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Family Treasure: Sewing Machine

My mother, Alberta Joy (Gardner) Brown, always sewed, having learned from her mother. She made most of her own clothing in high school. She sewed her own wedding dress, gathering yards and yards of white organdy. She sewed pajamas for my brothers from soft flannels printed with tiny cowboys. She made me little pink or yellow dresses with pretty buttons shaped like flowers or kittens. My mother secretly sewed doll clothes for Christmas for my cousins and me. Everything looked like it came from an upscale store.

This is my mother’s Singer sewing machine which was equipped with the very latest options. The drawers of the cabinet had a wide array of thread colors, buttons, pins, snaps, zippers and scissors.  I remember the hum of this machine as my mother’s hands guided the fabric pieces under the needle. Her head would be bent as she watched her most recent creation come together. She never had a sewing room, just a spot in the hall or the corner of a bedroom but it did not stop her from making delightful original items. She was always happy when she could find time in her busy schedule as mother of four children to sit & sew.

My mother’s machine has not been used in many years but it has a safe home in our house along with her mother’s sewing machine and my own sewing machines. 

The sewing machine cabinet

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

N Regina Gruissy; Ohio Wife & Mom

N. Regina Victoria (Gruissy) Mark
31 January 1879 OH – 24 May 1959 OH
My Great Grandmother

Nancy Regina Victoria Gruissy Mark

Regina was the youngest daughter of Augustus Ceaser Gruissy and Esther Barbara Wolf.[1] The couple had five children but only two grew to adulthood. Regina’s older sister was Rephenia Cathern (Gruissy) Nichols. She also had half siblings.

In 1880 Augustus Gruissy, his wife and five daughters were in Wadsworth, Medina, OH. Augustus was a peddler.[2] The youngest daughter was Nancy Regina. There are few references to this daughter as Nancy. When I began researching my great grandmother I discovered that some of her children did not know her first name was Nancy. She was most often called Regina.

Regina and Thomas K Mark both worked at the Medina County Home. When Thomas first saw Regina he told the other guys to leave her alone, she was all his[3]. On 28 Jan 1903 Thomas married N Regina Gruissy. They were both 23 years old when they married.[4] I am fortunate to have copies of letters written between my great grandparents. There are also letters written between Regina & her mother and other relatives. I will be sharing some of those letters in future posts. 

Dec 1902 envelope from Letter written by Regina to T K Mark

In 1910 Thomas & Regina were renting a farm in Westfield Twp., Medina, OH. They had three little girls: Isabell, Vera & Ivy.[5]  In 1920 the Mark family was on Prospect Street, Guilford Twp., Seville Village, Medina Co., OH. Thomas was a carpenter and Regina was the mother of 7 children, ages from 16 to 11 months old.[6]

In 1930 Thomas & Regina were living in Guilford, OH. Four children were still at home.[7] In 1940 they owned their home at 181 Bergey Street, Wadsworth. Three children were at home.[8]

My Aunt Gen remembered her grandmother. She said Regina was an immaculate housekeeper. There was never a speck of dust in her house. Each item had a particular place and she made sure everything was in its place. She would do her cleaning in the morning, make lunch, clean up the kitchen and then take a nap. She kept an afghan on the sofa. She’d stretch out, cover herself with the afghan and nap for half an hour. Then she’d get up, revitalized. Gen remembered going to her grandparents’ house after Regina died. Her grandfather and one of her uncles were living there. She looked around and there was dust on the furniture. That was something Gen had never seen while her grandmother was alive. 

Her granddaughters said Regina liked to crochet, make quilts and garden. She made quilts for her children. She sewed little dresses for her granddaughters.

Regina died 24 May 1959.[9]  She is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Wadsworth, OH.[10] Once Gen went to Wadsworth Cemetery with her grandmother. Regina showed her granddaughter the plot where she would one day be buried. She said she chose the spot because she "would feel the sun on her face in the morning."

