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Census Sunday: Leopold Gartner family in NY

Leopold Gartner/Gardner was my great grandfather. He came to the US about 1875 from Austria/Hungry.  Census reports show his growing family, his children as they left home, the death of his wife, and Leopold when he lived with his married daughter.

Census reports are a good resource to begin to build a family timeline. Add births, deaths and marriages and then discover where family stories fit in.

Leopold Gartner

Leopold Gartner
April 1860 Poland - 13 Jun 1948 NY

1880 US Census, NY,  New York City; Vol.50, E.D. 143, Sheet 36; Line 44; New York State Library, Albany, NY, Microfilm Box #69; Leopold Gartner at 59 Pitt Street.

Leopold Gartner, white Male. Age 24, Tailor on Coats, Self and Parents born in Hungary. 
Wife: Fanny.  
Daughter: Lora
Brother-in-law. John Ellstene

1900 US Census, New York,  Manhattan; Vol.169, E.D. 804, Sheet 16; Line 64; New York State Library, Albany, NY; Leopold Gartner family at 445 East 83rd Street, Manhattan.

Leopold Gartner, White Male, Head of Household, Age 40, b. April 1860 Married 23 years, Self & Parents born in Austria, Came to USA in 1874, Naturalized Citizen, In the USA 26 years, Tailor, Can read, Write & Speak English.
Wife: Florence
Children: Florence, 21; Nathen, 10; Moses, 15; Albert, 11; Annie, 8

1905 New York State Census, New York County, Manhattan; ED 13, AD 30, Block A, Page 8; NYS Library, Albany, NY; Louis Gardner family on East 87th Street.

Louis Gardner, 43 b Austria, tailor
Fannie, 41 b Austria, House work
Florence, daughter, 20 b US; clerk
Nathan, son, 19 b US; telegrapher
Moses, son, 17 b US; telegrapher
Albert, son, 15 b US; at school

1910 US Census, NY, Manhattan; SD 1, ED 491, Sheet 4B; NYS Library, Albany, NY;  Leopold Gardner family at 58 West 118th Street.

Leopold Gartner, 56 b Hungry, widowed
Moses, son, 26 b NY, Telegrapher
Albert, 21 b NY, Salesman Dry Goods
Anna, 19 b NY, no job

1915 NY State Census. Not Found

1920 US Census, New York,  Manhattan, Vol. 280, E.D. 1319, Sheet 14; Line 26; New York State Library, Albany, NY. Microfilm Box #308; Leopold Gartner Family at 234 W120th Street.

Leopold Gartner, Head of Household, Rented Home, White Male, Age 61 Widower, Came to USA in 1875, Naturalized, Can read & Write, Self and Parents born in Hungary. Can Speak English. Tailor.
Nathen, 38, telegraph operator
Moses, 35, telegraph operator
Anna, 26, telegraph operator

1925 New York State Census; 1925; A.D. 19, E.D.8; 289; New York State Library, Albany, NY: Leopold Gardner family at 234 West 120th St.

Leopold Gardner, Age 64, b. in Hungary. Tailor. Naturalized: "Superior April 2, 1888".
Living with two children: Moses and Anna.

1930 US Census, New York City, Manhattan. Leopold, 75 & Anna Gardner, 38 & Single.

1940 US Census, New York, Erie Co, Buffalo, SD 40, ED 64-505, Sheet 62A, April 10;; Weissberg family at 77 Manchester Place.

Samuel Weissberg, 61 b Austria. $35 rent. finished grade 7. Lived in same place in 1935. fur worker/ retail furrier. seeking work. income $600. worked 16 weeks in 1939. naturalized citizen.
 Florence, 58, b NY. finished High School.
Leopold Gardner, father in law, 80, b Austria. finished grade 6


  1. Colleen, I like the way you show the progression from the earliest Census to the latest Census you can find. For the missing NY 1915 info, have you looked at Family Search? Its transcriptions are sometimes different from Ancestry. Also Heritage Quest might have different transcriptions. Good luck!

  2. Marian, thanks. I will check Family Search for the 1915 census.


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