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September Brithdays, September 1 - 15

Emily Augusta Morrison
1 September      1863       Emma WOLF was born in Ohio, daughter of John Franklin and Caroline (Orwig) Wolf.  She married C. Prentice Waldo. Their children: Lydia, Winfred, Waylan & Blake.
                                1906       E. J. FORTENBERRY

3 September      1773       Catherine Eva RITTER was born in Pennsylvania, daughter of Johannes & Maria Elisabeth (Keck) Ritter. She married Henry Romig.  Seven children: Jonathan, Henry, Maria, Jesse, Charles, Susan & Lea.                         1846       Margaret Ann WOLF
                                1853       Julia Jane SIMMONS
                                1927       Doyle Alton BALL

4 September      1717       Julius ALFORD was born in Virginia, son of James Alford. He married Lucy Newton. They had seven children.  He died in 1771 in North Carolina.
                                1880       William H. LOBAUGH

5 September      1830       Eliza Jane ELLZEY was born in Mississippi, daughter of John & Elizabeth Ellzey. In 1850 she married Burrell Taylor Fortenberry. Their children: John, William, Henry, Benjamin & Luke.  She died in 1899.
                                1882       William Stuart WOLF
                                1923       Clyde Earl PURDY

6 September      1861       Edwin MARK was born in Ohio, the 8th son of Abraham & Mary Isabella (Heffelfinger) Mark. He repaired shoes at the Miller Shoe Store. He died in 1920.
                                1863       Emma S. KRICK
                                1893       Lottie Lee BRUMFIELD

7 September      1872       John Andrew GRUISSY lived his short life in Ohio. He was the only son of Augustus Ceaser & Esther Barbara (Wolf) Gruissy. He died in 1878. He may have died from diphtheria.
                                1873       John Franklin WOLF
                                1887       Annie Clotee CUTRER
                                1891       Robert E. BALLARD
                                1930       Madeline Mary COYLE

8 September      1878       Jonas E. LOBAUGH
                                1896       Maud Mavis FORTENBERRY was one of twelve children of Joseph Gazie & Corine (McDaniel) Fortenberry. 

9 September      1780       John HOOVER
                                1804       Frederick WOLF was youngest of nine children of John Franklin & Elisabeth (Burkholder) Wolf.
                                1824       Charles B. RITTER

10 September   1826       Frank B. ELLZEY
                                1847       Robert L. SIMMONS
                                1848       Lacey Ann ALFORD
                                1915       Caroline Veda BROPHY was born in Ohio, daughter of William Clarence & Frances Gertrude (Moore) Brophy.  She married Tom Rodgers. They had two children. 

11 September   1812       Stephen BALLIET was born in Pennsylvania, the son of Joseph & Susan (Green) Balliet. In 1836 he married Ann Lowrey. Their son was Albert Harrison Belliet.
                                1828       Samuel A. BLACKWELL

12 September   1819       Warren Jackson ALFORD
                                1873       Thomas Lemuel ALFORD
                                1888       Emily Augusta MORRISON was born in Ohio, daughter of Seth Benner & Margaret Jane (Gruissy) Morrison. In 1904 she married Frank Peters. Their children were Margaret & Seth. 

13 September   1831       Emmaline SMITH was born in Mississippi. She was my 2nd great – grandmother in my father’s family  tree.She was the daughter of Wyatt & Euseba (Fortenberry) Smith.  In 1858 she married Allen Moses Brown. Their children: Mary, Jasper Pascal & Alvira. Allen probably died soon after Alvira’s birth.
                                1853       Walter Lorraine SMITH

14 September   1833       Armanda Miranda FORTENBERRY
                                1877       George A. MORRIS married Mary Louise Fortenberry, daughter of Thomas Benton & Gabriella (Sanders) Fortenberry. They had seven children: Willie, Boyce, Theodore Roosevelt, Delphin, George, Lank & Pershing Hoover. George died in 1943.
                                1908       Nolan SMITH

15 September   1858       Rebecca Eleanor RITTER was born in Pennsylvania, the second of seven children of Daniel & Annette (Romich) Ritter.

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