Thomas K & N Regina Mark
on their 50th Anniversary

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Forget Me Not: Ada Fortenberry Brumfield from LA & MS

‘Mrs. Brumfield Buried Tuesday at Silver Springs’

"Last rites for Mrs. Ada Fortenberry Brumfield were conducted Tuesday from the Silver Springs Baptist church at 3 p. m. She was 62. The Reverend Joe Lovelady and the Reverend Bartis Harper conducted services and officiated at graveside for Mrs. Brumfield who died in McComb Sunday. Pall bearers inclded: Ray Fortenberry, Wilburn Fortenberry, Pur Schilling, Emmett Fortenberry and Milton Fortenberry.

Mrs. Brumfield was born October 25, 1894, in Washington Parish, Louisiana. She was the daughter of Wyatt and Laura Schilling Fortenberry. She married John Edwin Brumfield. Mrs. Brumfield is survived by eight children, Baxter, Tylertown; Mrs. Ollie Holmes, Tylertown; Albert Brumfield and John Brumfield McComb; Mrs. Elmo Fortenberry, Clarkston, Ga; S. A. Brumfield, Magnolia; Mrs. John Pittman, New Orleans; Wendell Brumfield, Tylertown.

In addition, she is survived by one sister, Mrs. Lulu Norris, Mt. Hermon; and two brothers, Jim Fortenberry and Claude Fotenberry, both of Chicago. Funeral arrangements were handled by GInn Funeral Home."

From: Magee, Zuma Fendlason. Selected Obituaries from Louisiana (Washington & Tangipahoa Parishes) and from Mississippi (Pike, Walthall & Marion Counties). Volume I. Franklinton, Louisiana: Privately printed, 1976. From Franklinton Library, LA.

1 Ada Beatrice Fortenberry b: 25 Oct 1894, d: 1956 MS
... + John Edward Brumfield b: Nov 1869 MS, d: 1933
......2 Baxter Edwin Brumfield b: 13 Jun 1912, d: 1963
......2 Fannie Chelottie Brumfield b: 28 Aug 1913
...... + Ollie Holmes
......2 James Albert Brumfield b: 28 Dec 1914
......2 John Edward Brumfield b: Feb 1915
......2 Claudia Martha Brumfield b: 27 Dec 1917
...... + Elmo Fortenberry
......2 Selwyn Alex Brumfield b: 31 Oct 1919, d: 08 Sep 1981
......2 Olgee Shelina Brumfield b: 07 Aug 1921
...... + John Pittman
......2 Oliver Wendell Brumfield b: 21 Aug 1923

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Book Report: History of Washington Parish LA

Carter, Hon. Prentiss. 
History of Washington Parish: 
As Compiled from the Records & Traditions

Franklinton Library LA

 The Washington Parish Library in Franklinton, LA 
has, among its various genealogical records, this typed report written by the Honorable Prentiss Carter. It is only a few pages in length but filled with information. The report is not dated but the pages are yellowed with age.

1.    Early Colonial History
2.    The Early Settlers of Washington Parish
3.    Andrew Jackson Blazes Trail of the Military Road Through Washington Parish in War of 1812
4.    First Families and Toll Bridges
5.    Churches and Religion
6.    Early Educational Efforts
7.    First Newspaper
8.    Franklinton the Parish Seat
9.    First Railroad Facilities
10. Military Quotas in the Mexican and Civil Wars
11. Col. W. H. Sullivan and the Goodyears begin the Lumber Industry
12. Founding of Bogalusa
13. World War Enlistments

His honor writes:

“Most of the original settlers of what is now Washington Parish came from South and North Carolina, others from families having migrated from the State of Virginia to Kentucky and Tennessee.”

My Alford & Brumfield ancestors are among the early settlers he writes about.

