Thursday, May 26, 2011


I think the most difficult thing about genealogy is knowing when to stop. I’m not giving up genealogy. I will always continue to collect new information: letters, documents, photographs, stories, etc. about my ancestors. However, if I ever want to publish information I have to stop.

If The Mark Family Story: The Story of the Mark and Other Related Families:  Brown, Dick, Gruissy, Heffelfinger, Keck, Ritter, Wolf is to be shared with my family it must be published. Therefore, I must stop collecting and focus on form and format.

The deadline I and my editor (She is a harsh taskmaster.) set is the last day of this month.  Dear cousins, if you have anything you’d like to share, a photo or a story you’d like preserved for the future please contact me now. Future information will be collected and shared in my blog, or later books (Volume Two??) . I hope to hear from you.  (I can hear my editor protesting. Please ignore her.)

Friday, May 20, 2011

May Family Birthdays, May 16 - 31

Is your birthday coming soon? Maybe you share your special day with someone in our family. Look below and see. Happy Birthday!

16 May

1840    Augustus Ceaser GRUISSY, son of Christian & Mary (Grorisclauss) GRUISSY. Married three times. Made & sold homemade medicines. Died in 1915.
1885    Mary Ann Levina RITTER

17 May     

1881    Harvey Johnson ALFORD b. in Mississippi, son of Needham Edwin & Mary Luzina (Stafford) ALFORD.

18 May        

1769    Aaron BROWN. 
1777    Johan J. RITTER
1817    Ninetta WOLF
1869    Felder Herman FORTENBERRY
1874    Ellen MULLANE b. in Ireland, daughter of Daniel & Brigid (English) MULLANE.
1878    Ada Lavina MESSMORE
1887    Caldwell Wellman ALFORD

19 May        

1885    James Frederick DICKSON
1891    Rudolph Henry WOLF
1911    J. Arthur WOLF b. in Pennsylvania, son of Jonas Hankey & Una Ray (Garber) WOLF.

20 May         

1833    William G. FORTENBERRY
1841    Patrick COYLE b. in Ireland, son of Michael & Mary (Cunningham) COYLE. Married Margaret BRADY in 1870 in Ireland. Parents of 11 children. Patrick was my 2nd great grandfather.  He came to the USA in 1885.
1887    Elmer William RITTER

21 May   

1884    Gertrude Idella WOLF b. in Ohio, daughter of Joseph & Anna Eliza (Kohr) WOLF. Married Clarence Fry.

22 May        

1898    Lucia Jane SMITH, daughter of Adolphus Scott & Julia Jane (Simmons) SMITH. Married Jere Gardenhire.

23 May     

1822    Elisha BRUMFIELD b. in Louisiana, son of Willis & Nancy Virginia (Holmes) BRUMFIELD. Married Salena Arvozena Jane Warner. Elisha died in 1860.
1838    Benjamin Calvin FORTENBERRY

24 May        

1814    Elisabeth BURKHOLDER
1856    David MARK
1858    Wyatt FORTENBERRY
1915    Owen Andrew MARK b. in Ohio, son of Thomas Kenneth & N. Regina (Gruissy) MARK. Married Blanche Bowers. Father of twin sons: Danny & Denny. Owen served in World War II. He was a farmer in Ohio for many years. He was my grand uncle.

25 May   

1880    Marton RITTER was born in Ohio, son of Amos and Emma (Smith) Ritter.

26 May      

1757    Anna Catherine RITTER
1796    Theophilous DILLON b. in North Carolina, son of Richard & Anne (Lawrence) DILLON. Married Peggy Pearson.
1844    William MARK
1862    Eslie D. RITTER
1913    Viola Cathern MARK
1922    John J. BRADY

27 May      

1829    Hollander Elizabeth MORRIS b. in Mississippi, daughter of Benjamin & Hollander (Smith) MORRIS. Married Benjamin BLADES. Mother of seven children.
1891    John H. SCHILLING

28 May        

1758    Christina WOLF
1784    Joseph BALLIET b. in Pennsylvania, son of Jacob & Barbara (Ritter) BALLIET. Married Susan Green. Son: Stephen BALLIET.

