Monday, September 19, 2011

An Expanding Family Gathering

top: Pat & Colleen; Middle: Tara & Lisabeth; botton: Marcia & Lucille
Many people are intimidated by the thought of family reunions. They visualized scores of people and a logistical tangle. You can however, think small and have a successful gathering with plenty of time to talk, share and enjoy each other.

This weekend was our annual connection with our Coyle Cousins. In 2008 we met for a long afternoon in Waterbury, Connecticut, the home of our mutual ancestors, Patrick & Margaret (Brady) Coyle. We talked for hours in an Olive Garden and realized we needed more time to connect. In 2009 we spent a weekend at Pat’s waterfront home in New Jersey. Besides comparing family trees we enjoyed the water, shopped for antiques and discovered many things we have in common (like freckles!). In 2010 the cousins came to my house in New York State. We expanded from Pat Brady, Tara (Herbert) Cousins and myself to include a newly found cousin, Lisabeth Timothy and her family. A BBQ and a boat ride on the Hudson River were fun components of the weekend. 

Minute Man National Historic Park
This year we were in Massachusetts at Tara’s & Ashley’s marvelous house. We had a beautiful Saturday for our visit to the Minuteman National Historic Park in Concord and a stop at a farm stand for the best corn on the cob ever. Despite all the pampering by Tara & Ashley the best part of the weekend was meeting even more family members! Lisabeth brought along her delightful parents, Charles & Lucille (Coyle) Timothy. Lucille greeted me by reaching out and touching my face and saying, "I know that face. You are a Coyle!" Lucille brought along photos & stories to share. A surprise guest was Tara’s sister, Marcia Cass Herbert, who came over from Cape Cod to meet more family. We took a tip from old photos we were looking at and gathered on a set of steps for a fun photo.

Home again, I am anxious to analyze all the new family information I now have. I look forward to next year’s gathering! Maybe we can discover more cousins to join us then.

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