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Census Sunday: Eliza Jane Smith McClendon Fortenberry

Eliza Jane Smith, 1846 – 1905, 
daughter of Wyatt Smith & Euseba Fortenberry

Eliza married twice, first to David Jackson McClendon & later to John Norvel Fortenberry. Looking at census records, I have been able to find her with her parents and with her second husband but not with her first husband. Fortunately, the 1880 census shows children from both marriages.

1850 US Census, Pike County, Mississippi. Wyatt Smith family.

‘Wiatt’, 41, farmer, b. Mississippi; value of real estate $1,000. Wife, Libbey, 40, b. S Carolina
Children all born in Mississippi: [names as they are spelled in the report]
Sarintha, 17; William J. M., 15; Emeline M., 13; Jasper, 10; Oscar N., 8; Elija J, 6; Adollphus, 3 years old.

1880 US Census, MS, Pike; SD 3, ED 37;

Norvel Fortenberry, 27 b MS, farmer
Eliza J, 34
Carl Edith, son, 5
Burrel W, son, 3
Annie McClenden,  step daughter, 15
Eugene W McClenden, stepson, 13

1900 US Census, MS, Pike, Beat 1; SD 7, ED 104, page 21;

John Fortenberry, 48 b Oct 1851 MS; married 1873; farmer
Eliza J, 53 b March 1847 MS; mother of 10/ 7 living
Carl L, son, 26 b Nov 1873 MS; farmer
William L, son, 16 b Nov 1883 MS; farm hand
Audray E, daughter, 14 b June 1885 MS
Emma E, daughter, 12 b June 1887 MS

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