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October Birthdays, October 16 - 31

Tate & Lucy (Brown) Fortenberry
16 October          1836       Louisa Ollevia FORTENBERRY
                                1868       Margaret NEE
                                1888       Lucy Viola BROWN was born in Mississippi, daughter of Jasper Pascal & Rose Ella (Brumfield) Brown. She married Tate Edward Fortenberry in 1908. Their children: Kenneth, Shirley & Cecil.

17 October          1871       Algedena GRUISSY was the second child of Augustus Ceaser & Esther Barbara (Wolf) Gruissy. She died in Ohio the year she was born. Of Esther & Augustus’ five children, three died as children.
                                1884       Mary C. SMITH

18 October          1781       John George WOLF
                                1877       Milton Adolphus SMITH

19 October          1917       Nathalee SMITH was the oldest child of Denny Herbert & Mavis Marie (Brown) Smith.  She married Jerry Sidney Comeaux in 1941.

20 October          1794       Susan GREEN
                                1813       Margaretha RITTER
                                1860       Gabriella SANDERS
                                1866       Bartholomew Anthony BRADY was born in Ireland, son of Thomas & Catherine (Gibney) Brady. He married Mary Agnes Reddan in 1900 in New Jersey.  Bartholomew was a policeman for East Orange, New Jersey. He retired in 1931.

21 October          1857       Anna Esther WOLF was born in Iowa. She was the daughter of William and Sarah Jane (Wilson) Wolf. She married Thomas Filmore Dickson. James Frederick Dickson was their son.

23 October          1805       Maria RITTER
1863       Caroline Louise GRUISSY was born in Ohio, daughter of Augustus Ceaser & Mary Ann (Everett) Gruissy. In 1882 she married Peter Jonathan Moore. Their children: Emaline, Lillian Vera, Floyd, Frances Gertrude, Elizabeth & Ralph. She died in 1936.
                                1900       Donna Strom BROPHY
                                1900       Alva Edwin ELLZEY

24 October          1824       Henry William Leander LEWIS
1852       Emma Abbline FLORY was the first wife of William Mark. They married in 1870, after he returned from the Civil War. They had two children: Cora Bell & Marian. She died in 1877, at the age of 24.
                                1863       Martha E. ALFORD
                                1887       Clarence WOLF
                                1899       George Washington CUTRER

25 October          1790       Mary Magdelena RITTER
1853       Richard FORTENBERRY was born in Mississippi, son of Alfred & Aderine Mary (Faulk) Fortenberry. He was my first cousin, 4 times removed.
                                1869       Julius ALFORD
                                1908       Theodore Roosevelt MORRIS
                                1909       Delphin Delmus MORRIS

26 October          1779       Nancy Ann DILLON was born in North Carolina, daughter of Richard & Anne (Lawrence) Dillon. She married John Stallings. Nancy died in 1869.
                                1852       Leah E. BRUMFIELD
                                1878       Frank Samuel WEISSBERG

27 October          1765       Cornelia KNIGHT
                                1845       Elias McDANIEL
                                1888       Frances Gertrude MOORE was born in Ohio, daughter of Peter Jonathan & Caroline Louise (Gruissy) Moore. She married William Clarence Brophy. Their children: Glen, Caroline & Donald. In 1920 William worked for the Gas & Fuel Company.

28 October          1877       Jason Abraham ALFORD was born in Mississippi, son of Needham Edwin & Mary Louiza (Stafford) Alford. Jason lived to be 96 years old.
                                1896       James Everett MARK
                                1918       Woodrow Wilson SIMMONS

29 October          1718       Maria Barbara WOLF
                                1808       Salome ROTH
                                1869       Frances Dora ALFORD
                                1874       Dewitt William ALFORD
                                1909       Shirley FORTENBERRY was born in Mississippi, so n of Tate Edward & Lucy Viola (Brown) Fortenberry. He married Thelma Ginn. They had three children: Charles, Dorothy & Shirlene.
                                1929       Barbara A. KOZLAK

30 October          1875       Clarence Lee Guy WOLF was born in Iowa, son of Isaac Ezra & Mary Cathrina (Wireman) Wolf. He married Maude E. Collins in 1901 in Oklahoma. 

31 October          1916       Kathleen Gloria COYLE was born in New York City, the youngest child of Michael & Mary Josephine (Mullane) Coyle. She never married, living with her sisters.  She died in Arizona in 2007.
                                1919       Selwyn Alex BRUMFIELD
                                1930       Seth O. DILLON Jr.

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