Friday, April 22, 2011

A Tribute to Wava Alice (Mark) Braun

I have recently learned that my paternal Great Aunt Wava Braun has died. She was a wonderful, strong Ohio farm lady.  My children loved to visit the farm so they could feed the chickens and play with the barn cats. During my trips to Ohio and in our letters to each other she shared family stories, photographs and updates with her growing family.

Wava Alice Mark Braun
22 Jan 1919 OH - 15 Apr 2011 OH
Daughter of Thomas K. Mark & N. Regina Gruissy

Wava A. Mark
Wava was the youngest child of Thomas and Regina Mark, born 22 January 1919 in Medina County, Ohio. Her oldest sister, Isabell, was 16 when Wava was born.  When Wava was a little girl she had chores. She said she stood on a stool so she would be tall enough to wash dishes.  She remembered taking bathes in a big tub on the kitchen floor. Wava also remembered a neighbor lady who let them ride her old horse. Wava said, “Clarence and I’d go on down the road and we’d stand on the gate to get on the horse.” She said her family had a cow and chickens. She and her siblings helped take care of the animals.

On 11 January 1941 Wava married Alvin H. Braun. Wava and Alvin lived on their farm on Lee Road in Seville, Ohio for over 50 years.  Wava never drove a car but she could drive a tractor on their farm. Over the years Wava & Alvin were able to do less on the large farm but still kept quite busy.  In April 1994 Wava wrote, “I helped with the church Rummage Sale. That takes at least three days getting ready. Then Alvin was trying to get the chicken yard moved, so between him and I we managed that. Our neighbor plowed the garden so I want to plant potatoes. It has been too cold nights to plant much yet.”  In August 1994 Viola wrote, “I had so many beans I gave them away, canned 46 Pints and 26 pints red beets, froze Swiss Chard, Broccoli, Cauliflower. Canned elderberries yesterday. Hoping to get a lot of tomatoes but nights are down in the 50s.”

Uncle Alvin died 4 June 2000. Wava stayed in her home with the help of friends, neighbors and family who took her shopping, to church and kept an eye on her. In 2009 Wava moved out of her farmhouse to live in a house on the farm of her daughter, Ann. Ann and her family could help take care of her there. In the fall she moved to the Apostolic Christian Home in Rittman. I saw her in April 2010. She was doing well and enjoying visits from her family. Aunt Wava will be missed by many people.

Her obituary in the Daily Record:
Wava A. Braun, 92, passed away April 15, 2011 at the Apostolic Christian Home. She was born near River Styx to Thomas and Regina Mark. Wava married Alvin Braun in 1941 and they lived their life on a farm in Guilford Township. Wava was a very active member of the Seville United Methodist Church. She volunteered in many church activities but especially enjoyed the children. She served as Sunday school superintendent, teacher, secretary and was active in the United Methodist Women’s group and the Unity class. Wava also enjoyed embroidery. She was active in the Farm Bureau and Grange. She is survived by daughters Ann (John) Long of Wadsworth and A. Jane Perry of Rittman; seven grandchildren; 20 great-grandchildren; and two great-great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband on June 4, 2000.
The Braun Farm House

..... 1 Thomas Kenneth Mark
..... + Nancy Regina Victoria Gruissy
........... 2 Isabell Esther Mark
........... + Roy Edward Nee
........... + William Ream
........... 2 Vera Victoria Mark
........... + Robert E. Ballard
........... 2 Ivy Regina Mark
........... + Roy Jesse Brown
........... 2 Viola Cathern Mark
........... + Raymond Alexander Nothstein
........... 2 Owen Andrew Mark
........... + Blanche Adele Bowers
........... 2 Clarence William Mark
........... + Lavon Eleanor Moyer
........... 2 Wava Alice Mark
........... + Alvin Henry Braun

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