Thursday, November 13, 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday – Grandma’s Blue Plates

These blue plates, bowls & cups were owned by my paternal grandmother, Ivy R MarkBrown. The platter has a different pattern but coordinates well. My aunt & uncle recently shared some of Ivy’s treasures with the family in a ‘No Tag Tag Sale’ that allowed family members to select items once owned and used by Ivy.

I know my Grandmother’s favorite color was blue so I am not surprised she liked these plates. They look well used and they make me wonder about those special pieces of china and glassware I have that spend most of the time in the glass front cabinet, too fragile to handle. I should pull them out more often. After all isn't every day of our lives unique, special and deserving of that delicate china plate and crystal wine glass?

These were manufactured by the Johnson Brothers, like the four pink plates owned by my grandmother and mentioned in an earlier post.

I passed these plates on to our son & daughter-in-law. Our daughter-in-law has teacups for each of her great grandmothers and was delighted to have these items from Adam’s great grandmother. It is good to know they are being passed down in the family.

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