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Jacob Ott III, 1774 Sc - 1836 LA

Jacob Ott III

1774 SC – 1836 LA
Son of Jacob & Mary Elizabeth Ott
My 4x great grandfather

My Ott family came from Siwtzerland. Melchoir Ott arrived in South Carolina in 1735.[1] He was on one of three shipsloads of German and Swiss immigrants who settled in Orangeburgh Township between 1735 and 1737.[2] Melchoir was the great grandfather of Jacob Ott III.[3]

The 1790 Census shows two Jacob Otts in Orangeburgh.[4] In 1800 Jacob Ott Sr. and Jacob Ott, Jr. were still in Orangeburgh.[5] They were living between Edisto River & Creek of four holes.[6]

"The Otts from whom Jacob descended settled in Orangeburg, South Carolina, and from there, Jacob emigrated to Louisiana about 1808. He first settled a Spanish Grant, which was located near what is now Amite, Louisiana."  About “1812, Jacob moved to the Burch headright, located southeast of the village of Mt. Hermon, Louisiana, in what is now Washington Parish. Here he built a large house and acquired numbers of slaves to help in cultivating the eight hundred acres which comprised this estate."  In “1830, Jacob Ott moved again.  This time to the Busby headright, which he and his son, Charles, purchased together. This headright is located in Washington Parish, Louisiana, on Silver Creek, about two miles north of Mt. Hermon, Louisiana.  Here the father and son worked together, raising cotton and operating a water mill.  Jacob Ott died on this site in 1836, and the entire estate, six hundred acres, was taken over by his son Charles.  The other heirs received their part in slaves.  The land which comprised this estate is, at the present time, in the possession of descendants of Jacob Ott."[7]

1 Jacob Ott III b: 1774 in Orangeburg, SC, d: 1836 Mount Hermon, Washington, LA
... + Margaret Jackson
......2 Isaac Ott b: 14 Jun 1798, d: c 1798
......2 Charles Ott b: 1799, d: 1867
......2 Jessie Ott b: 1802, d: 1876
......2 Naomi Ott b: 1805, d: 1855
......2 Sarah Ott b: 1808, d: 1868
......2 Samuel Ott b: 1811, d: 1831
......2 Charlotte Temple Ott b: 1815 LA, d: 1895
...... + Nathaniel Brumfield b: 1813 Washington Parish, LA, m: 1835, d: 8 Feb 1852 LA
.........3 Martin Penn Brumfield b: 15 Mar 1837 LA, d: Apr 1862 VA
.........3 Jessie Alexander Brumfield b: 27 Sep 1838 LA, d: 27 May 1914 MS
......... + Martha Elizabeth Alford b: 08 Aug 1846 Pike, MS, d: Aft. 1910
.........3 John D. Brumfield b: 29 Jul 1842 LA, d: 01 Apr 1903
......... + Zadie Martin
.........3 Sarah Lucy Brumfield b: 21 Nov 1845 LA, d: 1926
......... + Isaac Roberts
.........3 Laura Brumfield b: 19 Apr 1851 LA, d: 25 Sep 1936
......... + Needham W. Alford b: 18 Jun 1848, d: 22 Nov 1922
...... + Elijah Brumfield b: 1805 York, SC, d: Aft. 1860
.........3 Charlotte Angelina Brumfield b: 07 Aug 1855, d: 1936
.........3 Courtney Rebeccca Brumfield b: 11 Apr 1857
......2 Jacob Ott b: 1817, d: 1869
...... + E.
.........3 Sarah Ott b: Abt. 1845
.........3 Josiah Ott b: Abt. 1849
... + Ott
......2 Joel Ott d: 1879

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