Friday, June 17, 2011

June Family Birthdays, June 17 - 30

17 June        1853    Mary Josephine WOLF
1929    Malcolm Brown Pierce, son of Arlie & Lyda M. (Brown) Pierce. Married Blanche Ritchie. Children: Malcolm & Angela.

18 June        1842    John MARK b. in Ohio, son of Abraham & Mary Isabella (Heffelfinger) Mark. He served & died in the Civil War: in 16 Regiment, Company C., Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

19 June        1827    Lorenzo Dow SNELL married Amanda Miranda FORTENBERRY, daughter of Gasua Chapman & Sarah (Brown) FORTENBERRY. HE died in 1903.
        1899    Henry Lattimore LEA

20 June        1744    Caspar RITTER
        1765    Elizabeth Bryant married Jacob ALFORD, son of Julius & Lucy (Newton) ALFORD. Their children: Needham, Sarah & Edwin Barksdale ALFORD

21 June        1846    Sara Jane FORTENBERRY b. in Mississippi, daughter of Gasua Chaman & Sarah (Brown) FORTENBERRY. She married Hiram Cutrer. They had 5 children. She died in 1890.
        1888    Amos Martin MARK
        1891    Eugene C. SMITH

22 June        1848    Adolphus Scott SMITH son of Wyatt & Euseba (Fortenberry) Smith. He married Julia Jane Simmons. They had six children. He died in 1921.
        1874    Sarah Barbara GRUISSY

23 June        1828    Elias FRANTZ
        1860    Charles Fedler McDANIEL
       1865    Charles Albert WOLF
        1878    Minnie MARK
        1892    Russel Grover MILLER
        1904    Mildred Olga BROWN b. in Mississippi, daughter of Jasper Pascal & Rose Ella (Brumfield) Brown. She married James Alton Ball. They had ten children.

24 June        1890    Hattie Rebecca WOLF
        1914    Dorothy COYLE b. in Texas, daughter of William Paul & Lauretta (Niail) Coyle. She married Philip Reilly.

25 June        1815    Nancy P. BROWN b. in Mississippi, daughter of Moses & Nancy (Perkins) Brown. She married Johnson Patrick. They had nine children. Nancy died in 1862, age 47.

26 June        1879    Albert E. FORTENBERRY
        1881    Alfred E. FORTENBERRY
        1911    Zelma FORTENBERRY daughter of Lemuel Q. & Lillian (Ellzey) Fortenberry. Married Nolan Smith. Children: James, Robert, Maxwell, Karen.

27 June        1782    Maria Elizabeth WOLF
        1785    Lydia KNAPPENBERGER married Henry Ritter, son of Martin & Anna Margaret (Steininger) RITTER. Children: Maria, Margretha, Heinrich & Daniel Ritter.
        1932    Doris Joan JOLLIFF

28 June        1743    Catherine NAUGLE
        1875    Fletcher Boyd BRUMFIELD b. in Mississippi, son of Jessie Alexander & Martha Elizabeth (Alford) Brumfield. Married Mattie. Children: Mead, Francis, Courtney & Ed Brumfield.
        1894    Elva Gale MARK

29 June        1811    John Jonas WOLF
        1817    Gideon B. RITTER b. in Pennsylvania, son of Martin & Anna Margaret (Bogert) Ritter. Married Theresa. Gideon died in 1891.
        1857    Jesse Eli BRUMFIELD
        1894    William Paul COYLE

30 June        1779    John Frederick WOLF b. in Pennsylvania, son of Johann Jonas & Appollonia (Dick) Wolf. Married Esther Barbara Wolf. They had ten children.

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