29 May        

1926    Glenn Rollin MARK b. in Ohio, son of Eslie Guy & Golda Mae (Warner) MARK. Married Eva Lena Moseley. Child: Glenna Mark.

30 May        

1917    Clarence William MARK b. In Ohio, son of Thomas Kenneth & N. Regina (Gruissy) MARK. Married Lavon E. Moyer. My Grand Uncle Clarence was a great help with my genealogical research. He had notes on our family, reaching back a few generations, that he shared with me. A soft spoken gentleman, he always took the time to answer my questions about our family. He died in 2006.
1937    John Eugene JOLLIFF

31 May   

1883    Lillian ELLZEY
1884    Sallie Joy BRUMFIELD b. in Mississippi, daughter of Jessie Alexander & Martha E. (Alford) BRUMFIELD. Married Joseph Ed Brumfield. Children: Alex, Philip, Donald & David. 


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pennsylvania Research Trip, Adams County Historical Society

is located in the midst of Gettysburg. The Civil War is all around. The rolling hills are dotted with monuments. However, I was looking for information about a hundred years prior to the war. I was looking for Johan Adam Dick (1709 – 1785) & wife Anna Ottilla Knack (1711 – 1782) and family. Johan and Anna are my 6th great grandparents, through my paternal grandmother.  I know very little about the Dick family. Johan Adam Dick was born in Germany. He died in Berwick in Adams County.  He and his wife are buried in Mummerts Meeting House Cemetery in Adams County. I have visited the cemetery and photographed the tombstones. Because the couple ended up in Adams County it seemed a logical place to attempt to learn more about them.

The Adams County Historical Society has unusual hours, Wednesday through Saturday: 9-12 & 1-4 PM; Thursdays: 6-9 PM. On the day I visited there I had already been to the Snyder County Historical Society and St. John’s Black Oak Ridge cemetery. Therefore, I did not arrive in Gettysburg until the evening hours. I had only three hours to uncover data. When I entered I spoke to a librarian, letting him know who I was looking for, and he immediately took me under his wing. He brought me a pile of cemetery cards and another pile of vital record cards, both for the Dick surname. There could have been many relatives on those  cards. However, since I know so little about this branch I could only match a few.

Holdings at the Adams County Historical Society are extensive. County records include: Estate Papers, including Orphan's Court documents (1800-1999), Marriage license applications (1885-1970), Marriage returns, Birth register (1893-1905), Constable's returns (1808-1901), Tavern license records, Deed books, 1800-early 1920s with Indexes, Warrants/Patents, Surveys, Borough & Township Tax records-1800-1960. On a previous visit I had found Johan Adam Dick in land records, in the book:  Hively, Neal Otto. Original Pennsylvania Land Record Series: Berwick, Oxford, Hamilton, Reading, Tyrone, Huntington and Latimore Townships. Volume 2. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania: 2009. I purchased three volumes of HIvely’s books. I also found some of my Wolf ancestors in those books.

On this visit, thanks to the knowledgeable librarian I had access to the estate papers of Johan Adam Dick. I am anxious to look those over carefully to discover his heirs.

This was my last stop on my Pennsylvania research trip. Now that I am home again I have my pile of information, sorted by the repository where I acquired the information. I will compare my discoveries with the information I have already gathered in my Family Tree Maker computer program. Hopefully it will match up with and extend my knowledge of people in my trees. It may lead me off in new directions of research, including further trips to access information in person.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pennsylvania Research Trip, St. John's Black Oak Ridge Cemetery

St. John's Black Oak Ridge Cemetery, 
West Beaver Twp., 
Snyder Co., PA

Johannes and Maria Elisabeth (Keck) Ritter are my fifth great grandparents, related through my paternal grandmother. Johannes Ritter, Sr. was born 17 February 1743 and died 18 April 1816. On 29 April 1768 he married Maria Elisabeth Keck, born 15 April 1747 and died 02 June 1813. She was the daughter of Henry and Hannah Keck. They were one of the first settlers of West Beaver Township, Snyder County, Pennsylvania. Johannes was a Farmer and Inn Keeper. He marched to Fort Bedford in 1779 with Capt. John Rutherford's Company in the Revolutionary War.

