Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Few Favorite Ancestor Names

Mary Josephine Mullane & Michael Coyle
I have over 4,300 names in my family files at this time. At times they just blend together. However, there are a few that stand out. If you have a favorite family name  or an interesting naming pattern, add a comment.

Appollonia (Dick) Wolf, 1738 – 1791         My 5th great grandmother, born at sea as her parents traveled from Germany to America. Appollonia is a very different name that seems to have been lost through the years.

Jessie Alexander Brumfield, 1838 – after 1910    My 2nd great grandfather, born in Louisiana and lived in Mississippi. His very formal sounding name seems to fit perfectly with the time and place he lived, a southern farmer in the Civil War era.

Wyatt Smith, 1809 – 1894             My 3rd great grandfather, born in Pike County, Mississippi.  A family history written by G. K. Fortinberry says Wyatt and his wife, “blazed the trail, built the stockade a quarter mile east of the present Silver Springs Church.  Besides rearing eight children of their own, they proved their love for children by bringing up several orphan children, and counted them their own." Guess I just like the name Wyatt; it adds spark to his very common last name.
Thomas Jefferson Mark, 1840 – 1863      My 2nd great grand uncle, born in Wayne County, Ohio.  When his parents named him after a president did they think he was destined for greatness? As a soldier who died in the Civil War he did become a hero in our family. We also have a George Washington  Mark, 1878 - 1938, nephew of Thomas Jefferson. 

Mary Josephine (Mullane) Coyle, 1867 – 1927     My maternal great grandmother, born in Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland. Hearing her name it is very easy to guess at her Irish Catholic heritage and life. She was called Mary Jo by her husband, Michael Coyle. They met and married in New York City where they raised a large family.

James Joseph Coyle, 1887 – 1955. My maternal great grand uncle. Many men name sons after themselves. However this ancestor named all his sons after himself: Robert James, Thomas James, James Joseph, John Joseph and Joseph James. 

Augustus Ceaser Gruissy, 1840 – 1915    My 2nd great grandfather. Named for the first Roman Emperor, was a simple farmer in Ohio who grew herbs and made his own medicines.

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Jennifer said...

Great post!
Nicanor Gonzalo Sanchez-Tereso is one of my favorites. Some others: Solomon Hattery, Nicholas Van Cossaboon, Hedger Pierce, and Charlotta Eugenia Viktoria Klarstrom. :)