Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A New Connection

Home of Jasper Brown family. Photo from Kimmel Williams
When I began this blog in September 2010 I was hoping to keep my relatives informed about my research: new discoveries and old connections. In hearing feedback I get from my family (Special thanks to: Mark, Louise, Carol, Alyssa & Spencer) I feel I am being successful in meeting that goal. 

I had also hoped to reach out to relatives I have not yet met, to share and compare information on our mutual family trees and branches. Recently I have met my first relative through my blog!

I was recently contacted by Kimmel R. (Hutchinson) Williams, my second cousin. Her parents are Charles and Edith Rose (Ball) Hutchinson. Edith is the daughter of James Alton & Mildred Olga (Brown) Ball. Olga and my paternal grandfather, Roy Jesse Brown, b. 8 March 1902, were siblings, children of Jasper Pascal and Rose Ella (Brumfield) Brown, married 21 December 1887 in Mississippi. Jasper and Rose had nine children, all born in Mississippi. Roy and Mildred were numbers 7 & 8. It is interesting to consider that, all these years later, their descendants are meeting on the internet.

We are just beginning to share information and photographs. I am thrilled we have made this internet connection and look forward to learning more.


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Meeting new cousins is always so exciting. Congratulations!