The Ritter stones are in the foreground, to the left.
In the Ritter Family book, researched and written by Larry Knox of Ohio, there are photographs of the graves of Johannes and Maria Elisabeth. The book also includes photographs of the church. Johannes and Maria Elisabeth’s son, Daniel Ritter, was the first child baptized in the church. 

I wanted to go to the cemetery myself. The friendly librarians at the Snyder County Historical Society were very helpful, giving me directions and tips to finding the cemetery and the stones in the cemetery. 

Johannes Ritter, Sr.
Driving to the cemetery is an adventure in itself. The roads have many sharp elbow turns and there is good reason the word ‘Ridge’ is in the cemetery’s name. As a person who does not like high places I had to be brave to master the roads. 

At the cemetery there is a small stone building with information about the cemetery. Behind glass there are papers tacked up with a long list of the cemeteries residents. Beside this is a diagram of the cemetery to help locate headstones. With the photos of the headstones from the book by Larry Knox, the pointers from the Snyder County librarians and the diagram in the little stone house I set off to walk, with respect, through the graveyard. 

Maria Elisabeth (Keck) Ritter
I was very happy to locate the tombstones. I took several photos of the stones. I was surprised to find engravings on both sides of the stones. Both stones record they had been married 45 years, had ten children, 5 sons and 5 daughters. They are written in German.

Hier Ruhet
Johanes Ritter
Er Warde Geb.
Den 15 Marz 1743
Gezengt 10 Kinder
5 Sohne and
5 Docheter In
Der Dochter In
Der Ehe Gelebt
45 yahr
Den 18 April
1816 Alt 73
  Yahr 1 Monut
                                                       And 3 Tag

Due to time constraints I did not look for the other Ritters residing there. I will save that for another trip.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pennsylvania Research Trip, Snyder County Historical Society

The Snyder County Historical Society
30 East Market Street, Middleburg, PA   17842   

Snyder County Historical Society is located on a country road near a scenic stream and across the street from a Civil War monument. The library is small with shelves of books stretching to the ceiling and alcoves filled with volumes of county, town, military, emigration and other histories.  The library’s holdings include: genealogies, local histories, church records, pastoral records, microfilm records of local newspapers, and microfilms of US Census records. There are a couple large tables to spread out papers and books. A set of wooden gallows dominate one alcove. They are authentic gallows, last used in the county in 1883 and donated to the historical society. Perhaps they are a reminder to follow the rules of the library or face the consequences. 

The most valuable asset at the library however, is the friendly people there. I was looking for Johannes Ritter, Sr. 1743 – 1816 & wife, Maria Elisabeth Keck 1747 – 1813 who were pioneers in West Beaver Township in Snyder County c. 1796. The librarians helped me to find information that might match my search.
I began my visit there, at the suggestion of the librarian, by looking at genealogies of Ritters in the area. I found an early copy of: Knox, Larry D. The Ritter Family. Ohio: Privately Printed, 1999. I have this book, given to me by Larry Knox and have used it often. I also saw this book in the Lehigh County Historical Society. More than one of the binders of Ritter genealogy information may well connect to our family. However, at this time I do not know how to put those pieces together. There was one Ritter family genealogy that I can connect up with and the photocopied pages will be useful as I analyze them.

Other sources I used at the library include:

A folder of Ritter family information includes obituaries, clippings about weddings & anniversaries, etc. I asked for copies of some of this information.
175th Anniversary of St. John's Union Church. 1965. The first Baptism on record for the church was our ancestor, Daniel Ritter in 1798.
Everts, First, First Peck, and First Richards. History of that Part of the Susquehanna and Juniata Valleys embraced in the Counties of Mifflin, Juniata, Perry, Union and Snyder in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Volume II. Philadelphia: 1886.
Dunkelberger, George Franklin. The Story of Snyder County. Baltimore, Maryland: Gateway Press, Inc., 1997. Print.
Parish Records (1798 – 1857) of the St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran and Reformed Church, Black Oak Ridge, West Beaver Township, Snyder County, Pennsylvania.  Many of ‘our’ Ritter family names appear in these records. 

