Sunday, August 28, 2016

Census Sunday: Making Sense of a Census

Calvin Smith 
1812 – 1881
 Son of Jeremiah Smith & Joanne Dillon 
my 3rd great grand uncle

Sarah Brumfield
 b 1824 
daughter of Willis Brumfield & Nancy Virginia Holmes 
my 1st cousin 4x removed

I have been tracking down census records for this couple, both of whom are related to me. The earliest that I have seen is this one from 1850. Unfortunately, the 1850 census does not show relationships to the Head of Household. That item would be a great help here because I do not think all these folks are children of the main couple. Eliza, Martha & Sarah are just too old to be daughters of Sarah. 

Calvin might have been married before & they could be daughters from that marriage. They could be cousins other relatives who were visiting at the time of the census report.

Eliza, Martha & Sarah do not show up in later census reports with this couple. Of course, they could have married and moved away. The rest of the children in the report do show up in one, two or three later reports.

I am still studying this couple, looking at 1850, 1860, 1870 & 1880 reports & trying to sort out their children.

1850 US Census, MS, Pike;

Calvin Smith, 38, farmer
Sarah, 26

Eliza E., 18
Martha J. 16
Sarah J., 14
Pernesa E., 10
Salena T., 8
Jeremiah W., 6
Margaret W., 5
Emily M., 3
Cyntha A., 2
Wyatt R., 0

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Book Report: Bute Co., NC; an Extinct County

 Bute County, North Carolina: 
Land Grant Plats and Land Entries 
Holcombe, B. H. (2007)
Westminister, MD: Heritage Books

Bute County, NC is an extinct county that had a short life. Therefore records can be difficult to find. This book is filled with land records.

“Bute County was formed in 1764 from Granville County and abolished in 1779 to form Warren and Franklin Counties.” 

All the plats & land entries are included in this book.


These land records show property owned by sons of James Alford, c 1687 – c 1730 New Kent, VA. Those sons were Julius, Goodrich & Lodwick  Alford. It also shows land owned by John Alford, son of Julius Alford & grandson of James Alford.

Bute Co. Lodwick Alford enters 200 A beginning on Ross’s line, thence to Arnold’s line thence to Wright’s line, south side of Tarr River & on the waters of Crooked Creek including Wm Alford’s Improvements. 16th March 1778.           [Lodwick Alford, s/o James Alford, 1687 – 1730]

Bute Co. Lodwick enters 200 A on south side of Tarr River, beginning at my own line, upon the Beaver Dam. Lodwick Alford, 16th March 1778 [Lodwick Alford, s/o James Alford, 1687 – 1730]

William Ferrell eters 640 A on So. Side of Tarr River, adj. Jno Farrell, Jno Cheaves, Julas Alford, Benj. Person & Burrell Perrery’s lines, 18 May 1778; Wm Ferrell [Julius Alford 1717 – 1771, s/o James Alford]

Bridges Freeman enters 620 A on Anders Creek adj. lines of Alford, Jno Mullins, Wm Freeman, Saml Jones, Jno Cooly, Hartsfield, Wright, Wommock. 15 June 1778; Bridges Freeman

Cornelius Taylor enters 280 A on waters of little Turkey Creek adj. Wm Rosses line, Wm Andrews line, Jno Drivers entry, Wm Andreys formerly belonging to Goodridge Alford including his Impt. 15 June 1778; Cors Taylor.[Goodrich Alford, s/o James Alford, 1687 – 1730]

Wm Stiles enters 400 A on waters of Turkey Creek adj. lines of Alford, Jeremiah Stevens, & Thomas Clover’s entry including 2 Improvements. 4 Augt 78; Wm Stiles

Jno Alford enters 640 A on So. Side of Tarr River on both sides of the beaver Dam adj. lines of – Gal Alford, Cheves, Alfords Entry, & Wm Ferrels Entry. 9 Novr 1778; Jno Alford    [John Alford, 1747 Bute NC – 1830 AL, s/o Julius Alford, grandson of James Alford]

Robert Butler enters 450 A on No. side of Tarr River adj. lines of his Own, Jas Hobbs, --- Alford (?), including his Improvement. 19th Decr 78; Robt Butler

