Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Research all the Branches: Brumfield & Holmes

Genealogy research does not follow a well-marked path through the forest of family trees. It rambles and curves and splits. I know there are researchers who only want to follow their direct line ancestors, the paved road. However, you never know when those overgrown paths might just lead back to your direct ancestors.

The Holmes family is not in my direct line but does connect. Elisha Holmes, Sr. & Sally Stovall had three daughters who all married into my Brumfield family. 

“Elisha Holmes, Sr., came from Georgia with his wife, Sally Stovall, a sister of Drury, Ralph and Henry Stovall. They settled on Collins Creek in the early part of 1800, contemporaneously with the Magees. They were the original ancestors of the extensive Holmes family in Pike County. They were the parents of the following children: Coleman, who married Polly Ann Foil, sister of William Foil, from Georgia; Josiah, who married Agnes Sumrall; Benjamin, who married Mary Sumrall; William who married Jane Foil, sister of Ann; Jesse, who married Nancy Sumrall; James, who married Nancy Shirley; Cynthia, who married David Brumfield; Betsey, who married Isaac Brumfield; Jennie, who married Willis Brumfield; Elisha, who married Mary Roberts, daughter of David Roberts, from Georgia; and Berry, who never married.” [Conerly, L. W. (1909). Pike County, Mississippi, 1798-1876: Pioneer families and Confederate soldiers (2008 ed.). Madison, GA: Southern Lion Books. Page 66.]

Elisha Holmes, Sr. & Sally Stovall
Parents of:

Coleman Holmes & Polly Ann Foil
Josiah Holmes & Agnes Sumrall
Benjamin Holmes & Mary Sumrall
William Holmes & Jane Foil
Jesse Holmes & Nancy Sumrall
James Holmes & Nancy Shirley
Cynthia Holmes & David (Davis) Brumfield*
Betsey Holmes & Isaac Brumfield*
Jennie (Nancy Virginia) Holmes & Willis Brumfield*
Elisha Holmes, Jr. & Mary Roberts
Berry Holmes

Davis Brumfield 1795 SC – 1863 MS, Isaac Brumfield 1801 SC – 1862 MS & Willis Brumfield 1794 SC – 1833 were the sons of John B Brumfield 1768 NC – 1845 LA & Margaret Kelly. John & Margaret were my 4th great grandparents. Youngest son of John B Brumfield & brother to Davis, Isaac and Willis was Nathaniel Brumfield 1813 LA – 1852 LA, my 3rd great grandfather. He married Charlotte Temple Ott 1815 LA – 1895.

I suggest we follow all those paths through the forest because we just do not know where they will lead. You might find another bit of data or another source to support your results.

I leave the Holmes family with this wonderful quote:

“All the Holmes who names may be found in the rolls of the several military companies of Pike and incorporated in this book sprung from Elisha Holmes, Sr., and Sally Stovall, those glorious old Georgia ancestors, like the rest of them, who first planted themselves in the wilds of the Mississippi Territory, gave to the Confederacy its heroes and its heroines.” [Conerly, L. W. (1909). Pike County, Mississippi, 1798-1876: Pioneer families and Confederate soldiers (2008 ed.). Madison, GA: Southern Lion Books. Page 67.]


Marian B. Wood said...

Great advice, Colleen! Like you, I've found nuggets among distant branches that lead to new discoveries or confirmations of connections on my pedigree lines. You never know where a clue will come from or lead you.

ScotSue said...

I agree with you about researching, not just direct lines, but also inter connecting ones. I have done this, and as a result of writing blogposts on my research, . I have made contacts with distant relations and been given a wonderful collection of photographs to use on my blog as well. I recommend it!

Michelle Ganus Taggart said...

I love this analogy and it certainly holds true. So many only want to research their direct lines. I have learned so much about my ancestors through their siblings. (I have Stovalls in my line, but it is one of the paths I haven't pursued yet.)

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Marian, isn't it a wonderful feeling when you find that information that leads you back to your main branches? Thanks for stopping by & commenting!

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

ScotSue, it is terrific when your blog leads to a cousin connection. It makes all the time spent blogging worth it, especially if it leads to family photographs. Wow!

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Michelle, Thanks for your kind comments. There are always more paths to follow that wander between our family trees. I'm sure you have great discoveries ahead with the Stovall line.

Charlie Purvis said...

Awesome, thought provoking and very accurately stated.

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Thanks, Charlie!