The librarian even presented me with a copy of: Shaffer, Jimmy A. A Look at Snyder County Before the 20th Century. Middleburg, Pennsylvania: The Country Print Shop, 1975.  In my first look through this wonderful overview of the county’s history I went to the section on West Beaver Township and found “George, Henry Jr. and Sr., and Jacob Ritter, farmers” living there between 1839 – 1850. The librarian also gave me map of Snyder County that shows the locations of all the county cemeteries. 

When I gathered up my photocopies and my laptop I asked directions to St. John's Black Oak Ridge Cemetery.  I wanted to find the graves of Johannes & Maria Elisabeth Ritter, my fifth great grandparents. I have seen photos in the book by Larry Knox but wanted to go there myself. When I told the people where I was headed everyone in the small facility was suddenly involved in giving me directions, the librarians and another patron. A gentleman went to the computer and printed out a Google map. One librarian warned me to go slow around the sharp turns on the country road. The other librarian told me about the cemetery and country store where I would make important turns. The other patron talked about the pleasures of wandering through old cemeteries. Armed with my laptop, my notebook & photocopies and the direction I headed for the door. As I left they waved me out and asked me to call if I needed more help.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pennsylvania Research Trip, York County Heritage Trust

The library at the York County Heritage Trust is a marvelous place to spend an afternoon. They have an abundance of information on families from the area. Large wooden tables give you plenty of room to spread out your papers. You will need plenty of space. They have over 8000 genealogical surname files. On my first visit there I asked for the Wolf/Wolff family file, #2736. They brought the file over on a cart. Four large archival  boxes filled to the brim with papers: family group sheets, trees, letters of inquiry, short genealogies, pedigree charts; related correspondence and copies of original documents and photos. One box alone was filled with newspaper clippings related to Wolf: marriage announcements, obituaries, honors earned, etc. I remember wishing I had someone with me to help sort it all out. I did not want to overlook a single shred of paper that related to ‘my’ Wolf branches but I had to watch the clock. I had only one day. I followed my usual plan when I have limited time at a place far from my house. I pulled anything that had a good possibility of matching and asked for photocopies so I could analyze it further at home. 

On my second visit there I asked for the Dick family file and was rewarded with one large box of goodies, followed by a long wooden box of Vital Record Cards. As their website explains: “Five sets of index cards accompany each surname file. These cards include abstracts from church records, cemetery tombstone abstractions, will books and Orphans Court dockets (1749-1850); a sampling of pre-1800 tax records; and other selected sources.” They are happy to photocopy these cards for you. A notebook explains the source code for the records and can lead you to the original.

Besides this wealth of information there are shelves of published genealogies, stretching across two walls. These vary in their usefulness and accuracy. There are probably eight volumes related to the Wolf family. My personal favorite is Wolfe, J. Arthur. Jonas Wolf of Berwick Township, York County, Pennsylvania: A History and Genealogy of a Colonial Ancestor and Some of His Descendants. Privately Published: 1987. This is filled with my family. Young, Henry James. Genealogical Reports for the Historical Society of York County, evidences of the Wolf Families of York County before the year 1950. Volume XX. The Historical Society of York County, 1938 is another useful book.

There is more information I have not begun to access at the York County Heritage Trust. This is due to lack of time, not due to any failings on the part of the library and archives. On each of my three trips they have been friendly and helpful. There are only two difficulties I encounter there. First is stopping every two hours in my research to go outside and feed the parking meter another eight quarters. The second is a lack of power outlets for my laptop. Only one small table in a corner has a power strip for times when my battery runs low. So be sure to go fully charged. I also print out my family group sheets in advance in case the power strip is being used by others.

On this visit I began by asking for the Vital Record Cards for the Wolf family. My laptop was fully charged, my pencil was sharpened and I was looking forward to going through a box of births, marriages, tax lists, etc. to see if I could match any with people from my records. After just a couple minutes the librarian wheeled a cart over to my table. There were five long wooden boxes of cards. Once again I had under estimated the scope of the Wolf family in York County, Pennsylvania. Fortunately they are able to photocopy eight or ten cards on a single piece of paper and copies are only 25 cents a page. As I made notes on the source for each card I quickly discovered a pattern. My people were, naturally, associated with particular church records. I could look not only for their names and dates, but for the particular source codes. For example code #268 is for the Emanuel Reformed Church in Abbottstown. When I finished with the box I went to the book for the church and checked that in case I had missed something in the boxes.

