Saturday, April 13, 2013

Surname Saturday - Alphabetical Ancestors - G

Working my way through the alphabet and taking another look at the surnames linked to my various trees. Some are branches with very few leaves and others are quite full. I post them in hopes of discovering new contacts to expand my knowledge of these names. If you see some leaves & branches from your trees, let’s share & compare.

G is for these Surnames…

My great grandfather was Leopold Gartner/Gardner [1860 Austria – 1948 NY]. He was a tailor in New York City for many years. In 1878 he married Fannie Edelstein. They had five children. I know very little on Jewish research and would be very interested in research tips. I believe Leopold’s father was Marcus S. Gartner.
My third great grandmother was Catherine Gibney [c 1818 – 1873 Ireland]. She married Thomas Brady [d 1914 Ireland]. They lived in County Cavan and had nine children. I would like to learn abouther parents and siblings.
A handful of people with the Good surname join up with my trees. Albert Edward Good [1883 OH – 1965 OH] married Elizabeth Lodema Moore. Their six children were born in Ohio. Albert was a conductor on the railroad for many years. Albert’s parents were Joel H Good & Margaret Brown.
Mary Grorisclauss was my third great grandmother [d c 1849]. She was born in Switzerland. She married Christian Gruissy [1811 Switzerland – 1907 OH]. They had four children. My information ends there. I am not even sure I am spelling her maiden name correctly.
My fourth great grandfather was Christian Gruissy [b c 1792 Switzerland]. Tracing this family is difficult because the name is often misspelled; there are more females than males; and later generations changed the name to Creasy. They were centered in Stark County, Ohio. Christian’s wife was Barbara Straum & their children were Christian, John & Rosanna. Christian Jr. was married twice. His son, Augustus Ceaser Gruissy, was married three times.

Other ‘G’ Surnames in my tree: Galer, Ganung, Gillaspie, Graves, Griffin

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