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May Family Birthdays, May 1 - 15

Joseph Wolf Photo from Chris Zengler
1 May        1857    Miriam Folsom MESSMORE

2 May        1831    Axa BRUMFIELD
        1892    Charles Forest MARK, son of William & Elidia Rebecca (Ritter) MARK. Served in World War I. Married Bertha Flickinger in 1923. Children: Charles, Lucile, Virginia & William.
        1941    Jerry Michael BROCK

3 May        1694    Johan Jacob WOLF, born in Germany, son of Johannes Peter 7 Susanna WOLF. He married Anna Barbara Orth. Came to Pennsylvania in 1737.
        1846    William W. Ott
        1904    Marian Louise LEHMAN
        1905    Alcus FORTENBERRY
        1906    Jay Peter Robert SPICE

4 May        1761    Barbara RITTER
        1896    Thomas Joseph BRADY, born in New Jersey, son of John & Mary (McCaartin) BRADY. Children: John, Thomas & William.
        1933    Basil Huey BALL
        1943    Michael Wilson AMACKER

5 May        1830    Thomas Jefferson FUTCH
        1843    Moses WOLF b. in Pennsylvania, son of John Jonas & Sarah Ann (Chronister) WOLF. Died 14 April 1862.
        1918    Eileen Mae Reis BROPHY
        1940    Wreatha Jean SORRELL

6 May        1862    Laurah Uella ELLZEY
        1925    Bernarr Jessee REYNOLDS b. in Mississippi, son of Thelma Lady Brown. Married Jessie Elizabeth Overby. Children: Michael, Rebecca & Patrick.

7 May        1936    Sophie Ann CUBBAGE married Onice Levaughn Cutrer, son of Onice Odwell & Malinda (McBrayer) Cutrer.

8 May        1844    Joseph WOLF b. in Pennsylvania, son of John Franklin & Elisabeth (Burkholder) WOLF. Served in the Civil War. Married Anna Eliza Kohr. Children: Clementine, Gertrude, Clark & Mildred.
        1882    Elmer E. LOBAUGH
        1902    Fleet Rankin CUTRER
        1926    William McCORMICK

9 May        1865    Theodosia EASLEY married James Morris, son of Benjamin & Hollander (Smith) Morris.
        1879    Jonathan J. MILLER

10 May        1875    Dora A. MILLER
        1891    Harry Lewis CREASY b. in Ohio, son of Philip M. & Mary E. (Wasem) Creasy. Child: Norma J. Creasy. He served in World War I.
        1895    Clarence Archie FORTENBERRY

11 May        1878    Harry E. Wolf
        1886    Jonas Hankey WOLF
        1898    Isaac Cornelius RITTER b. in Ohio, son of Philip & Mary E. (Cornelius) Ritter. Married Florence Edna Younker. Children: George & Lois.
        1927    Myrtis Irene DYKES

12 May        1876    Fannie Belle ALFORD
        1879    Louise Sophia SCHULTZ
        1892    Junius Earl BROWN b. in Mississippi, son of Jasper Pascal & Rose Ella (Brumfield) Brown. Children: Joe & Everett.

13 May        1813    Amanda BROWN
        1902    Eileen G. BANKS married Thomas Joseph BRADY, son of John & Mary (Mc Cartin) BRADY. Children: John, Thomas & William.

14 May        1920    Evelyn May WILSON, daughter of Thomas Clarence & Euna Clarabell (Fortenberry) Wilson. Married Ausbon Johnson. Children: Dale, Rita, Philip, Kenneth & Ellen.

15 May        1798    Martha Waddell ALFORD
        1865    Jasper Pascal BROWN b. in Mississippi, son of Allen Moses & Emmaline (Smith) BROWN. Married Rose Ella Brumfield. Died 8 June 1950 in McComb, Mississippi.
        1865    Chester E. FRANTZ
        1925    Dale Calvin MAURER

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