I also skimmed through histories of Adams & York Counties. At one time the counties were one county. I looked both in the index for my Wolf and Dick families and in the Table of Contents for the towns they lived in. I found useful information in the following volumes:

1886 History of Adams County, Pennsylvania. 1977 Reprint. Chicago: Warner, Beers and Company, 1886.
Bloom, Robert L. A History of Adams County, Pennsylvania 1700 - 1990. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania: Adams County Historial Society, 1992.
Prowell, George R. History of York County, Pennsylvania. Volume I. Chicago: J. H. Beers and Company, 1907.
Eisenhart, Willis W. A History of Abbottstown. 1953. 

As usual, I have a pile of information to sort through carefully. If you have any connection to the Wolf families in the area I strongly suggest you spend an afternoon at the York County Heritage Trust. Be sure to have plenty of quarters for parking and take a friend to help!                    


Monday, May 9, 2011

Pennsylvania Research Trip, Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum

432 W. Walnut St., Allentown, PA 18102   

When I arrived at the library I had just over five hours to complete my search for Ritter and Keck families in Lehigh County. When my time is limited I try to gather as much as I can in that time frame by looking for the surnames in the sources I identified before I left home. When I find the surname I have the title page and other identifying information along with the appropriate pages photocopied. After I leave I can look more closely at this information, along with my data base of family facts to see if they match. Sometimes this information helps to confirm what I have already uncovered. Sometimes the name is similar but not a match. Once in a while I find a treasure, new reliable information.
The museum library was a very pleasant place to spend the day. There were free lockers for bags and purses. I was one of two researchers working at the large tables. Each table had an outlet in the center for laptops. The librarians were friendly and helpful. They showed me where to find the resources I wanted to use and  they cheerfully photocopied many pages for me.
The following is a list of resources I used at this facility and, briefly, how useful they were for my investigation.

Compiled Family Histories (929.2):
Keck, Eleanor GIlbert. Keck Family. Allentown, Pennsylvania: Privately Published, 1984.
Keck, Lewis. The Keck Family History. Pennsylvania: Privately Published, 1995.
The Keck histories begin with a brief history of our progenitor, Henrich Keck. The first chapters of these histories are almost identical, word for word. From there they branch out to cover their own branch of his descendants. I copied a few pages of each.
Keck, J. A. History of the Keck Family. Privately Published, 1901.
I can access this book on the internet so I did not spend my limited  time reading it.
Compilations of the Ritter Family.
I found that these were basically a long outline of descendants. While it is nice to see such a long list of names and dates there are no sources included.
Knox, Larry D. The Ritter Family. Ohio: Privately Printed, 1999.
I have this book, given to me by Larry Knox and have used it often.

Church and Cemetery Records (284.1):
Blue Church Communicants and Confirmations: Lutheran and Reformed, Upper Saucon Twp., Lehigh County, PA
                1762. Hinrich, Johannes, Jurg, & Elisabeth Keck were confirmed. Our progenitor and three of his children.

Military Records (929.3):  
Laudenslager, David R. County of Lehigh, Allentown, PA Veterans Affairs Office, Veterans Grave Registration Record. Revolutionary War Veterans. 1. Pennsylvania: 1994.
                Found: Casper, Daniel K. & Martin Ritter. Two are a definite match. Found: Andrew, Henrich & Johannes Keck. Most likely all matches.
Laudenslager, David R. County of Lehigh, Allentown, PA Veterans Affairs Office, Veterans Grave Registration Record. War of 1812. Pennsylvania: 1994.
                Found: David & George Keck.  Still to be determined if they are ‘ours’.
Laudenslager, David R. County of Lehigh, Allentown, PA Veterans Affairs Office, Veterans Grave Registration Record. Civil War. 8. Pennsylvania: 1994.
                Found: Milton H., Samuel, Solomon B. & William D. Ritter.  Three definite matches, not sure about William.
White, Virgil D. Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Files. III. Waynesboro, Tennessee: The National Historical Publishing Company, 1992.
                Copied two pages of Ritter information that I need to look at closely.

