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March Family Birthdays, March 16 - 31

Is your birthday coming soon? Maybe you share your special day with someone in our family who came before. Look below and see. Happy Birthday!

17 March    My Birthday!

1869    Patrick MULLANE was born in Tipperary, Ireland, son of Daniel MULLANE & Brigid English. He died 29 August 1881 at the age of 12.

18 March   

 1787    Andrew WOLF was born in Pennsylvania, son of Johann Jonas WOLF & Appollonia DICK. He married Catherine DICK. They had 11 children. He was my 4th great grand uncle. He lived to be 80 years old.
1835    Joel H. GOOD
1873    James Elmer MESSMORE
1882    Daniel Joseph MULLANE Jr.
1938    Milo D. MESSMORE

19 March    

1804    Elizabeth WOLF
1856    John NEE
1861    William Henry MESSMORE
1900    Marion COYLE was born in New York City, daughter of Michael COYLE & Mary Josephine MULLANE. She married James Joseph McCALL.  She died 9 January 1991, at the age of 91. She was my grand aunt. Visiting her in NY City was always a treat.

20 March    

1909    Milton Wallace RITTER
1921    Jessie Miles HALL in Mississippi. He married Sylvia Rayleen BROWN in 1942. She was the daughter of Roy Jesse BROWN & Mary Thelma ELLZEY.
1937    Jackie JOHNSON

21 March   

1832    Julia Ann ALFORD
1903    Glenn Aaron SPICE born in Ohio, son of Arther SPICE & Emaline Floy MOORE. He married Genevieve Quinlin WILSON. Their children: Philip, Joanne & Gary.

22 March    

1825    Harriet Jane ALFORD
1853    Jessie Crawford FORTENBERRY
1902    James Alton BALL was born in Louisiana, son of James J. BALL & Mattie Dennison. He married Mildred Olga BROWN. They had 10 children.
1931    Lola Mae BALL

23 March    

1938    Alice FORTENBERRY was the daughter of Roy Luther FORTENBERRY & Zelda Marie ALFORD.

24 March    

1861    Seth Benner MORRISON was born in Pennsylvania, son of William Hiram MORRISON & Emily Benner. He married Margaret Jane GRUISSY in 1890. He was a farmer.
1866    Matilda Jane RITTER

25 March   

1802    Martha P. SMITH was born in South Carolina, daughter of Jeremiah SMITH & Joanna DILLON. She married Edwin Barksdale ALFORD. They had 13 children, all born in Mississippi. She was my 3rd great grandmother.
1842    Martha Jane ALFORD

26 March    

1784    John RITTER
1815    Reuben B. RITTER
1922    Julius Robert FORNEA
 1928    Alberta Joy GARDNER born in New York City, daughter of Nathaniel GARDNER & Helen Francis COYLE. On 8 August 1948 She married Delbert Keith BROWN, son of Roy BROWN & Ivy MARK. This is my mother who inspired my longing to learn more about my Irish roots and who is never far from my heart.
1929    Eva Grace JOLLIFF

27 March    

1823    Charles Dawson BRUMFIELD
1935    Edith Rose BALL was born in Louisiana, daughter of James Alton BALL & Mildred Olga BROWN. She married Charles Kay HUTCHINSON. Their children: Kimmel, Charles & Thomas.
28 March    

1931    William BRADY was the son of Thomas Joseph BRADY & Eileen G. BANKS. He died in January 1975.

29 March    

1860    Thomas BRADY
1915    Kenneth Edward KNOX was born in Ohio. He married Helen Pearl RITTER, daughter of William Isaac Ritter & Louise Sophia SCHULTZ. Their son, Larry Dean KNOX has written a detailed history and genealogy of the RITTER family.

30 March    

1834    Louisa WOLF was the daughter of Frederick WOLF & Louisa GOETZ.
1896    Mary Isabell RITTER
1906    Myrle D. SIMMONS

31 March    

1834    Willis Nathaniel BRUMFIELD
1867    Richard Silman BRUMFIELD
1891    Peter BRADY
1938    Geraldine POWELL was the daughter of Ross POWELL & Edna Margaret WILSON. She married Quinton FLOYD. She’s my 5th cousin.

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