

23 May     1822    Elisha BRUMFIELD b. in Louisiana, son of Willis & Nancy Virginia (Holmes) BRUMFIELD. Married Salena Arvozena Jane Warner. Elisha died in 1860.
        1838    Benjamin Calvin FORTENBERRY

24 May        1814    Elisabeth BURKHOLDER
        1856    David MARK
        1858    Wyatt FORTENBERRY
        1915    Owen Andrew MARK b. in Ohio, son of Thomas Kenneth & N. Regina (Gruissy) MARK. Married Blanche Bowers. Father of twin sons: Danny & Denny. Owen served in World War II. He was a farmer in Ohio for many years. He was my grand uncle.

25 May        1880    Marton RITTER was born in Ohio, son of Amos and Emma (Smith) Ritter.

26 May        1757    Anna Catherine RITTER
        1796    Theophilous DILLON b. in North Carolina, son of Richard & Anne (Lawrence) DILLON. Married Peggy Pearson.
        1844    William MARK
        1862    Eslie D. RITTER
        1913    Viola Cathern MARK
        1922    John J. BRADY

27 May        1829    Hollander Elizabeth MORRIS b. in Mississippi, daughter of Benjamin & Hollander (Smith) MORRIS. Married Benjamin BLADES. Mother of seven children.
        1891    John H. SCHILLING

28 May        1758    Christina WOLF
        1784    Joseph BALLIET b. in Pennsylvania, son of Jacob & Barbara (Ritter) BALLIET. Married Susan Green. Son: Stephen BALLIET.

29 May        1926    Glenn Rollin MARK b. in Ohio, son of Eslie Guy & Golda Mae (Warner) MARK. Married Eva Lena Moseley. Child: Glenna Mark.

30 May        1917    Clarence William MARK b. In Ohio, son of Thomas Kenneth & N. Regina (Gruissy) MARK. Married Lavon E. Moyer. My Grand Uncle Clarence was a great help with my genealogical research. He had notes on our family, reaching back a few generations, that he shared with me. A soft spoken gentleman, he always took the time to answer my questions about our family. He died in 2006.
        1937    John Eugene JOLLIFF

31 May        1883    Lillian ELLZEY
        1884    Sallie Joy BRUMFIELD b. in Mississippi, daughter of Jessie Alexander & Martha E. (Alford) BRUMFIELD. Married Joseph Ed Brumfield. Children: Alex, Philip, Donald & David.

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