“As to the actual settlers who brought about this condition, it might be well to state that none of a permanent nature appeared earlier than about 1810. The settlements were founded mostly on the headrights granted by the Spanish colonial power, issued in the first year of the century shortly prior to the Louisiana Transfer. From a careful examination of the survey made in 1848 and completed in the year 1849, under the heading of ‘Greenburg District’ headrights, it is interesting to note that no grants were made in the ‘bald piney woods’ as the natives term those sections where we find no creeks, branches or rivers. Instead settlers built their little log homes, and a bit later and oh, so proudly, their first ‘box’ or frame houses, along the banks or in the valleys and swamps of the creeks and rivers. Of the old families locating in this manner Abner, Thomas and Benjamin Bickman were among the first, coming in 1807. William Brumfield came in 1809; Exediel Brumfield in 1810; Amos, Benjamin and Thomas Richardson located in 1809 and 1810; David and John Mizell (then spelled Measles) in 1812; John Simmons in 1812; William Hays and William McGeehee in 1809 and Jonathan McGeeHee in 1812. Other early settlers, whose descendants still live in this section or in our neighboring parishes were: Joseph and Shared Adams, who were the founders of the Adamstown on the Pearl River; George and John Mitchell; the Fords who were among the very first to come; Stephen Stafford; Benjamin Toney; John Thigpen who settled the community that is now Spring Hill and through whose headrights ran Pushpetappy Creek which was crossed by the famous Jackson’s Military Roads and spoken later herein; George Ellis just across the Bogue Chitto River from the present site of Franklintown; John Bickman on the immediate site of the town; Colonel Thomas C. Warner between Franklintown and what is not the Enon Community; Edwin Fussell adjoining that of Abne Bickham near the present community of Mt. Hermon on the road to the parish seat; Jim Thomas and Fanny Richardson near what is now Sheridon on Bogue Chitto Creek; David Gorman and Samuel York who founded the community of Gorman; the Lawrences from who Lawrence Creek just south of Franklinton received its name; Jacob Alford and John K. Godf who settled what is now Alfordstown; John and Isaac Irwin (now spelled Erwin); Richard Graves; Delcy Byrd on Gorman Creek; James and William Hayes who gave the name to Hayes’ Creek; James Ginn on the site of the present town of Clifton; Burwell Percy and John Edwards near the present site of Rio on the St. Tammany side; and Richard S. Chappel whose place was on the Bogue Chitto where the famous Militia Road crossed, also the branch of the Tally’s Creek southwest of Bogalusa crossed by this road; Richard Burch, coming from Germany in 1811.”

This brief history is intriguing and sprinkled with surnames that may be of relevance to your research. Even if you do not connect to these names you will enjoy the picture that the Honorable Prentiss Carter paints of life in the parish. Read, for example, this image:

“It was in the springtime of 1906, when our fair hills and valleys were at their sweetest and most superb beauty, when the wild azalea and the yellow jasmine with their perfume mingled in the freshness of the majestic yellow pines made fragrant all the atmosphere; when the dogwood blossoms showed their startling purity against the soft green of the pine needles; when the parsley haw, and the rare rhododendrons with their pink and white blossoms graced every little vale; when the tiny white, the sweet blue, and the perfect ox-eye violets mingled with the sweet red turkey-berry creepers, and the sweetheart roots underfoot; when the coral vine and wild honeysuckle encircled every tree not already encircled by the muscadine and grape; when the sweet bay and magnolia were broadcasting their rich essences, and the new growth of the pines were like the many candles of the Christmas trees of the children.”

Unfortunately the final page of this report is missing. We can only wonder what other insights he shared on that page.

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Thomas K Mark; Carpenter

Thomas Kenneth Mark
19 July 1879 OH – 12 Feb 1975 OH
My Great Grandfather

Thomas K Mark c 1967 OH

ThomasK Mark was the son of William Mark & Elidia Rebecca Ritter.[1] He was the second of 11 children. His siblings were: George Washington, Margaret Maude, Emma Jane, William Hercules, Mary, Amos Martin, Eslie Guy, Charles Forest, Elva Gale & James Everett.

