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N Regina Gruissy; Ohio Wife & Mom

N. Regina Victoria (Gruissy) Mark
31 January 1879 OH – 24 May 1959 OH
My Great Grandmother

Nancy Regina Victoria Gruissy Mark

Regina was the youngest daughter of Augustus Ceaser Gruissy and Esther Barbara Wolf.[1] The couple had five children but only two grew to adulthood. Regina’s older sister was Rephenia Cathern (Gruissy) Nichols. She also had half siblings.

In 1880 Augustus Gruissy, his wife and five daughters were in Wadsworth, Medina, OH. Augustus was a peddler.[2] The youngest daughter was Nancy Regina. There are few references to this daughter as Nancy. When I began researching my great grandmother I discovered that some of her children did not know her first name was Nancy. She was most often called Regina.

Regina and Thomas K Mark both worked at the Medina County Home. When Thomas first saw Regina he told the other guys to leave her alone, she was all his[3]. On 28 Jan 1903 Thomas married N Regina Gruissy. They were both 23 years old when they married.[4] I am fortunate to have copies of letters written between my great grandparents. There are also letters written between Regina & her mother and other relatives. I will be sharing some of those letters in future posts. 

Dec 1902 envelope from Letter written by Regina to T K Mark

In 1910 Thomas & Regina were renting a farm in Westfield Twp., Medina, OH. They had three little girls: Isabell, Vera & Ivy.[5]  In 1920 the Mark family was on Prospect Street, Guilford Twp., Seville Village, Medina Co., OH. Thomas was a carpenter and Regina was the mother of 7 children, ages from 16 to 11 months old.[6]

In 1930 Thomas & Regina were living in Guilford, OH. Four children were still at home.[7] In 1940 they owned their home at 181 Bergey Street, Wadsworth. Three children were at home.[8]

My Aunt Gen remembered her grandmother. She said Regina was an immaculate housekeeper. There was never a speck of dust in her house. Each item had a particular place and she made sure everything was in its place. She would do her cleaning in the morning, make lunch, clean up the kitchen and then take a nap. She kept an afghan on the sofa. She’d stretch out, cover herself with the afghan and nap for half an hour. Then she’d get up, revitalized. Gen remembered going to her grandparents’ house after Regina died. Her grandfather and one of her uncles were living there. She looked around and there was dust on the furniture. That was something Gen had never seen while her grandmother was alive. 

Her granddaughters said Regina liked to crochet, make quilts and garden. She made quilts for her children. She sewed little dresses for her granddaughters.

Regina died 24 May 1959.[9]  She is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Wadsworth, OH.[10] Once Gen went to Wadsworth Cemetery with her grandmother. Regina showed her granddaughter the plot where she would one day be buried. She said she chose the spot because she "would feel the sun on her face in the morning."

Thomas K & N Regina Mark
on their 50th Anniversary

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  1. Regina understood the power nap even before the term was coined. The story of the dust and her selection of a sunny burial spot make me know her.


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