Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Time to Write: The Books Arrived!


Edited by Alyssa J. Pasquale, PhD
Published by Troy Book Makers

My book arrived in time to go under the Christmas tree! All those years of researching, writing and formatting have ended. I took the book to the publisher in early December and hoped it would be ready in time for Christmas. It was. This book about my mother's family was greeted by lots of smiles by my family. 

Now I can cross off all those old New Year's resolutions to finish that book. The new genealogy resolution: write a book on my father's paternal roots.

My mother,
Alberta Joy (Gardner) Brown
and her other,
Helen F. (Coyle) Gardner

Remembrances is the story of my mother’s family from stories told me to when I was a child to research I did as an adult. My maternal grandmother’s family includes the surnames Brady, Coyle, Cunningham, Gibney, Mullane, Sullivan & more from the counties Cavan, Cork & Tipperary in Ireland. My maternal grandfather’s family includes the surnames Edelstein, Farkas, Gartner, Horn, Katz, Weissberg & more from Eastern Europe. How did these very different families come together? What was life like for my grandparents?  What were the celebrations and sorrows in their lives? Research in archives, libraries, courthouses & cemeteries helped me answer many questions about these families. Photographs, letters, diaries and documents helped to bring these ancestors to life once again. This book includes timelines, family tree charts, local history, source citations and an index. It is my sincere hope that the stories in this book will keep our family’s ancestors alive far into the next generations.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Oh Family Tree, Oh Family Tree!

Oh Family tree, Oh Family tree!
Thy leaves are so elusive
Oh Family tree, Oh Family tree,
Thy names are always changing
Not only in census reports,
But also in obituaries.
Oh Family tree, Oh Family tree,
Thy names are always changing!

Oh Family tree, Oh Family tree,
Such puzzles do you bring me!
Oh Family tree, Oh Family tree,
You confuse and bewilder me!
For every year this Family tree,
Brings to us such mystery.
Oh Family tree, Oh Family tree,
Such puzzles do you bring me!

Oh Family tree, Oh Family tree,
You'll be ever changing!
A story of our ancestors
You'll be ever changing
Each date and place
Each misspelled name
No one alive spreads tales so well
Oh Family tree, Oh Family tree,
You'll be ever changing.

I had a little fun with this Christmas carol. 
Hope it made you smile.

Merry Christmas!

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Family Tree/ Christmas Tree

Christmas is a time for family, past & present.
As family genealogists we look for ways to share the past.

I look for small photo frames to hang on our tree.
I hang photos of ancestors & present family members.

Nieces & nephews like to find themselves on the tree.
While they are looking I point out ancestors & tell them stories.

These little frames also help me to feel like my parents & my grandparents 
are a part of our celebration of the holidays.

Make your tree a family tree.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Alford Family in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA

The Vestry book of Saint Peter's Parish, 1682-1758; 
New Kent County, Va.,
(Parish Record Series, No. 3). (1905).
 The National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the State of Virginia.
Reprint by Southern Historical Press, Greenville, SC, 2006.

1698.. Mr. John Alford aplying [sic] him self to this vestry to help to cleer [sic] the Roads in the presints [sic], it ordered all the tithable which formerly belonged to David Clarkson and within his presints [sic].” Page 49; [John Alford, c 1645 VA – 1710 VA]

1701. “Whereas, Mr. John Alford and Mr. Will. Major made complaint to this vestry that they have never had their lands prossessioned according to Law, the orders being Lodged in the hands of Coll. John Lightfoot, who never put the Same in Execution; Therefore, ordered that John Wilson, John Lightfoot, Esq’r, Mr. Will. Major, Mr. John Alford, Dan’ll Parks, Esq., and William Millington forthwith goe on prossessioning and reamarks [sic] Each others’ bounds, and make returns of this order to the next vestry.” Page 63; [John Alford, c 1645 VA – 1710 VA]

1710. “To James Alford’s Acct Allowed for keeping a p’sh Child…0420” page 105; [James Alford, c 1687 VA – c 1730 VA]

1713. “To Mrs. Alford for Keeping Mary Delign & her child 4 mon… 1400” page 114

1713. James Alford’s bill…350” page 114; [James Alford, c 1687 VA – c 1730 VA]

1715. “To Mrs. Alford for keeping Mary Design… 00688” page 119

5 Oct 1735. “At the petition of Wm Paisley, on Oversees of the High Road from the Old Church to Mr. Chamberlayne’s Ordinary, That he have Wm. Atkinson’s Titheables, Stephen Brookes, Lodowick Alford, Goodrick Alford and Julius Alford, Mich’a Harfield, Tith’s, Rich’d Ross, Major Dandridge, John Lightfoot’s and Colo. Curtis’s Tith’s at the old Quar’r and upon the River.” Page 172; [ Lodowick, Goodrich & Julius Alford, sons of James Alford, c1687 VA – c 1730 VA]