In 1880 the William Mark family was in Wayne Co., OH. William was a day laborer. Thomas was one of 5 children at home.[2] By 1900 Thomas was living with Eli Reed in Lafayette, OH and working as a farm laborer.[3]

On 28 Jan 1903 Thomas married N Regina Gruissy, the daughter of Augustus Ceaser Gruissy & Esther Barbara Wolf. They were both 23 years old when they married.[4] According to a grand daughter, Thomas K. Mark did not know how to read when he got married. Regina taught him to read, using the Bible.

In 1910 Thomas & Regina were renting a farm in Westfield Twp., Medina, OH. They had three little girls: Isabell, Vera & Ivy.[5]

Thomas worked as a farmer and a carpenter. His daughter, Ivy, said he would buy a house, fix it up, sell it and buy another one. He did this about every 3 to 5 years.[6] The 1920 census shows him to be a carpenter.[7] Thomas helped to build summer cottages on Chippewa Lake, a summer resort in Medina Co., OH.[8]  In 1930 Thomas, 50 years old, was still using his carpentry skills. He & Regina were living in Guilford, OH. Four children were still at home.[9] Even after an accident that injured his back, Thomas continued building things.

My great grandfather lived a long life. My mother said they would, on occasion, get word from Ohio that he was not well and the New York relatives should come and say good bye. Relatives would quickly pack up and make the drive to Ohio only to find him in improved and good health. I remember rare visits to Ohio when I was a child but I was overwhelmed by all the relatives and often did not understand how they were connected to me.

Thomas' 95th Birthday
A clipping from an unknown newspaper wrote about Thomas’ 95th birthday.

"Thomas Mark Celebrates 95 Birthday" Seville. Thomas (T.K.) Mark will be honored for his 95th birthday Sunday from 2:30 - 4:30 p.m. during an open house in the home of his daughter, Mrs. Alvin Braun, 9846 Lee Road, Seville. He survives 13 brothers and sisters and is the son of the late William and Rebecca Mark of Overton.  He and his wife, the former Regina Gruissey [sic], who died in 1959, have lived most of their married lives in Medina, Wadsworth, and Seville. From this marriage there are seven children: five daughters, Mrs. Isabell Nee, of Wadsworth, Mrs. Vera Ballard of Lakeland, Fla., Mrs. Ivy Brown of Kinderhook, N. Y., Mrs. Viola Nothstein of Maryland, and Mrs. Wava Braun of Seville; and two sons, Owen of River Styx and Clarence of Akron, Ind.  He has 20 grandchildren, 49 great-grandchildren and 3 great-great-grandchildren. Mark laughingly recalls reading his own obituary in an Akron newspaper.  He said, "I was involved in an automobile accident several years ago sustaining a broken back and wasn't expected to live through the night and the next edition of the newspaper carried my obituary."  He continued, "However, as you can see, I am very much alive."  HIs son Owen said, "I refer to my Dad as 'Two at a time, Tom' because on our fishing trips to Quebec, Canada, he would catch two walleyes at a time using a pole and two hooks while I, using a rod and fancy lures, many times caught nothing."  His daughter Wava of Seville has a table he made while an employee of Bennett Lumber, Medina.  Mark had his appendix removed at the age of 80.  He will celebrate his 95th birthday Friday and presently makes his home in the Sara Lee Nursing Home, 140 Wall Road, Wadsworth, where he enjoys watching sports on television and winning at Bingo - the prizes being fruit. Before making his home in the nursing home, he always had a good garden reports his son Owen.”

Thomas died 12 February 1975.[10] He and Regina are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Wadsworth, OH.[11] The last of their children died in 2011. Thomas has many descendants still in Ohio and others scattered across our country. One of my cousins is a talented carpenter and I think he inherited his skill from Thomas.

