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July Family Birthdays, July 15 - 31

Delbert K. Brown
16 July        1805    Gasua Chapman FORTENBERRY was born in South Carolina, son of William Jasper & Violette (Kennington) Fortenberry. He married Sarah Brown. He was a farmer.  They had nine children. Gasua died in 1884 in MS.

17 July        1893    Frederick Isaac RITTER was born in Ohio, the son of Anthony Casper & Emma Alice (Mowrer) Ritter. He married Ella Mae Sprankle. Their children: Kathryn & Dean Ritter.  Frederick Isaac Ritter served in World War I.

18 July        1867    Rose Ella Brumfield lived in MS. She was the daughter of Jessie Alexander & Martha Elizabeth (Alford) Brumfield. She married Jasper Pascal Brown in 1887. They had nine children. Rose was my great grandmother.
        1925    John Snyder

19 July        1879    Thomas Kenneth MARK lived his life in Ohio. He was the son of William & Elidia Rebecca (Ritter) Mark. He was a farmer & a carpenter. He married N. Regina Gruissy in 1903. They had seven children, all born in Ohio. He lived to be 95 years of age.
        1916    Gladys May MOORE

20 July        1746    Anna M. GERMANTOWN
1852    William Franklin ELLZEY was born in MS, son of John Shaffer & Saryntha (Smith) Ellzey. He married Mary Elizabeth Gatlin. They had eight children. He was a farmer on a general farm.

21 July         1815    Martin B. RITTER
        1845    Frederick Jacob WOLF
        1882    Nathaniel GARDNER was my maternal grandfather. He was born in New York City, son of Leopold & Florence Gartner. He worked for the Western Union Telegraph Company for over 50 years, beginning as a messenger boy and becoming a branch manager. On 9 May 1921 he married Helen Francis Coyle. They had one daughter, Alberta Joy (Gardner) Brown.

22 July        1914    Marian Louise MOORE

24 July        1747    Casper RITTER
1866    Martha A. ALFORD married William J. Smith, son of William J. M. & Rachel (Ellzey) Smith. She had seven children. She died in 1926.
        1914    Marian Louise MOORE

25 July        1929    Everett Leroy WILSON was the son of Thomas Clarence & Euna Clarabelle (Fortenberry) Wilson. He was my 4th cousin, 1x removed.

26 July        1806    Edward S BROWN
        1808    Theobald RITTER
        1867    Samuel J ELLZEY
        1878    Dixie Irene SMITH was the daughter of Adolphus Scott & Julia Jane (Simmons) Smith. Adolphus Smith was a dentist. She married Hugh Algernon Brown.
        1928    Mavis Addie DYKES

27 July        1766    Nathaniel RITTER
        1780    Johann Philip RITTER
        1851    John H. WOLF
        1855    Robert R. RITTER
        1905    Vera Victoria MARK
        1928    Delbert Keith Brown was my father. He was born in Ohio, the oldest child of Roy Jesse & Ivy (Mark) Brown. On 8 August 1948 he married Alberta Joy Gardner. They lived in Germantown, NY. Delbert was a mechanic & trucker.

28 July        1915    Clarence William WILSON was the son of Thomas Clarence & Euna Clarabelle (Fortenberry) Wilson.

29 July        1842    John D. BRUMFIELD was born in Louisiana, son of Nathaniel & Charlotte Temple (Ott) Brumfield. He married Zadie Martin. Children: John D. T. & James H. John was a farmer in Washington Parish, Louisiana.  He died in 1903.
        1912    Marshal Heigle
        1922    Eugene C. PIGOTT

30 July        1854    Elidia Rebecca RITTER
1872    Cora Bell MARK was born in Ohio, daughter of William & Emma Abeline (Flory) Mark. She married Edward Newell. Children: Edna and Maude. She died in 1905.
        1889    James Ray MILLER

31 July        1915    Ruth Geneva JOLLIFF was born in Ohio, daughter of Samuel Martin & Margaret Maude (Mark) Jolliff. She married Herbert Phillip Mullen, Sr. in 1936. Their son is Herbert Phillip Mullen, Jr. She was my 1st cousin, 2x removed. We corresponded at one time and she shared some genealogy information. She died in 1997.


  1. I was reading your Family names list and wanted to mention that there is a Kecksburg PA. It is located in SW PA in Westmoreland County. I have no idea about any connection but thought I would give you the informaiton.

    It is most famous for an UFO incident.

  2. Thanks! I had not heard about it but will be sure to research it.


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