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July Family Birthdays, July 1 - 15

Patricia (Brock) & Fay Smith
1 July                     1876       Clementine Florence WOLF b. in Ohio, daughter of Joseph & Anna Eliza (Kohr) Wolf

2 July                     1865       Amanda Adarene FORTENBERRY b. in Mississippi, daughter of William J. & Elizabeth Martha (Cutrer) Fortenberry.  She married William S. Ellzey c. 1883. Amanda was the mother of ten children. She died in 1949.
                                1881       Edith Edna RITTER

3 July                     1825       Rees P. BROWN b. in Mississippi, one of seven children of Moses & Nancy (Perkins) Brown.  Children: Samantha & Anna Brown.
                                1866       Elizabeth Ellen NEE

4 July                     1823       Nathan RITTER
                                1940       William Andrew MARK b in Ohio, son of Charles Forest & Bertha (Flickinger) Mark. Married Linda Lou Danner. Children: Robin, Michelle & William Mark. 

5 July                     1879       William Isaac RITTER b. in Ohio, son of John William & Ruth Anna (Scott) Ritter. He married Louise Sophia Schultz.  They had six children.
                                1885       Spencer Sylvester McDANIEL

6 July                     1753       Elizabeth RITTER
                                1879       Willie Edgar SMITH was my 1st cousin 3x removed. He was the son of Walter Lorraine & Emma Julia (Warren) Smith. He died in 1879 at the age of 13.
                                1927       Vern James SIMONS
                                1935       Virginia Burton NEE

7 July                     1831       Richard WOLF
                                1884       George B. WOLF
                                1900       Lola Dean FORTENBERRY was the daughter of Joseph Gazie & Corine (McDaniel) Fortenberry.
                                1920       Elnora Marie RITTER

8 July                     1800       Hollander SMITH
                                1857       Alfred FORTENBERRY Jr.
                                1889       Carrie Belle WOLF
                                1937       James Paul BALL b. in Louisiana, son of James Alton & Mildred Olga (Brown) Ball. He married Wreatha Jean Sorrell. Children: David, Roger, James & Lisa Ball. He is my 1st cousin, 1x removed.

9 July                     1852       Albert Harrison BALLIET b. In Pennsylvania, son of Stephen & Ann (Lowrey) Balliet. He married Josephine Edna Ebert. He died in 1907 in New York State.
                                1870       Joseph Gazie FORTENBERRY
                                1939       Frederick Ralph BROPHY

10 July                   1795       Lydia KNAUSS
                                1894       John Ellsworth HAWK b. in Ohio, son of William & Elizabeth (Ritter) Hawk. He married Ethel Miller. 

11 July                   1787       Jonathan RITTER
                                1852       Eliza H. MORRIS
                                1878       Mayme Indiana SIMMONS
                                1894       June THORNHILL son of James Miles & Violette Eliza (Fortenberry) Thornhill. June died in 1910 at the age of 16 in Mississippi.  

12 July                   1789       Needham Judge ALFORD
                                1872       Louis Flemon ALFORD b. in Louisiana, son of Needham Edwin & Mary Luzina (Strafford) Alford. He died in 1938.

13 July                   1938       Charles Philip MORRIS

14 July                   1864       John BRADY b. in Cavan, Ireland, son of Thomas & Catherine (Gibney) Brady. He married Mary McCartin. Children: Thomas, Bernard & John Brady all born in New Jersey. John Brady was my 2nd great grand uncle.
                                1891       Irene Elizabeth ELLZEY Simmons
                                1915       Ruth Ann RITTER

15 July                   1816       Mehala SMITH
                                1842       Mary Elizabeth FORTENBERRY
                                1872       Catherine BRADY
                                1875       Helen E. VOELKER
                                1920       Jerry Sidney COMEAUX
                                1932       Patricia Ann BROCK lived her life in Mississippi where she married Fay Seward Smith, son of Denny Herbert & Mavis Marie (Brown) Smith. Their children: Patricia, Michael & Kim Smith. Patricia & Fay were warm, generous people who showed us hospitality when we visited them in Mississippi. Patricia helped with my genealogy research & with the Alford Family Association.

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