Thomas K Mark & his daughter, Ivy Mark Brown [both seated]
My parents, Delbert & Joy Brown
My brothers & Me c 1963 NY

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Book Report: Selected Obituaries from Louisiana

Magee, Zuma Fendlason. Selected Obituaries from Louisiana (Washington & Tangipahoa Parishes) and from Mississippi (Pike, Walthall & Marion Counties). Volume I. Franklinton, Louisiana: Privately printed, 1976.

I found this wonderful book in the Washington Parish Library in Franklinton, LA. It has yielded lots of family details. It looks like Ms. Magee clipped and saved newspaper obituaries. Then she alphabetized them. She laid them out on sheets of paper and photocopied the pages. The obituaries give lots of information including occupations, membership in organizations and churches, parents, and survivors. The down side of these clippings is there are very few dates. We do not know the name of the newspapers or the dates they were published.

These are some family members I found in Volume I:


Arthur D. Alford.               1880 – 1958 ‘Arthur Alford Funeral Rites held Wednesday’

George Howard Alford.     1875 – 1958 ‘Prominent Progress Citizen Buried Monday; Was Pioneer Farm Leader’

Rev. N. E. Alford.              1845 – 1937 ‘Funeral Rites Set for Aged Pastor’


Ada Fortenberry Brumfield. 1894 - 1956 ‘Mrs. Brumfield Buried Tuesday at Silver Springs’

Carl Lewis Brumfield.           1890 – 1956 ‘C. L. Brumfield is Laid to Rest in Friday Rites’

Fletcher Boyd Brumfield.     1875 – 1960 ‘Mr. Brumfield funeral service held Tuesday’

Joe W. Brumfield.                1898 – 1958 ‘Joe W. Brumfield Dies of Heart Attack Monday’

John Benjamin Brumfield.    1868 – 1952 No title

This family can be found in Volume II:


Lucreta Dykes Smith.            1863 – 1957 ‘Mrs. Smith Final Rites Conducted Here 



At the top of this blog, click on My Library for many more books that I have found useful for genealogical & historical research.

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Rose Ella (Brumfield) Brown; MS Mom

Rose Ella (Brumfield) Brown
18 July 1867 MS – 2 October 1948 MS
My Great Grandmother

Rose Ella Brumfield Brown

Rose was the daughter of Jessie Alexander Brumfield & Martha Elizabeth Alford. Rose was the oldest daughter. Her siblings were: Martin, John, Fletcher, Lily, Daisy, Lucy, Sallie & Newton.

In 1870 Jessie and family were in Osyka, Pike, MS. Jessie was a farmer and Martha was the mother of 3 children.[1] Rose was 4 years old. In 1878 she was in school.[2]

In 1880 Jessie was still farming. Oldest son, Martin, was helping on the farm.[3] In 1885 Martin, Rose, John, Fletcher, Lily & Daisy were attending a local school.[4]

On 21 December 1887 Rose married Jasper Pascal Brown, son of Allen Moses Brown and Emmaline Smith.[5] Jasper was 21 and Rose was 18.[6]  Jasper and Rose were second cousins. Rose’s grandmother, Martha P. Smith Alford, and Jasper’s grandfather, Wyatt Smith were siblings. Martha and Wyatt were the children of Jeremiah and Joanna Smith.

In 1900 Jasper and Rose were still in Pike, MS. Rose was the mother of 6 children, all living: Lucy, Ina, Junius, Herbert, Mavis & Baby.[7] Lucy, Ina, Junius & Herbert were in school. [8] 1910 shows Jasper a farmer on his own farm and Rose as the mother of 9 children.[9] In 1912 6 of the children were in local schools: Thelma 5, Mildred 8; Roy 11; Lyda 13; Mavis 15 and Hubert 17.[10]

In 1920 Jasper was still farming in Pike, MS. Sons, Hubert & Roy were helping on the farm.[11] Roy, Mildred & Thelma were attending school.[12]

Sometime between 1920 & 1930 Jasper & Rose moved to William Road in Washington Parish, LA. In 1930 Jasper was 64 & Rose was 63. Two grandchildren were with them: Bernarr [son of Thelma Lady Brown] & Joseph [possibly the son of Junius]. Their son, Junius, lived next door.[13]

In 1940 they were back in Pike, MS. Jasper was still farming. Bernarr was still with his grandparents.[14]

I am fortunate that my aunt has shared some memories of Rose; snippets that bring her to life.

