Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Family Birthdays, June 1 - 15

Ivy Regina Mark
1 June        1894    Eli Eddie BALDES b. in Louisiana, son of Eli B. & Morgana Blades. Married Annie Clotee Cutrer.

2 June        1940    Dale JOHNSON

3 June        1807    Edwin SMITH b. in Mississippi, son of Jeremiah & Joanna (Dillon) SMITH.
        1855    Susan Penelope FORTENBERRY
        1878    Anna May WOLF
4 June        1832    Matilda MILLAN

5 June        1762    Jacob WOLF b. in Pennsylvania, son of Johann Jonas & Appollonia (Dick) WOLF. Married to Cornelia Knight. Daughter: Margaret Wolf.
        1783    Andrew WOLF

6 June         1821    Ann Lowery
        1931    Sally Louise SHEETS
        1932    Gerald Maurer b. in Ohio, son of Elmer & Pauline (Morrison) Maurer. Gerald died the day he was born.

7 June        1856    William Edward FORTENBERRY
        1858    Charles Sumner BROWN was born in Iowa, son of Aaron & Elizabeth Brown.

8 June        1858    Patrick Hines ALFORD
1908    Ivy Regina MARK b. in Ohio, daughter of Thomas Kenneth & N. Regina (Gruissy) Mark. She was my paternal grandmother. She married Roy Jesse Brown in 1927 in Ohio. She was the mother of seven children.  My father, Delbert K. Brown, was her oldest child. The family moved to New York State about 1941. My grandmother loved flowers & gardens. She collected milk glass. She loved spending time with her family.

9 June        1835    B. Franklin RITTER
1929    Dorothy June HURD b. in Michigan, daughter of Howard M. & Marian (Lehman) Hurd. Married Vern James Simons. Children: Stephen, Thomas & Vern.

10 June        1724    Anna Maria WOLF b. in Germany, daughter of Johan Jacob & Anna Barbara (Orth) Wolf.
        1884    Henry Lucius ALFORD

11 June        1753    Johannes Theobald RITTER
        1849    Peter Alfred WOLF
        1888    Adolphus Oliver SMITH, son of Adolphus Scott & Julia Jane (Simmons) Smith. Married to Grace Graham. Father of nine children.

12 June        1928    Olivia Margaret SHAW, daughter of John R. & Mary Jeanette (Mark) Shaw. Married David Walter Foss.

13 June        1862    Mary Elizabeth GATLIN married William Franklin Ellzey, son of John Shaffer & Saryntha (Smith) Ellzey. They had eight children.
        1897    Alva William BLADES

14 June        1798    Isaac OTT was the son of Jacob & Margaret (Jackson) Ott. He was my 3rd great grand uncle.
        1835    William J. M. SMITH
        1836    Esther Barbara WOLF

15 June        1854    Sarah Louise FORTENBERRY
        1884    Arthur Moses GARTNER b. in New York City, was the son of Leopold & Florence Gartner.

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