Published Histories (974.827):
Schmehl, William L. F. Salisbury. 1976.
A wonderful little book written on the bicentennial year of the town. Includes lists of Keck and Ritter families who lived there. Both families are ‘ours’. Photo of the Keck house, a large stone structure that still stands.
Lower Milford Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania: 1976.
                General information on early settlers. No specific mention of Keck or Ritter.
Mathews, Alfred, and Austin N. Hungerford. History of the Counties of Lehigh and Carbon in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia: Everts & Richards, 1884.
                I copied several pages. Many Keck & Ritter references I will look at more closely. The book      includes information on Rittersville, PA.
History of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania and a genealogical and biographical record of its families by Charles Rhoads Roberts et al. (Allentown, 1914)
                These volumes are packed full of information. It is available on line. Not sure if all three volumes are online.

Lehigh County Historical Society, First. Register of Wills, Declaration of Deaths for Lehigh County, 1852 - 1855. 1986
                Found Ritters. John Henry Ritter (1780 - 1854) found. Michael Ritter, not sure if he connects. Stephen Ritter, might be the son of John Henry Ritter.

I would count this as a successful trip to the Lehigh Historical Society. I'd love another day there! Meanwhile, I will analyze the above information more closely.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pennsylvania Research Trip, Preparations

 Last spring I took a trip to Ohio to research my links to the Mark and Gruissy families.  This spring I am doing research in Pennsylvania to uncover more about my Dick, Keck, Ritter and Wolf ancestors. 

In looking through the information I already have on these branches of my family I can see that they lived primarily in four counties in Pennsylvania: Adams, Lehigh, Snyder and York. In some cases those were not the names of the counties when my ancestors lived. The county lines were redrawn and renamed more than once since the early 1700s. In some cases the names and borders of towns were similarly changed. Learning a little history of an area helps immensely with family history. 

When I planned my trip to Ohio I found that libraries there had genealogical sections with holdings including: published family histories, local histories, church and cemetery records, obituaries, and more. Combining the libraries with visits to the Department of Health and Probate Courts for each county gave me a vast supply of information. For this trip I went on the internet and searched for libraries in the Pennsylvania counties I hope to visit. I did not find the same resources. However I did find that historical societies are full of treasures. I found the historical society for each county, their holdings, the days & hours they are open and directions to each facility. I printed out an information page on each: the Lehigh County Historical Society in Allentown for information on the Kecks & Ritters; the Adams County Historical Society in Gettysburg for information on the Dick & Wolf families; the York County Heritage Trust in York for the Wolf & Dick families; the Snyder County Historical Society in Middleburg for the Ritter family. 

I printed out a family group sheet for each family. I do travel with my lap top computer that holds my genealogical information. However, in case there is no place to plug in my lap top (and battery life is limited) or in case of any other technological problem, I will still have information at my fingertips. On my worksheet for each county I also make a note of which particular branch of the family lived there and the years each family lived in that particular county. 

For example I would like to learn more about the Ritter family. My direct line includes, in order: Heinrich Ritter, Johannes Ritter, Sr. Johannes Ritter, Jr. and Isaac Ritter. Heinrich was born in Germany and came to Pennsylvania; both Johannes Ritters lived their lives in Pennsylvania. Isaac was born in Pennsylvania but moved to and died in Ohio. Johannes Ritter, Sr. moved in his lifetime lived in Montgomery, Lancaster, Northampton and Snyder Counties. To best use my time in each county I need to know who lived there when. I set up an accordion folder with a section for each historical society with everything from maps to family data. I have plenty of pencils because most archives do not allow pens or markers, paper clips to organize photocopies, change for copy machines, and a spiral notebook because binders are sometimes not allowed.