Granddaughter, Gen Brown, remembered that her Grandma Brown’s house smelled like lemons and tea.  When her son, Roy’s family, drove down from Ohio to visit Rose put big feather mattresses on the floor for them to sleep on. When the children lay down to sleep, their grandma knelt down to kiss them each good night.

Gen also remembered when her grandmother visited them in Ohio. Gen was just a little girl.  She went into the bedroom with her grandmother while her grandmother changed her dress, out of her travel dress.  Gen saw that her grandma had money pinned into the bodice of her slip. Rose told her granddaughter that travel was not safe; there were robbers on the roads so she pinned her money in her slip to keep it safe. 
 BROWN: Jasper & Rose 

I never met Rose. She died before I was born. Rose Ella Brumfield Brown died 2 October 1948 in MS[15]. Jasper died of bronchial pneumonia 8 June 1950 in MS.[16]  They are buried in Silver Creek Cemetery, MS.

Rose & Family:
1 Jasper Pascal Brown b: 15 May 1865 Pike, MS, d: 8 Jun 1950 McComb, Pike, MS
... + Rose Ella Brumfield b: 18 Jul 1867 MS, m: 21 Dec 1887 Pike, MS, d: 2 Oct 1948 Magnolia, Pike, MS
......2 Lucy Viola Brown b: 16 Oct 1888 MS, d: 23 Mar 1942
...... + Tate Edward Fortenberry b: 14 Jan 1885 MS, m: 17 Dec 1908 Pike, MS, d: Aft. 1940
......2 Ina Lucille Brown b: 29 Dec 1890 MS, d: 25 Jul 1972
...... + Dewitt William Alford b: 29 Oct 1874 LA, m: 8 Dec 1910 LA, d: 24 May 1942 LA
......2 Junius Earl Brown b: 12 May 1892 MS, d: Jan 1956
...... + Armetha Brown
......2 Hubert Allen Brown b: 1 Oct 1894 MS, d: 25 Nov 1971 Jackson, Hinds, MS
...... + Freddie Smith b: 19 Nov 1899, m: 10 Jan 1920 Pike, MS, d: 21 Apr 1988 MS
......2 Mavis Marie Brown b: 18 Aug 1897 MS, d: 28 Jun 1928 MS
...... + Denny Herbert Smith b: 3 Mar 1892 Tylertown, Walthall, MS, d: 18 Mar 1966 MS
......2 Lyda Mearl Brown b: 24 Dec 1900 Pike, MS, d: 06 Dec 1979 Walthall, MS
...... + Arlie Pierce b: 27 Jan 1898 Walthall, MS, d: 7 Mar 1993 Hammond, LA
......2 Roy Jesse Brown b: 8 Mar 1902 Osyka, Pike, MS, d: 12 May 1956 Magnolia, Pike, MS
...... + Mary Thelma Ellzey b: 22 Feb 1906 Pike, MS, d: Jan 1974 Magnolia, Pike, MS
...... + Ivy Regina Mark b: 8 Jun 1908 Medina, OH, m: 2 Aug 1927 Seville, Medina,OH, d: 18 Sep 2003 Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co, NY
......2 Mildred Olga Brown b: 23 Jun 1904 MS, d: Unknown
...... + James Alton Ball b: 22 Mar 1902 Angie, Washington, LA, m: 24 Dec 1921 Vernado, LA
......2 Thelma Lady Brown b: 27 Feb 1908 MS, d: 15 Nov 1979
...... + Reynolds

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