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Obituary Sunday - Book of Selected Obituaries

Magee, Zuma Fendlason. Selected Obituaries from Louisiana (Washington & Tangipahoa Parishes) and from Mississippi (Pike, Walthall & Marion Counties). Volume I. Franklinton, Louisiana: Privately printed, 1976.

I found this wonderful book in the Washington Parish Library in Franklinton, LA. It has yielded lots of family details. It looks like Ms. Magee clipped and saved newspaper obituaries. Then she alphabetized them. She laid them out on sheets of paper and photocopied the pages. The obituaries give lots of information including occupations, membership in organizations and churches, parents, and survivors. The down side of these clippings is there are very few dates. We do not know the name of the newspapers or the dates they were published.

These are some family members I found in Volume I:


Arthur D. Alford.               1880 – 1958 ‘Arthur Alford Funeral Rites held Wednesday’

George Howard Alford.     1875 – 1958 ‘Prominent Progress Citizen Buried Monday; Was Pioneer Farm Leader’

Rev. N. E. Alford.              1845 – 1937 ‘Funeral Rites Set for Aged Pastor’


Ada Fortenberry Brumfield. 1894 - 1956 ‘Mrs. Brumfield Buried Tuesday at Silver Springs’

Carl Lewis Brumfield.           1890 – 1956 ‘C. L. Brumfield is Laid to Rest in Friday Rites’

Fletcher Boyd Brumfield.     1875 – 1960 ‘Mr. Brumfield funeral service held Tuesday’

Joe W. Brumfield.                1898 – 1958 ‘Joe W. Brumfield Dies of Heart Attack Monday’

John Benjamin Brumfield.    1868 – 1952 No title

This family can be found in Volume II:


Lucreta Dykes Smith.            1863 – 1957 ‘Mrs. Smith Final Rites Conducted Here Wednesday’

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  1. That was certainly an interesting little hobby for Zuma Magee. She created a great resource for future families and genealogists, not perfect but still so useful.


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