Yesterday I left home as the sun was getting out of bed and headed to Pennsylvania, the Keystone State.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An Old Family Tree Sketch

My paternal grandmother, Ivy Regina (Mark) Brown drew this family tree on a piece of lined paper, date unknown. It may not be beautiful or answer all the questions I have but it was useful as a starting place for further research. I especially like the bottom box where she wrote, simply, "Me".

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Family Birthdays, May 1 - 15

Is your birthday coming soon? Maybe you share your special day with someone in our family. Look below and see. Happy Birthday!

1 May        

1857    Miriam Folsom MESSMORE

2 May        

1831    Axa BRUMFIELD
1892    Charles Forest MARK, son of William & Elidia Rebecca (Ritter) MARK. Served in World War I. Married Bertha Flickinger in 1923. Children: Charles, Lucile, Virginia & William.
1941    Jerry Michael BROCK

3 May        

1694    Johan Jacob WOLF, born in Germany, son of Johannes Peter 7 Susanna WOLF. He married Anna Barbara Orth. Came to Pennsylvania in 1737.
1846    William W. Ott
1904    Marian Louise LEHMAN
1905    Alcus FORTENBERRY
1906    Jay Peter Robert SPICE

4 May      

1761    Barbara RITTER
1896    Thomas Joseph BRADY, born in New Jersey, son of John & Mary (McCaartin) BRADY. Children: John, Thomas & William.
1933    Basil Huey BALL
1943    Michael Wilson AMACKER

5 May      

1830    Thomas Jefferson FUTCH
1843    Moses WOLF b. in Pennsylvania, son of John Jonas & Sarah Ann (Chronister) WOLF. Died 14 April 1862.
1918    Eileen Mae Reis BROPHY
1940    Wreatha Jean SORRELL

6 May        

1862    Laurah Uella ELLZEY
1925    Bernarr Jessee REYNOLDS b. in Mississippi, son of Thelma Lady Brown. Married Jessie Elizabeth Overby. Children: Michael, Rebecca & Patrick.

7 May        

1936    Sophie Ann CUBBAGE married Onice Levaughn Cutrer, son of Onice Odwell & Malinda (McBrayer) Cutrer.

8 May        

1844    Joseph WOLF b. in Pennsylvania, son of John Franklin & Elisabeth (Burkholder) WOLF. Served in the Civil War. Married Anna Eliza Kohr. Children: Clementine, Gertrude, Clark & Mildred.
1882    Elmer E. LOBAUGH
1902    Fleet Rankin CUTRER
1926    William McCORMICK

9 May      

1865    Theodosia EASLEY married James Morris, son of Benjamin & Hollander (Smith) Morris.
1879    Jonathan J. MILLER

10 May        

1875    Dora A. MILLER
1891    Harry Lewis CREASY b. in Ohio, son of Philip M. & Mary E. (Wasem) Creasy. Child: Norma J. Creasy. He served in World War I.
1895    Clarence Archie FORTENBERRY

11 May     

1878    Harry E. Wolf
1886    Jonas Hankey WOLF
1898    Isaac Cornelius RITTER b. in Ohio, son of Philip & Mary E. (Cornelius) Ritter. Married Florence Edna Younker. Children: George & Lois.
1927    Myrtis Irene DYKES

12 May        

1876    Fannie Belle ALFORD
1879    Louise Sophia SCHULTZ
1892    Junius Earl BROWN b. in Mississippi, son of Jasper Pascal & Rose Ella (Brumfield) Brown. Children: Joe & Everett.

13 May      

1813    Amanda BROWN
1902    Eileen G. BANKS married Thomas Joseph BRADY, son of John & Mary (Mc Cartin) BRADY. Children: John, Thomas & William.

14 May        

1920    Evelyn May WILSON, daughter of Thomas Clarence & Euna Clarabell (Fortenberry) Wilson. Married Ausbon Johnson. Children: Dale, Rita, Philip, Kenneth & Ellen.

15 May        

1798    Martha Waddell ALFORD
1865    Jasper Pascal BROWN b. in Mississippi, son of Allen Moses & Emmaline (Smith) BROWN. Married Rose Ella Brumfield. Died 8 June 1950 in McComb, Mississippi.
1865    Chester E. FRANTZ
1925    Dale Calvin MAURER