Elizabeth Jones enters 200 A on No. side of Tarr River adj. lines of Capt. Ferrell, Saml Horton, Lod. Alford & Benj. Brown Including her Impt. 19 Decr 1778; Elizabeth Jones. [Lodwick Alford, s/o James Alford, 1687 – 1730]

Robt Melton enters 200 A on waters of Tarr adj. lines of the Widow Alford & including one Impt. 28 Decr 1778; Robert Melton

Jno Alford enters 400 A on waters of little Beaver Dam adj. lines of Lucey Alford including one Impt. 31 Decr. 1778; Jno Alford. [John Alford, 1747 NC – 1830 AL, son of Julius Alford & Lucy Newton, grandson of James Alford]


Jno Rice enters 300 A on the little Beaver Dam Swamp beg. At Alford’s line. 5th Jany 1779. Jon Rice

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Census Sunday: Eliza Jane Smith McClendon Fortenberry

Eliza Jane Smith 
1846 – 1905 
Daughter of Wyatt Smith & Euseba Fortenberry

Eliza married twice, first to David Jackson McClendon & later to John Norvel Fortenberry. Looking at census records, I have been able to find her with her parents and with her second husband but not with her first husband. Fortunately, the 1880 census shows children from both marriages.

1850 US Census, Pike County, Mississippi. Wyatt Smith family.

‘Wiatt’, 41, farmer, b. Mississippi; value of real estate $1,000. Wife, Libbey, 40, b. S Carolina
Children all born in Mississippi: [names as they are spelled in the report]
Sarintha, 17; William J. M., 15; Emeline M., 13; Jasper, 10; Oscar N., 8; Elija J, 6; Adollphus, 3 years old.

1880 US Census, MS, Pike; SD 3, ED 37;

Norvel Fortenberry, 27 b MS, farmer
Eliza J, 34
Carl Edith, son, 5
Burrel W, son, 3
Annie McClenden,  step daughter, 15
Eugene W McClenden, stepson, 13

1900 US Census, MS, Pike, Beat 1; SD 7, ED 104, page 21;

John Fortenberry, 48 b Oct 1851 MS; married 1873; farmer
Eliza J, 53 b March 1847 MS; mother of 10/ 7 living
Carl L, son, 26 b Nov 1873 MS; farmer
William L, son, 16 b Nov 1883 MS; farm hand
Audray E, daughter, 14 b June 1885 MS
Emma E, daughter, 12 b June 1887 MS

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Vintage Photograph: Shirley Fortenberry

Shirley Fortenberry

b 29 October 1909 MS
son of Tate Edward Fortenberry  & Lucy Viola Brown
My 1st cousin 1 x removed

Shirley is in uniform in this photo but I have been unable to find a military record for him as yet. I do not know when or where he died. I welcome more information about Shirley.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Census Sunday: Willis James Fortenberry

 Willis James Fortenberry 
1829 – 1905 
Son of William Jasper & Violette (Kennington) Fortenberry 

He married Louisa Blackwell. 
They lived in Pike Co., MS & had seven children.
 Willis was my 3rd great grand uncle.

Note: Fortenberry has variations including Fortinberry/Fortinbery

1870 US Census, MS, Pike;

Willis Fortenbery, 40 b MS, Minister
Louisa 42 b KY, house keeper
Permelia 14 b MS
John 14 b MS
Edward 12 b MS
Monroe 9 b MS
Armintha 6 b MS
Hollace 3 b MS
Harman 1 b MS
Coyabel 52 b MS

1900 US Census, MS, Pike, Tylertown, Beat 2; SD 7, ED 106, Sheet 13;

“Willis J Fortinbery” 70 b Nov 1829 MS, farmer; m 1853
Louisa, wife, 71 b Apr 1829 KY; mother of 7/ 7 living
Felder, son, 31 b May 1869 MS; farm laborer
Eliza, dau in law, 24 b Sept 1875 MS; mother of 2/ 2 living
Alberta, grand daughter, 6 b Jan 189 MS
Ecca, grandson, 4 b Mar 1896 MS

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