Sunday, August 28, 2016

Census Sunday: Making Sense of a Census

Calvin Smith 
1812 – 1881
 Son of Jeremiah Smith & Joanne Dillon 
my 3rd great grand uncle

Sarah Brumfield
 b 1824 
daughter of Willis Brumfield & Nancy Virginia Holmes 
my 1st cousin 4x removed

I have been tracking down census records for this couple, both of whom are related to me. The earliest that I have seen is this one from 1850. Unfortunately, the 1850 census does not show relationships to the Head of Household. That item would be a great help here because I do not think all these folks are children of the main couple. Eliza, Martha & Sarah are just too old to be daughters of Sarah. 

Calvin might have been married before & they could be daughters from that marriage. They could be cousins other relatives who were visiting at the time of the census report.

Eliza, Martha & Sarah do not show up in later census reports with this couple. Of course, they could have married and moved away. The rest of the children in the report do show up in one, two or three later reports.

I am still studying this couple, looking at 1850, 1860, 1870 & 1880 reports & trying to sort out their children.

1850 US Census, MS, Pike;

Calvin Smith, 38, farmer
Sarah, 26

Eliza E., 18
Martha J. 16
Sarah J., 14
Pernesa E., 10
Salena T., 8
Jeremiah W., 6
Margaret W., 5
Emily M., 3
Cyntha A., 2
Wyatt R., 0


  1. I have that same problem with the Slade line in Florida. There are a bunch of "children" listed in 1850, but they couldn't possibly belong to my 3X great-grandparents, according to the ages. Most are gone from the list by 1860. I feel for you -- send me some luck!


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