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October Birthdays, October 1 - 15

Hubert Brown
1 October            1894       Hubert Allen BROWN was born in Mississippi, son of Jasper Pascal & Rose Ella (Brumfield)  Brown. He married Freddie Smith in 1920. They had six children. Hubert was a veteran of World War II. He was a farmer. He died in 1971.
                        1932       Robert M. BERISWELL

2 October            1847       Jesse L. ALFORD was born in Louisiana, son of Reverend Warren Jackson & Celia Ann (Lewis) Alford. He died in 1911.
                                1850       William Jesse FORTENBERRY
                                1867       Harrison H. BURCH

3 October            1880       Alice Leota HEACOCK was born in Ohio. She married William M. Mark, son of William & Elidia Rebecca (Ritter) Mark. They were married in 1899 and had seven children.

4 October            1847       Ira Newton ALFORD was born in Louisiana, son of Ira Payne & Elizabeth Hope Alford.  He married Samantha Ott. They had seven children.
                                1907       Mirian M. MINTER

5 October            1800       Susanna RITTER
                                1819       Joanna SMITH
                                1851       John Narvel FORETNBERRY was born in Mississippi, son of Burrell Taylor & Eliza Jane (Ellzey)   Fortenberry. He married Eliza Jane Smith. He died in 1920.

6 October            1892       Elizabeth Lodema MOORE was born in Ohio, daughter of Peter Jonathan & Caroline Louise (Gruissy) Moore. She married Albert Edward Good. They had six children: Ethel, Catherine, Harold, Joel, Margaret & Helen.

7 October            1745       Richard DILLON was born in Norfolk, Virginia, son of James Theopilous & Mary Dillon. They were married about 1776. They were my 5x great grandparents. They had eight children. Richard died in Mississippi in 1833.

8 October            1932       Elvera Lucile WILSON was the daughter of Thomas Clarence & Euna Clarabelle (Fortenberry) Wilson. She’s my fourth cousin, once removed. 

9 October            1805       Jane SMITH
                                1873       Isaac J. WOLF
                                1917       Joel Moore GOOD was born in Ohio, son of Albert Edward & Elizabeth Lodema (Moore) Good. Joel married Helen Delores Janisky in 1942. They had five children. 

10 October          1842       George Washington WOLF was the son of Frederick & Louisa C. (Goetz) Wolf. He married Margaret Ann Culp in 1864. Their son was Joseph William Wolf.
                                1879       Elmer Howard WILSON
                                1881       Elizabeth SHIFFERLY

11 October          1807       John Seaborn ALFORD & Seaborn John ALFORD were twin brothers born in North Carolina, sons of Julius & Lucy (Newton) Alford.  Seaborn John died in 1884 in Mississippi. John Seaborn died in 1891 in Louisiana.
                                1872       Lynnie Blanche SMITH

12 October          1848       Ruth Anna SCOTT married John William Ritter in 1871 in Ohio. He was the s on of Isaac and Isabell (Fisher) Ritter. They had eight children.  Ruth died in 1900.
                                1857       Joseph Millen NEE
                                1927       Gordon Eugene JOLLIFF

13 October          1928       Margaret Louise GOOD was born in Ohio. She married Howard Wendal Hixon. Four children: Howard, Harold, Patricia & Kathleen.
                                1774       Maragaretha RITTER

15 October          1845       Needham Edwin ALFORD was born in Mississippi, son of Rev. Warren Jackson & Celia Ann (Lewis) Alford. In 1869 he married Mary Luzina Stafford. They had twelve children.
                                1862       James Miles THORNHILL

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