Friday, December 1, 2023

Wedding: Brumfield & Rodgers, 26 Dec. 1937, MS

This wedding notice is brief but, besides giving me some family information I did not have before I read it, includes some charming details. I like the way the wedding was "quietly solemnized." I am guessing that means it was a small gathering rather than a big event. I like that George has "farming interests." I assume this is an elegant way to say he was a farmer. The reporter used some wonderful words to describe the beginning of a new marriage.

George Henry Brumfield

4 December 1911 MS – 1 March 1993 MS

Son of John Benjamin Brumfield & Mary Ellen Gent




Ada Rodgers

22 May 1906 MS – 18 January 1992


Wedding Day

 26 December 1937 MS

Clarion - Ledger
Jackson, MS, 18 Jan 1938, page 5


  1. A dignified marriage announcement with so much genealogical info!

  2. Lots of great details here. I love newspaper accounts of weddings!

  3. Ah, for the days when gentility ruled the society pages. These days, because of risks of burglary and identity theft, there aren't any society pages. What a world. Old newspapers are wonderful sources of family information.

  4. Thanks for the comments. Society pages were once very important for people to keep updated on the others in their communities. That are charming to read.

  5. So much good genealogy info in here!

  6. This is a charming announcement containing valuable family information. I wonder who K.C. Brumfield was, since he hosted the wedding at his home? An uncle perhaps?

  7. Love that you are getting to know your family through the papers and preserving them here for future generations or maybe "cousins" to find. I also always like how you include a small chart of the family being mentioned. :)


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